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The hand-book of practical receipts of every-day use ..

The hand-book of practical receipts of every-day use ..

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by Th. F. Branston

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Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston
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Barnes & Noble
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The Hand-Book of Practical Receipts of Every-Day Use ... 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Grace crouched beneath the bushes, her heatbeats loud against the deadly silence that hung in the air. She was too far away from the battle to see, or hear any sign of retreat. As she peered through the branches, she could see other fearful eyes, watching, waiting with her. The silence was suddenly broken by a sharp yell, and she watched as others began to make their way back to the battle site. "The battle is won!" She slowly followed their lead, cautiously making her way forward. As she drew nearer she could make out the urgent shouts and the heartwretching cries of others. When she finally made her way into the clearing, her stomach lurched at the sight before her. Bright scarlet blood splattered the white snow, and bodies lay everywhere. Some to her dispair, she recognized, others must have been the scouts. Women raced around franticlly, hiding the children from the gorey sight and working to tend to the wounded. "Grace!" A familar voice cried, and her heart flooded with relief as she threw herself into her brothers embrace. "Youre alive," she sobbed, clinging to his blood stained body. " Youre alive....oh Will what happened? What did they want with us?" " What they always want...us in their control. Power..." Will spat as her rocked her shaking body. "Grace!!" A sharp voice snapped and Grace was instantly pulled away from her brother and towards Ellena, the healer of their group. Her skills were not to be compared with any other, but when it came to her work, nothing stood in her way. "Grace come over here and help me! Now hurry!" Ellena called, rushing her over to where a few injured men lay. They stood over one, a man, no more than a few years older than Will. Blood soaked the snow around him, and an arrow stuck out of his chest. Grace quickly turned away, feeling like she was going to be sick. "Grace come here now! This man is not dead yet and the more you daudle, the less chance he has! Now hold back his shoulders while I..." Grace flinched as Ellena yanked the arrow out of the mans body and tossed it aside. "Good Grace now let the others take care of him..come help me over here..." As Ellena chattered away, something caught Graces eye. She stooped down to pick up a small, gleaming stone that lay in the snow next to the mans body. It was a type of crystal, with smooth, dark blue sides that swirled into the center. "What is it?" Grace wondered and slipped the stone into her pocket, then when to help Ellena.