The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer [NOOK Book]


Perfect for expecting parents who want to provide a soothing home for the newest member of their family, The Happiest Baby on the Block, the national bestseller by respected pediatrician and child development expert Dr. Harvey Karp, is a revolutionary method for calming a crying infant and promoting healthy sleep from day one.

In perhaps the most important parenting book of ...
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The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer

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Perfect for expecting parents who want to provide a soothing home for the newest member of their family, The Happiest Baby on the Block, the national bestseller by respected pediatrician and child development expert Dr. Harvey Karp, is a revolutionary method for calming a crying infant and promoting healthy sleep from day one.

In perhaps the most important parenting book of the decade, Dr. Harvey Karp reveals an extraordinary treasure sought by parents for centuries --an automatic “off-switch” for their baby’s crying.

No wonder pediatricians across the country are praising him and thousands of Los Angeles parents, from working moms to superstars like Madonna and Pierce Brosnan, have turned to him to learn the secrets for making babies happy.

Never again will parents have to stand by helpless and frazzled while their poor baby cries and cries. Dr. Karp has found there IS a remedy for colic. “I share with parents techniques known only to the most gifted baby soothers throughout history …and I explain exactly how they work.”

In a innovative and thought-provoking reevaluation of early infancy, Dr. Karp blends modern science and ancient wisdom to prove that newborns are not fully ready for the world when they are born. Through his research and experience, he has developed four basic principles that are crucial for understanding babies as well as improving their sleep and soothing their senses:

·The Missing Fourth Trimester: as odd as it may sound, one of the main reasons babies cry is because they are born three months too soon.

·The Calming Reflex: the automatic reset switch to stop crying of any baby in the first few months of life.

·The 5 “S’s”: the simple steps (swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging and sucking) that trigger the calming reflex. For centuries, parents have tried these methods only to fail because, as with a knee reflex, the calming reflex only works when it is triggered in precisely the right way. Unlike other books that merely list these techniques Dr. Karp teaches parents exactly how to do them, to guide cranky infants to calm and easy babies to serenity in minutes…and help them sleep longer too.

·The Cuddle Cure: the perfect mix the 5 “S’s” that can soothe even the most colicky of infants.

In the book, Dr. Karp also explains:

What is colic?

Why do most babies get much more upset in the evening?

How can a parent calm a baby--in mere minutes?

Can babies be spoiled?

When should a parent of a crying baby call the doctor?

How can a parent get their baby to sleep a few hours longer?

Even the most loving moms and dads sometimes feel pushed to the breaking point by their infant’s persistent cries. Coming to the rescue, however, Dr. Karp places in the hands of parents, grandparents, and all childcare givers the tools they need to be able to calm their babies almost as easily as…turning off a light.

From the Hardcover edition.
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Editorial Reviews

From Barnes & Noble
Frazzled parents describe Dr. Harvey Karp's technique for soothing screaming, colicky babies as a miracle cure. Indeed, the results are astounding, but the method Dr. Karp teaches in this immensely readable and reassuring book has actually been used by parents the world over for thousands of years. It consists of five steps -- swaddling, holding the baby in a side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking -- that simulate the womb environment and trigger a baby's Calming Reflex in no time. Along with providing instruction on administering the "5 S's" in just the right way, The Happiest Baby on the Block also imparts parenting wisdom on everything from pooping to pacifiers.
Publishers Weekly
Karp, a pediatrician in Santa Monica, Calif., and assistant professor at the School of Medicine, UCLA, offers a new method to calm and soothe crying infants. While nursing or being held satisfies some babies, others seemingly cry for hours for no reason. These babies suffer from what Karp calls the Fourth Trimester. When you bring your soft, dimpled newborn home from the hospital, you may think your nursery is a peaceful sanctuary.... To him, it's a disorienting world part Las Vegas casino, part dark closet! Karp recommends a series of five steps designed to imitate the uterus. These steps include swaddling, side/stomach position, shhh sounds, swinging and sucking. The book includes detailed advice on the proper way to swaddle a child, the difference between a gentle rocking versus shaking and more. According to the author, virtually all babies will respond to these strategies although some trial and error may be needed to find the most effective calming method. A number of the steps letting kids nurse more frequently or encouraging babies to use pacifiers, for instance contradict other childcare experts. However, parents who are at their wits' ends because of a baby's incessant crying will find this book invaluable. In fact, expectant parents may want to read it before they bring their newborns home from the hospital. (June) Forecast: Promotion along with celebrity endorsements from actors including Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Pfeiffer should boost sales of this title. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780307485809
  • Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
  • Publication date: 11/19/2008
  • Sold by: Random House
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 288
  • Sales rank: 18,521
  • File size: 5 MB

Meet the Author

Harvey Karp
Harvey Karp, M.D., is a nationally renowned pediatrician, child development specialist, and a leading advocate in the field of children’s environmental health. He is on the faculty of USC School of Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Karp’s books and DVDs, The Happiest Baby on the BlockThe Happiest Toddler on the Block, and The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, teach parents his groundbreaking techniques to reduce infant crying, boost sleep, build toddler patience, and stop tantrums. Millions of parents have benefited from his advice, including celebrities such as Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, Larry David, Jewel, and Pierce Brosnan. Thousands of specially trained educators teach Happiest Baby classes across America. Dr. Karp’s works are translated into more than twenty languages, and their popularity have made him among America’s most read and trusted pediatricians.
For further information, please visit

From the Hardcover edition.
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Chapter 1

At Last There's Hope:

An Easy Way to Calm Crying Babies

Main Points:

All babies cry, but most new parents have little experience soothing them

The Basic Problem: In many ways, babies are born three months too soon

The Calming Reflex: Nature's Off switch for a baby's crying

The 5 "S's": How to turn on your baby's calming reflex

The Cuddle Cure: Combining the 5 "S's" to help any fussy baby

Suzanne was worried and exhausted. Her two-month-old baby, Sean, was a nonstop screamer. He could cry for hours. One afternoon her sister came to watch the baby, and Suzanne bolted to the bathroom for a hot shower and a quick "escape." Forty-five minutes later she awoke, curled up in a ball on the blue tile floor, being sprayed with ice-cold water!

Meanwhile, half a world away in the rugged Kalahari plains of northern Botswana, Nisa gave birth to a tiny girl named Chuko. Chuko was thin and delicate but despite her dainty size, she, too, was a challenging baby who cried frequently.

Nisa carried Chuko in a leather sling everywhere she went. Unlike Suzanne, she never worried when Chuko cried, because like all mothers of the !Kung San tribe, she knew exactly how to calm her baby's crying-in seconds.

Why did Suzanne have such trouble soothing Sean's screams?

What ancient secrets did Nisa know that helped her calm her baby so easily?

As you are about to learn, the answers to these two questions will change the way you think about babies forever! They will show you the world through your baby's eyes and, most important, they will teach you how to calm your baby's cries in minutes and help prolong her sleep.

Your Baby Is Born

When perfectly dry, his flesh sweet and pure, he is the most kissable object in nature.

Marion Harland, Common Sense in the Nursery, 1886

Congratulations! You've done a great job already! You've nurtured your baby from the moment of conception to your baby's "birth"-day. Having a baby is a wonderful-and wonder-full-experience that makes you laugh, cry, and stare in amazement . . . all at the same time.

Your top job as a new parent is to love your baby like crazy. After showering her with affection, your next two important jobs are to feed her and to calm her when she cries.

I can tell you from my twenty-five years as a pediatrician, parents who succeed at these two tasks feel proud, confident, on top of the world! They have the happiest babies and they feel like the best parents on the block. However, mothers and fathers who struggle with these tasks often end up feeling distraught.

Fortunately, feeding a baby is usually pretty straightforward. Most newborns take to sucking like they have a Ph.D. in chowing-down! Soothing a crying baby, on the other hand, can be unexpectedly challenging.

No couple expects their sweet newborn to be "difficult." Who really listens to horror stories friends and family share? We assume our child will be an "easy" baby. That's why so many new parents are shocked to discover how tough calming their baby's cries can be.

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying crying is bad. In fact, it's brilliant! Leave it to nature to find such an effective way for helpless babies to get our attention. And once your baby has your attention, you probably zip down a checklist of questions and solutions:

Is she hungry? Feed her.

Is she wet? Change her diaper.

Is she lonely? Pick her up.

Is she gassy? Burp her.

Is she cold? Bundle her up.

The trouble comes when nothing works.

Estimates are that one out of every five babies has repeated bouts of terrible fussiness-for no apparent reason. That adds up to almost one million sweet new babies born in the U.S. each year who suffer from hours of red-faced, eyes-clenched screaming.

This is why parents of unhappy babies are such heroes! A baby's scream is an incredibly heart-wrenching sound. Bone-tired and bewildered moms and dads lovingly cuddle their frantic babies for hours, trying to calm them, yet the continued crying can corrode their confidence: "Is my baby in pain?" "Am I spoiling him?" "Does she feel abandoned?" "Am I a terrible mother?"

Confronted by this barrage, sometimes the most loving parent may find herself pushed into frustration and depression. A baby's unrelenting shrieks can even drive desperate caregivers over the edge-into the tragedy of child abuse.

Exhausted parents are often told they must wait for their babies to "grow out of it." Yet most of us feel that can't be right. There must be some way to help our babies.

I'm going to show you how.

Help Wanted: Who Do New Parents Turn to When Their Baby Cries a Lot?

Although a network of clinics and specialists exists to help mothers solve their infant's feeding problems, there is little support for the parents of screaming babies. That's unfortunate because while the urge to quiet a baby is instinctual, the ability to do it is a skill that must be learned.

Today's parents have less experience caring for babies than any previous generation. (Amazingly, our culture requires more training to get a driver's license than to have a baby.)

That's not to say that inexperienced moms and dads are abandoned. On the contrary, they're bombarded with suggestions. In my experience, America's favorite pastime is not baseball but giving unasked-for advice to new parents. "It's boredom." "It's the heat." "Put a hat on him." Or "It's gas."

It can be so confusing! Who should you believe?

In frustration and concern, parents often turn to their doctor for help. Studies show that one in six couples visit a doctor because of their baby's persistent crying. When these babies are examined and found to be healthy, most doctors have little to offer but sympathy. "I know it's hard, but be patient; it won't last forever." Advice like this often sends worried parents to look for help in baby books.

Parents of colicky babies spend hours scanning books for "the answer" to their infant's distress. Yet, often the advice can be equally confusing: "Hold your baby-but be careful not to spoil him." "Love your baby-but let her cry herself to sleep."

Even these experts confess that for really fussy babies, they have nothing to offer:

Very often, you may not even be able to quiet the screaming.

What to Expect the First Year, Eisenberg, Murkoff, and Hathaway

The whole episode goes on at least an hour and perhaps for three or four hours.

Your Baby and Child, Penelope Leach

It's completely all right to set the baby in the bassinet while trying to drown out the noise with the running water of a hot shower.

The Girlfriend's Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood, Vicki Iovine

But a hot shower is cold comfort for the parents of a screaming baby.

Many exhausted parents I meet have been persuaded, against their better judgment, that they can only stand by and endure their baby's screaming. But I tell them otherwise. Unhappy babies can be calmed-in minutes!

The Four Principles of Soothing Babies

In many ways, the peoples living in primitive cultures are backward compared to Western societies. However, in some areas their wisdom is great . . . and we are the "primitive" ones. This is particularly true when it comes to soothing crying newborns.

I teased out shreds of information from the past and wove them with cutting-edge modern research and some unique observations made during my years of caring for more than five thousand infants. From this, I distilled four principles that are crucial for anyone who wants to understand babies better and be skillful at comforting them and improving their sleep:

The Missing Fourth Trimester

The Calming Reflex

The 5 "S's"

The Cuddle Cure

The Missing Fourth Trimester-Many Babies Cry Because They're Born Three Months Too Soon!

Did you ever see a baby horse or a baby cow? These newborn animals can walk, even run, on their very first day of life. In fact, they must be able to run-their survival depends upon it.

By comparison, our newborns are quite immature. They can't run, walk, or even roll over. One British mum told me her new daughter seemed so unready for the world she and her husband affectionately nicknamed her "The Little Creature." They're not alone in seeing babies that way; the Spanish use the word criatura, meaning creature, to describe babies.

In many ways your new baby is more a fetus than an infant, spending most of her time sleeping and being fed. Had you delayed your delivery just three more months, your baby would have been born with the ability to smile, coo, and flirt. (Who wouldn't want that on their baby's first day of life!) However, I've never been able to talk a woman into keeping her infant inside for a fourth trimester . . . and for good reason. It's already a tight squeeze getting a baby's head out after nine months of pregnancy; by twelve months it would be impossible.

Why are our babies so immature at birth? The reason is simple. Unlike baby horses whose survival depends on their big strong bodies, a human baby's survival depends on big smart brains. In fact, our babies' brains are so huge we have to "evict" fetuses from the womb well before they're fully ready for the world to keep their heads from getting stuck in the birth canal.

Newborns have some abilities that demonstrate their readiness to be in the world, but these notwithstanding, for the first three months, our babies are so immature they would really benefit if they could hop back inside whenever they get overwhelmed. However, since we're not kangaroos, the least we can do as loving, compassionate parents is to make our little criaturas feel at home by surrounding them with the comforting sensations they enjoyed twenty-four hours a day in the womb. However, in order to give babies a fourth trimester, parents need to answer one important question: What exactly was it like in there?

In your womb, your baby was packed tight into the fetal position enveloped by the warm wall of the uterus and rocked and jiggled for much of the day. She was also surrounded by a constant shushing sound a little louder than a vacuum cleaner.

For thousands of years, parents have known that mimicking conditions in the uterus comforts newborns. That's why almost every traditional baby-calming technique around the world imitates the sensations of the womb. From swaddling to swings to shushing, these methods return babies to a cuddly, rhythmic, womblike world until they are ready to coo, smile, and join the family. As helpful as this fourth-trimester experience is for calm babies, it is essential for fussy ones.

Most parents assume that this imitation soothes their baby simply by making her feel "back home." Actually, these experiences trigger a profound neurological response never before recognized or reported-until today. This ancient and very powerful baby reflex is the calming reflex.

The Calming Reflex: Nature's Brilliant Off-Switch for Your Baby's Crying

This automatic reset switch stills a baby's crying and is truly a baby's (and parent's) best friend. Why did nature choose imitating the uterus as the trigger for this blessed reflex? The reason is clear but unexpected: As important as it was for our ancestors to be able to quiet their babies, it was triply important for them to be able to quiet their fetuses!

Just imagine what it would feel like if your fetus threw a temper tantrum inside you. Not only could pounding fists and kicking feet make you sore, they could damage the fragile placenta or rip the umbilical cord, causing a fatal hemorrhage. Perhaps even more deadly than the risk of accidental injury was the chance that a squirming baby might get stuck in a bad position in the uterus and be unable to slide out, thus killing herself and her mother.

I'm convinced that the survival of our fetuses, and perhaps even the survival of our species, depended on this ancient calming reflex. Over millions of years, fetuses who became entranced by the sensations inside the uterus didn't thrash about and thus were most likely to stay alive. Our babies today are direct descendants of those "Zen" fetuses who were so easily pacified by the womb.

The 5 "S's": Five Steps to Turn On Your Baby's Calming Reflex

How is a vacuum cleaner like a lullaby? How is a Volvo like a flannel blanket? They all help switch on your baby's calming reflex by imitating some quality of your womb.

Although our ancient ancestors intuitively understood how to turn off their baby's crying and turn on their baby's calming, recognition of the calming reflex itself remained completely overlooked until I identified it during the mid-1990s while studying the characteristics of hundreds of crying babies in my practice.

I was struck by the fact that many traditional baby-calming methods failed to work unless they were done exactly right. I realized that, similar to a doctor setting off a knee reflex with a precise whack of a little hammer, the calming reflex could only be triggered by certain very specific actions. When presented correctly, however, the sounds and feelings of the womb had such a powerful effect that they could carry an infant from tears to tranquillity, sometimes even in mid-cry.

Parents and grandparents traditionally have used five different characteristics of the womb to soothe their babies. I refer to these time-honored "ingredients" of calm as the 5 "S's":

Swaddling-tight wrapping

Side/Stomach-lying a baby on her side or stomach

Shushing-loud white noise

Swinging-rhythmic, jiggly motion

Sucking-sucking on anything from your nipple or finger to a pacifier

These five methods are extremely effective but only when performed exactly right. When done without the right technique and vigor, they do nothing. (Detailed descriptions of how to perform each "S" are in chapters 8 through 12.)

The Cuddle Cure: Combining the 5 "S's" into a Perfect Recipe for Your Baby's Bliss

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be a terrific parent, but there are some little tricks that can help you do your job better. Most infant-care books list these calming tips, but that's as unhelpful as listing the ingredients of a recipe without giving the instructions for how to combine and cook them.

Each individual "S" may be effective for soothing a mildly fussy baby. Your "easy" baby may only need to suck or to be danced around the room in order to be calmed. However, doing all five together can switch on the calming reflex so strongly that, for many babies, they become an irresistibly soothing force for even the most frantic newborn. This layering of one "S" on top of another is so successful at making unhappy babies feel cozy and calm that one of my patients dubbed it "the Cuddle Cure."

From the Hardcover edition.

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  • Posted January 31, 2012

    more from this reviewer

    Interesting and Useful

    It's true that the book repeats A LOT, but I like that most of the time. I'm a first time mom-to-be and need some of this new information pounded into my head. I especially enjoy how Dr. Karp blends theory with his imaginative ideas about cave babies into the instructional material.

    3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

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  • Posted October 16, 2011

    Excellent book!!

    My baby isn't really colicky but this book is full of wonderful information. I would recommend to every single new parent!

    3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted December 8, 2010

    Really Works!!!

    Worked like a charm three times in a row so far. Baby to sleep in under five mins each time!

    3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted March 27, 2012

    The Happiest Baby on the Block

    Good read especially during the newborn phase. The 5's really worked and helped me to get my little one to sleep many nights. I would definitely reccommend to first time moms.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted January 6, 2003

    Creating Order out of Chaos

    As a first time mother with a colicky newborn I felt my life had descended into chaos. Dr. Karp's book helped instill a sense of order and calm for both my son and me. The Happiest Baby on the Block philosophy and strategies make intuitive sense and, most importantly, worked to calm my baby. I now feel more in control and knowledgeable about ways to soothe my son. I'm also getting more sleep :) Instead of buying clothes or toys as gifts for new parents, I¿m giving them this book.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted August 2, 2002

    Should've paid $100 for THIS and NOT the junk in ...

    the baby stores - with all the lights, bells, whistles, etc!!! What's the deal with the swings, batteries and other 'gadgets???' I discovered 'I' have the keys to TRIGGERING my baby into a CALM STATE! With my first two children, I discovered I had been beating my head into a wall - I was trying to calm MYSELF DOWN not the baby. Just understanding what the baby really needed made it all so simple. It is not difficult or complicated! It's all so logical insofar as to what the baby needed in the womb!! Within FOUR choices of what to do to calm my COLICKY, CRANKY baby - I had a sleeping infant that was a joy to me and my family!! Not only that - but the younger the child is when you implement these techniques - the happier and more secure the child is as it gets older. No wonder the guy in the comment above is so unhappy. THANK YOU DR. KARP!! Thanks a million, Deborah Michaels

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted July 19, 2002

    It's about time! Real ways to help babies!

    Where was Dr. Karp and this book 10 and 12 years ago? How I wanted to calm my babies in an effective manner. They weren't 'colicy' but when they did cry or wouldn't sleep, I wasn't always successful in calming them. I often times felt ineffective as a parent and the only advice I got was either 'let them cry it out alone' or 'just hold them and deal with the crying until they stop'. NOW, thanks to Dr. Karp, there are some wonderful, practical and useful solutions to 'colic' and fussiness that WORK and no one, not mommy, daddy nor baby are left feeling frustrated or unsuccessful by these solutions. Dr. Karp's suggestions of the 5 'S's' are comforting and effective for all. Less tears and more smiles all the way around! In my present profession as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice, I have many parents ask me about calming their new babies. It is hard for parents to realize how much sleep their babies need, much less, how to help their babies get all that sleep. Since reading Dr. Karp's book, I have answers for them! Now I suggest to all my future clients 'Read this book now, before your baby comes into this world'. To my present clients, I suggest they buy a copy ASAP. This book is empowering. This book will change the beginning of the parenting journey in many positive ways for all who read it; moms, dads, grandparents, Childbirth Educators, Doulas, Lactation Consultants and Pediatricians. Even the most hard to convince parents and babies will be surprised by the results! Enjoy! He has a GREAT video with the same title. It is a great way to see him at work!

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted July 15, 2002

    happy baby and happy parents from San Diego

    We love this book for our newborn. We got it when our baby Cole was 5 weeks old and just starting to have a fussy period every night. Turns out he was just sleepy and this technique puts him out! We also use it during the day sometimes when he is crying out for a nap. Not sure how it will work once he is too heavy for the side hold, but we are happy to have a technique for putting him to sleep for now! We've been happily shhh-ing for almost 6 weeks now on a daily basis!

    1 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted July 24, 2002

    Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer

    Dr. Karp clearly loves babies and respects parents. His soothing technique brings together all the pieces of baby-soothing knowledge into a 5-step pattern that works to help even the fussiest newborn stop crying. His system is especially valuable for parents of colicky babies. All of Dr. Karp¿s ideas are loving and respectful to babies, and encourage bonding between baby and parent. He gives parents the tools they need to feel confident caring for their new baby. The 5 S calming technique should be taught to all professionals working with newborn babies: it¿s effective!

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted June 3, 2002

    Really works!

    This technique is supposed to be for babies 3 months and younger, but I read Dr. Karp's book when my son was five months old -- and the technique still worked. Even though my son didn't cry all the time, when he did we felt so helpless. Now he's 7 months old and we still use shhh-ing to soothe him. I'd give this as a gift to everyone expecting a baby. It's such a nice present for both parent and baby - both of whom will be able to relax and enjoy life.

    1 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted June 3, 2002


    This book completely changed my parenting experience. Before learning Dr. Karp's techniques my son was crying all the time and it seemed like he never slept. The methods that Dr. Karp teaches really do work. My son is now happy, calm and sleeps easily. I am a new person. This is a must read for all new moms!

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted June 2, 2002

    This is a life, baby and parent saver!!!

    This book was a godsend! Our baby didn't stop crying from the moment she was born. If she wasn't eating or sleeping she was wailing and we were distraught. The nurses in the hospital wished us luck when we went home and said colic usually passes in 3-4 months. Ugh! We were miserable and exhausted until someone recommended this book. It changed our lives. The 5-step technique worked immediately. We can now calm our 6 week old in under 2 minutes. In addition, she often sleeps through the night and, when she is awake, she coos and cuddles and is happy. We are thrilled and I find myself recommending this book to complete strangers. This book is a must read for every parent, grandparent, caregiver and nurse! The technique is so simple and works wonders from the first time you try it. Do yourself a favor and buy this book!

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted June 3, 2002

    This book is a lifesaver!

    As a new mother of twin boys, parenthood and all that it entailed came as a rude awakening after the quiet months of bed-rest that preceded the birth. I had not sufficiently allowed for the extreme fatigue that faced my husband and I being so compounded by two colicky babies. We were beside ourselves. Enter Dr. Karp. His techniques work and while they don¿t eliminate the problem, they allow zombified parents to get a handle on the situation, and believe me, that¿s the difference between coping with those early months and not. We were so fortunate to have the hands-on help of such a dedicated doctor who not only understood our situation, but also had found solutions for those difficult first months that the previous generation seems so readily to forget. With this book his message is going to reach more than those who are lucky enough to be patients at his office, and as a confirmed convert to swaddling, swings and shushing, that¿s a wonderful thing!

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  • Anonymous

    Posted June 3, 2002

    Doctors Are Going to Love This Book!

    We doctors are going to love this book! Sure, we feel helpless too when parents bring us an otherwise healthy baby who just can't stop crying. It's even worse when they come to the Emergency Room late at night as a last resort (not a great experience). Dr. Karp's method is simple and logical...and it works! This book is like a 'Get Out Of E.R. Free' card. It will soon become a must-have gift at every baby shower!

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  • Anonymous

    Posted July 25, 2002

    The Happiest Daddy on the Block

    Dr. Karp's book is a 'God-send.' In fact, my wife and I were beginning to think that the sleepless nights and endless fussy behaviour of our third child was God's idea of a bad joke, paying us back for the exact opposite experience with our other two children, who were sleeping through the night the second week home from the hospital. Then, after learning of Dr. Karp's techniques and a few practice sessions mastering his art of swaddling, rocking and shhh'ing, our baby was finally getting to sleep AND STAYING ASLEEP - AND SO WERE WE!! There was a time there where we thought 'that's it, we're done, three's enough'.....but because of Dr. Karp and his simple but so effective idea's, a fourth one sounds pretty good right now!! Thank you Dr. Karp.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted June 22, 2002

    Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer

    This book should be titled The Happiest NEWBORN on the block. I would have loved this book when my baby was a few weeks old since the ideas sound reasonable for the newborn stage. However, the suggestions don't work for an older baby. The 5 S's are: Swaddle (like my active 10 month old would go for this!) Put baby on his Side/Stomach (at 10 months you don't PUT him anywhere!) Shhhhh (he thinks that's funny) Swinging (I think every mother sways with a fussy baby, it's natural) Sucking (Oh, he does plenty of that, thank you!) I had to keep searching and luckily found a book for with plenty of answers, it's The No-Cry Sleep Solution, a great book for babies of any age since it also has a newborn section, maybe not as structured as this one, but lots of the same ideas. (Another thing that's rather weird, the endorsements for this Happiest Baby book come from Michelle Pfeiffer (actress) Pierce Brosnan (actor) plus lots of other actors and movie directors. I like movies, too, but when I want advice about baby-care I don't get why these endorsements mean anything.)

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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 21, 2014



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  • Anonymous

    Posted May 27, 2013

    OUTSTANDING! My daughter wasn't colicky, but I found this book

    OUTSTANDING! My daughter wasn't colicky, but I found this book really interesting and full of great information. An easy to read, enjoyable book I'll recommend to every new parent I know!

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  • Anonymous

    Posted April 20, 2013

    Not for older babies...

    This book is very useful for babies with happiness and sleep issues up to about 3 months, 4 max. Great for those early colicky months. If baby is over 4 months old i wouldnt bother reading it as none of the book will apply to you.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 28, 2012

    Thank Goodness for this book!!!!!!!!

    My little one was 5 1/2 weeks when I purchased this book based on a recommendation from the BabyCenter boards. He is our first child, and was a dream the first 3 weeks. After the 3rd week began a different story. It was practically impossible to get him to go to sleep. My husband and I would rock him for 2 hours or more most nights before he would finally settle down to sleep. And, his nighttime feedings wouldn't be much easier; still taking 30-45 minutes after feeding him to be able to put him down. The first night we tried the five S's, he was content almost immediately, and I was able to put him down within about 5 minutes. This book saved our sanity! This book will be my default baby gift from here on out!!!!!

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