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The Haunted Heist

The Haunted Heist

4.8 77
by Angie Fox

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Just because she can see the dead doesn't mean Verity Long wants to spend her days hunting ghosts. Instead, she's over the moon to land a marketing job at the local bank...until she finds her boss dead in the vault. Even her ghost friend, Frankie, knows that's no way to start a career.

Glad to let the police take charge, Verity steps aside, bound and


Just because she can see the dead doesn't mean Verity Long wants to spend her days hunting ghosts. Instead, she's over the moon to land a marketing job at the local bank...until she finds her boss dead in the vault. Even her ghost friend, Frankie, knows that's no way to start a career.

Glad to let the police take charge, Verity steps aside, bound and determined to keep her ghost sightings to herself. But when she learns the main suspect in the murder is a very crooked, very dead mobster, Verity knows it's up to her to solve the case.

She teams up with her ghostly gangster buddy Frankie, as well as the irresistible and charming Ellis, as the three of them search haunted mob hideouts, hidden passageways, and historic cemeteries for the facts behind the crime of the century--and a modern-day motive for murder.
Too bad uncovering the truth could make Verity the next victim.

Southern Spirits
A Ghostly Gift (short story)
The Skeleton in the Closet
Ghost of a Chance (short story)
The Haunted Heist
Deader Homes and Gardens
Dog Gone Ghost (short story)
Sweet Tea and Spirits - coming spring 2017*

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The Accidental Demon Slayer
The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers
A Tale of Two Demon Slayers
The Last of the Demon Slayers
I Brake for Biker Witches (short story)
My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding
Beverly Hills Demon Slayer
Night of the Living Demon Slayer
Date with a Demon Slayer (short story)
I Dream of Demon Slayers - coming soon!*

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Angie Fox
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Southern Ghost Hunter Series , #3
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox writes sweet, fun, action-packed mysteries. Her characters are clever and fearless, but in real life, Angie is afraid of basements, bees, and going up stairs when it is dark behind her. Let’s face it. Angie wouldn’t’ last five minutes in one of her books.

Angie is best known for her Southern Ghost Hunter mysteries and for her Accidental Demon Slayer books. Visit her at www.angiefox.com.

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The Haunted Heist 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 77 reviews.
LisaS0 More than 1 year ago
The Haunted Heist is another jewel in author Angie Fox’s crown. This book, another in the Southern Spirits series is even better than the previous books in the series, and those were wonderful! I had been anticipating this next offering in the series for months, knowing that it would be chocked full of mystery and humor. It surely was. In Verity Long’s latest adventure with her ghostly sidekick Frankie “The German” (the deceased gangster) is being unfortunately drawn into the investigation of the dead Uncle of her best friend (and local bank President). Throw into the mix Verity’s new beau Ellis (the brother of her ex-fiance) and a slew of Frankie’s old gangster chums (also deceased) and you have a story that is not only a page turner, but you will keep turning until you are finished in one sitting. With non-stop action and Angie’s classic humor, this book is a must for any Angie Fox fan. I can’t wait for the next one!
Stachia More than 1 year ago
I’m a big fan of Angie Fox’s series on the Biker Witches, but I had not read any of her Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries prior to The Haunted Heist. If, like me, you have not read the first two books, fear not! The Haunted Heist stands on its own! Verity Long, the main character, sees ghosts… well she sees a ghost who can give her the ability to temporarily see into the spirit world. Verity is attempting to get her business as a graphic designer off the ground, when her potential client is found dead in the bank vault. Unfortunately, the MO is that of a gangster who died in the early thirties! With the help of Frankie, her resident ghost, and Ellis, her almost boyfriend, Verity is on the case! She manages to solve the mystery, comfort her grieving friends and even manages to go on a real date. The Haunted Heist is a thoroughly enjoyable read and I highly recommend it! Of course now that I’ve met Verity, I have to go read books 1 and 2… I need to find out why Frankie is living in a rosebush in the middle of Verity’s living room. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 9 months ago
GratefulGrandma 10 months ago
This is another fun entry in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries. In this book Verity has an opportunity to work for the Sugarland Bank. She has a meeting with the new Manager, who just happens to be her best friend, Lauralee's uncle. While at the bank waiting for her meeting, there is a murder. The bank manager is shot in the vault, but no one is seen leaving the basement. Verity enlists the help of her ghost, gangster Frankie, to investigate and find the murderer. There is a lot of fun stuff going on in the afterworld in Sugarland. They visit a speakeasy, and engage in a wild car chase through town and cornfields. Fortunately, even though Ellis, her new beau and policeman can not see the ghosts, he knows they are there and saves Verity from a ghostly death. With a showdown in the cemetery, the book comes to its conclusion. I sort of had it figured out, but not completely. This is a fun read with some twists, some romance, and loyalty amongst friends that make it a great cozy series. Now on to the next one, Deader Homes and Gardens. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.
ajenkins979 More than 1 year ago
This book was awesome! I am so in love with this series, I hope there is more to come. I personally don't think there was as much suspense in this as the last book but it was there of course. This book had lots of action! My favorite character is still Frankie! Love his humor, even when he isn't trying. * I received my copy from Netgalley for review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Always fun reading one of Angie books as she adds humor, mystery and paranormal into the mix!
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: The Haunted Heist - Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery 3 Author: Angie Fox Published: 3-17-2016 Publisher: Season Publishing Pages: 208 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Cozy Mystery; Horror; Ghost; Supernatural ISBN: 9781939661357 ASIN: B019M0M40W Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley My Rating: 4 3/4 out of 5 Stars . . Still trying to recover financially from Virgina Wydell's vindictive law suit Verity Long is pleased as punch to get a marketing job at a local bank. That is until she finds her boss dead in the vault. Even though she can see and speak with ghost it does not mean she enjoys it. Determined not to get involved she leaves it to boyfriend Ellis Wydell and the other law enforcement officials to handle the case. That is until she finds out the main suspect is a dead mobster known to Frankie, her ghostly friend. Verity, Ellis and Frankie join forces to go in search of the truth. The usual places are searched, cemeteries, historical buildings and their hidden passages. Of course with Verity and Frankie involved there are interviews with the recently and not so recently dearly departed. The closer they come to the truth the closer Verity is to becoming the killer's next victim. I cannot get enough of Verity, Frankie and Ellis. Unfortunately Virginia Wydell is still as snobbish and hateful to Verity making life uncomfortable for her. I's be asking Frankie and his friends for a favor. The characters are so engaging you cannot help but become invested in them. Angie Fox always does well thought out plots touched with humor and suspense. There are clues and few twist thrown in to keep a reader involved from beginning to end. This is a series for those who enjoy a little something extra with their cozy mysteries. My rating is a 4 3/4 out of 5 stars because I thought it was darn near perfect. Loses 1/4 star because I want to meet Lucy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Angie Fox has created a humorous and lovable list of characters for her Southern Spirits series. It is a story you don't want to put down and will anxiously await the next one.
birdladyvm More than 1 year ago
Gang Is All Here Again For The Latest Mystery and Murder Verity And Company Are In The Middle Once Again STORY LINE: Verity Long is still trying to release ghost gangster Frankie, Ellis is still her sometimes boyfriend, Ellis' mother is still making Verity's life miserable, and Verity still doesn't have a job. Could things get any worse? Yes! Reggie Thompson, the most powerful man in Sugarland and Sugarland's banker, is murdered in the bank vault after offering Verity a graphic design job. The bank has ghosts; did the ghost kill the Reggie? What are the noises the employees have heard coming from the basement and vault area? Of course Verity is in the thick of things as usual, along with Ellis, Frankie, and an assortment of ghostly characters. Come along for another funny, action packed escapade as Verity and company solve the latest murder mystery in Sugarland. Oh, by the way, Sugarland is full of ghost; all sorts and sizes and I don't mean a few ghosts. CHARACTERS, PLOTTING, AND DEVELOPMENT: Author Angie Fox kept the suspense level high in this book as she did not reveal the identity of the culprit until the end of the book. Ms. Fox had several suspects incorporated into the story, including the resident ghosts, and I did not guess the identity correctly. What a surprise when I learned who was the villain. Author Angie Fox always adds humor and this story is very funny at times; it is full of southern wit and charm. The action in this book was fast and furious with: a shoot out between Verity, Ellis and the long dead gangsters at a speakeasy and --------well you will have to read the book. There is a surprise at the ending of the book. Ms. Foxe was in top form; it was all so exciting; the descriptions were so vivid, I could see the it all in my minds eye. Ms. Fox's plot was skillfully developed and the pacing was at the standard we have come to know and expect from her; this book is crafted in her usual skillful style of story-telling. Ms. Fox had many threads in this story and she skillfully wove all those threads together to create a relaxing fun read. I loved her look into southern small town USA as she depicts it so realistically. RECOMMENDATION: This book was crafted at Ms. Fox usual high standards of skill in story-telling; filled with laughter, mystery and murder. I enjoyed another visit with Verity, the resident ghosts, and the gang very much. I look forward to the next installment in small town Sugarland. Anyone that likes a solid well-written book will enjoy this story from the talented pen of Angie Fox. This is a standalone book. I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest book review. Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion; book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.
faerietygers More than 1 year ago
Verity Long is at it again in Angie Fox's third installment of the Southern Ghost Hunter series. As with her other books, Fox has a great way of painting a picture and immersing her readers into Verity's world. For some reason the way that she cuddles her skunk, Lucy, makes me want to get my own skunk even though I know that would be ridiculous, and I would love to have my own Frankie, even if he is annoying at best. In this latest installment, the story begins with Verity meeting with her best friend Lauralee and Lauralee's Uncle Reggie, who has taken over Sugarland Bank. He wants to do advertising for the bank, and Verity offers up her graphic design services to him. She makes an appointment to meet Reggie at the bank. While Verity is there, Reggie is murdered in the vault, leading her on the hunt for his killer, which may or may not be a violent and very dead hitman from the 1920s. The story is full of action, and we get to learn a little bit more about Frankie when Ellis and Verity unearth a speakeasy (with Frankie’s help) directly beneath the Southern Spirits kitchen. We get to meet Frankie’s gangster friends in what is a very humorous interaction between Frankie, Verity and Ellis that ends with a ghostly car chase. We also get to meet Frankie’s best friend Suds, who has been trying to break into the bank’s vault since the 1920s via an underground tunnel. This tunnel, Suds and Frankie may help Verity get out of the inevitable bind she always seems to finds herself in. I pride myself on being a good detective when reading mystery series, and in every one of her books in I have been surprised with who ends up being the killer in the end, Haunted Heist being no different. It is a very entertaining and well-written story, with a little romance thrown in. *I was received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Mendy719 More than 1 year ago
Hmmmm… As much as I love these books, this one was a little slow. Not sure if it was too much back story from the first two or what. I guess I wanted to see more ghost interaction throughout the story. Wasn’t sure about the beginning with the Bank Manager coming over, that was a little awkward. Book felt a little disjointed I think. Seemed there were story lines that just kind of jumped in and then out. Felt like there was some disjointedness to it. I really enjoyed the first two books, this one just wasn’t up to par with them. Hoping the next one will re-catch the “spirit” of the first two.
Melinda_Ann_Liddle More than 1 year ago
I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Verity, Frankie and Ellis are at it again in this 3rd in the series Southern Mysteries book. We have a still down on her luck Verity, a still grounded Frankie, and more ghostly additions to add hilarity and amusement to this who done it murder mystery. What do you do when you're a down on your luck girl who's been offered a dream job that could pay the bills and put food in your belly. A job for a person who could help repair some of the damage Virginia Wydell has caused. You borrow you sisters good clothes and you go to that interview. In, a classic twist you once again find yourself embroiled with the ghostly plain, that you'd hoped to leave behind, when your prospective boss is murdered. Mrs. Fox keeps us glued to the page with more Frankie antics and meet and greets with the his old gang. Mrs. Fox takes the budding romance with Ellis and Verity from hiding out and avoiding gossip, to out in the open, this is happening society be damned. I love how the relationship is growing and Mrs. Fox delights her readers, by making the budding romance part of the story line, while keeping to the mystery theme. I can not wait for the next installment, to find out what else Verity and Frankie will get into. This is a work of Fiction, which to me implies that the author is free to create a world full of imagination, and she does that. Don't miss out on a great paranormal novel. There is no strong language or sexual content in this book, making it suitable for some younger readers as well.
hyrollin More than 1 year ago
Haunted Heist is the 3rd book in this series. I love the characters, especially Frankie and Verity's pet skunk Lucy. This time the mystery surrounds a murder in the local bank. Verity, her ghost sidekick Frankie & her favorite cop Ellis are in the middle of it again. Verity has to make some decisions about her job. Frankie is still trying to free himself from Verity & her house. This book also has Verity & Ellis deciding on if a romantic relationship is in their future. I found the book full of surprises and fun to read. The author keeps you guessing on who is the murderer right to the end. No cliffhangers. I look forward to reading more of this series
BeckyLDavidson More than 1 year ago
Another fun read in the Southern Ghost series from Angie Fox. I swear if Verity didn’t have bad luck she probably wouldn’t have any luck. Verity does manage to improve what goes from a fantastic situation to a horrible situation and solve the crime. You are drawn in such that you are excited when success seems possible and saddened when things don’t go as planned but then again who doesn’t want to cheer for someone that has an adorable pet skunk named Lucy. Frankie the ghost moves a bit closer to having his dreams realized. Ellis pulls a surprise move in their romance. The book was an easy read and very enjoyable. While it isn’t necessary to read the other books in the series before you read this one it certainly helps to understand some of the interactions between the different characters. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review
Buecherwurm161 More than 1 year ago
Another Great Book. I was so happy when I got this book through NetGalley, since I absolutely love this series, and of course I am always happy to leave a review. I would recommend that you read the series from the beginning, just to understand all the struggles our heroine went through, and also since it pretty much picks up where the other book has left off. But overall you could still enjoy it even if you are new to it. I love the characters and the storyline and I can't wait to see what will happen next, it has action, romance and of course plenty of ghosts. This should be on everybody's reading list who likes the paranormal.
denisemmarr More than 1 year ago
BizzyReader More than 1 year ago
*I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion only* Things have taken a turn for the worst for the characters in this installment! Poor Frankie has found out he can be ungrounded from Verity's ancestral home so long as he can find the thing he loves the most, and bury it with his urn near his ashes! However finding out what Frankie loved the most proves to be a troublesome task! That Gangsters feelings are locked down tighter than fort knox! Poor Verity has figured out she wants to give Ellis a chance only to be saddled with Mrs. Wydell who is bound determined to make Verity's life awful while keeping her away from all of her sons! Finally catching a break Verity gets an offer for a job with the local bank doing actual graphic work! Only that seems not to have meant to be, because after having gotten the offer the Bank Manager Reggie is killed in the Vault..... What you say, that sound so unfair! I thought so to. Frankie who went along to case the bank for old time sake swears that Reggie was killed by South Town Gang's hit man Handsom Henry, who has been dead for awhile! So of course Verity can't let the cops hunt for a possibly dead killer all by themselves. However since Frankie is an opportunistic ghost Verity must promise Frankie that she will help him find his favorite gun before he'll help solve the murder. Frankie is pretty sure this gun is what he loves most, and will set him free! I really enjoyed this one. I liked that it was a little more serious than the first two. While Frankie is kind of depressed through a large portion of the book that doesn't mean it still doesn't have the humor, and spunk of the last books! It does; it was cute, funny, and has an interesting plot. Verity and Frankie get themselves into heaps of trouble in this book. They end up needing help from many old friends and a few new friends to find out who the murder is. I'd recommend this one to anyone one who has read the past books, and anyone who enjoys mysteries with a hint of paranormal. Its a cute, fun series though, so you should start at the beginning!
PLOliver More than 1 year ago
What can I say about The Haunted Heist, that has not been said already? Is this book amazing? Yes! Does it make you want to keep reading without putting it down? Yes! Does it make you laugh out loud, cry, cringe and feel everything that is happening in the book? YES! In short this book is everything that it was expected to be, from all of the other books written by Angie Fox. The best part about Angie Fox's writing...... when you read you are not just reading the words written on the page, you are living and experiencing everything that is happening! You will experience the anticipation of Verity actually going to promote her business at the bank, the heartbreak as she finds that her best friends uncle is found dead in the vault, the ever growing love between Verity and Ellis, and the complete devotion that Verity feels for everyone around her. Angie Fox is one of those great writers that always has each page filled with adventure, romance and comedy. There is never a dull moment in this book or any of her other books. I am happily awaiting the next book to see where everything goes with her relationship with Ellis, if the not-so quite ex- monster, I mean, mother in law, will Franky finally be free to roam once again, and the undoubtedly crazy adventure that she will stumble upon!
brody_fletcher More than 1 year ago
Loved!!! I love when an author writes a book that instantly captivates you and entertains. And that’s what this series does by Angie Fox. Verity Long finally has her dream job… for about 2.5 seconds. Then the unthinkable happens and she is again murder suspect number 1. With the help of her ghostly friends and cute on again/off again cop boyfriend, she intends to track down the real culprit and get justice for her town. I love this series. They are always so easy to get into and I always enjoy the hijinks that Verity and Frankie get into.
Marcie Upchurch More than 1 year ago
This one flies by! Angie Fox has released The Haunted Heist, the third book in her Southern Ghost Hunter series. In this new installment, Verity looks forward to a job with the local bank. Life for her will soon be more than a breakfast bar for lunch and borrowing her sister’s clothes when she has an important meeting. What could possibly stand in her way? But when another murder takes place in Sugarland, and Verity is in the building when it happens, and it takes away her first real job, lots of things begin standing in her way of getting a normal life. One of the obstacles is the fact that the main suspect in the murder is a ghost. Verity will again need to borrow Frankie’s power to enter the plane of ghosts and investigate. She owes it to the living—and the dead—to solve this crime. Handsome officer Ellis Wydell provides assistance and companionship. Ms. Fox has packed this volume with humor, a touch of romance, enough suspense to keep the story flying, and plenty of ghostly appearances and cold spots. She also deftly develops her characters into people we love and want to follow right into book four. We hope it will be a short wait.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fun series to read. Enjoyed every book. Hope you do too.
absolutartist1_Cate More than 1 year ago
**I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review.** ----------------------------------- Verity & Frankie are up to it again! Frankie has become increasingly upset regarding his "grounding" while Verity has been putting more energy into trying to get her graphic design business back up to par. When her best friend's uncle gives her a chance to get her business up and running again she jumps on the opportunity,... and - as usual - ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. When circumstances point to the possibility of a ghost being the culprit Verity and Frankie join forces with Ellis to try to get to the bottom of the caper and ghostly craziness ensues! I love the zany and fun action in this series! Verity's circle of friends (and LUCY!) help keep you on your toes no matter which story you are reading!
AV-Donovan_ More than 1 year ago
Still a fun and fast read. Oh Wow. Could the almost-mother-in-law be more of a witch? Could a daughter really be so cold? It seems that wicked women are all coming out of the woodwork. When a very kindly Bank President cashes in his chips and Verity is an “ear” witness, the speculative blame falls on a Ghost known to our favorite dead gangster, Frankie. How could a hit man, who has been dead for 80 years, be to blame? With a cast of potential suspects, a very sexy deputy and a reluctant and increasingly depressed ghost, Verity must search among the dead and the living for clues. All this while trying to avoid the ill-will of the almost-mother-in-law and her legion of snooty friends who are all out to pass on the latest and most hurtful gossip they can think up. At least Lucy the skunk is still loving and huggable for everyone (except Frankie.)
tapnchica More than 1 year ago
This was a great addition to this series. Verity and Frankie are once again hilarious. When Verity finally finds a job, it might not work out as she planned, thanks to some interference from the ghost world. As she and Frankie investigate, her crazy world continues entertain. Also, because of this series, I now want a pet skunk like Lucy. I love her! :) *I received this copy in exchange for my honest review*