The High-Flex Society: Shaping America's Economic Future

The High-Flex Society: Shaping America's Economic Future

by Pat Choate, J. K. Linger

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Global interdependency and economic, technological and demographic changes, along with America's alleged present inability to adapt its many strengths to meet competition, are challenging its position of world leadership, according to this sharply critical appraisal. Economist Choate ( America in Ruins and Linger, both analysts at the TRW corporation, attribute part of the crisis to the federal deficit, lack of investment in education, infrastructure and research, and the trade imbalance. American business, they state, must adopt a ``high-flex'' approach favoring firms that invest, innovate and automatethat are able to quickly move a product from development to the market. Long-range goals rather than short-term profits should be pursued, the authors maintain, by an adaptable, motivated work force supported by flexible, integrated government trade and monetary strategies designed to renew industrial dynamism as well as meet foreign competition. (September 25)
Library Journal - Library Journal
The message in this book is that America must be more responsive to meet the economic challenges of the future. The authors see a lack of adaptability as the biggest problem facing the United States. Obstacles to flexibility are analyzed and suggestions on how to surmount these obstacles are made. None of the obstacles or suggestions proposed by the authors is particularly new. What is original is the use of flexibility as the organizing concept for this treatment. Recommended for large university and public libraries. Richard C. Schiming, Economics Dept., Mankato State Univ. Minn

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