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The Hatters

The Hatters

by Leonard Everett Everett Fisher

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In 1731 The British Parliament passed a law prohibiting "hats or felts, dyed or undyed, finished or unfinished, to be exported from a British Plantation under penalty of fine." This law, entitled the Hat Act, was generally ignored by American Colonial hat makers. However, the fact that Colonial craftsmen were put under legal limitations by the British government was indicative of their skill. The manufacturing of hats in the 18th century was a complex and time-consuming task. In that pre-industrial era the making of a clothing article, such as a hat, was a multi-step and hands-on process. The creation of felt and its manipulation into a desirable hat took both time and expertise. Using wool or the more sought after beaver felt, hat makers took years to apprentice and then master their trade. In this "how to" book, the history of hat making is presented in a detailed and enlightening manner. It traces the arrival of British colonists in the New World and early trading encounters with Native Americans that included beaver pelts. The second portion of the book describes the step-by-step crafting of a beaver felt hat. Each step of this intricate process from the currying of the beaver skin, through napping the hairs, and eventually shellacking and ironing the final product is described in reasonable detail. Striking pen and ink sketches are used to illustrate the process of making a Colonial hat. This book will educate readers in terms of how hard it was in the 18th century to make so commonplace an item as a hat. A well-written text linked to outstanding illustrations makes this a fine book for those who want to know the ins and outs of hat making. Part of the "Colonial Craftsmen" series.2001, Benchmark Books. Ages 9 to 14. Reviewer: Greg M. Romaneck

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Cavendish, Marshall Corporation
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Colonial Craftsmen 4
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7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)
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9 - 13 Years

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