Hem of His Garment: 23 Gospel Gems

The Hem of His Garment: 23 Gospel Gems

by Sam Cooke

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  1. Peace in the Valley
  2. Jesus Gave Me Water
  3. Come, Let Us Go Back to God
  4. I'm Gonna Build on That Shore
  5. Until Jesus Calls Me Home
  6. How Far Am I from Canaan?
  7. It Won't Be Very Long
  8. Just Another Day
  9. Let Me Go Home
  10. Jesus Paid the Debt
  11. End of My Journey
  12. He's My Friend Until the End
  13. Come and Go to That Land
  14. Jesus, I'll Never Forget
  15. Any Day Now
  16. Nearer to Thee
  17. Be with Me Jesus
  18. One More River
  19. I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always)
  20. He's So Wonderful
  21. Farther Along
  22. Jesus, Wash Away My Troubles
  23. Touch the Hem of His Garment

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