The History of England Volume VI

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Volume VI discusses the Commonwealth established by Oliver Cromwell, the Stuart Restoration, making Charles II king, succeeded by his brother, James II, the abdication of James, and Parliament's offer of the Act of Settlement, and the accession of William and Mary.
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  • ISBN-13: 9780865970342
  • Publisher: Liberty Fund, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 10/1/1985
  • Series: The History of England
  • Edition description: New Edition
  • Pages: 734

Table of Contents




The Britons -- Romans -- Saxons -- the Heptarchy--
The kingdom of Kent -- of Northumberland --
of East-Anglia -- of Mercia -- of Essex --
of Sussex-- of Wessex


Egbert -- Ethelwolf --
Ethelbald and Ethelbert -- Ethered --
Alfred the Great -- Edward the Elder --
Athelstan -- Edmund -- Edred -- Edwy --
Edgar -- Edward the Martyr


Ethelred -- Settlement of the Normans --
Edmund Ironside -- Canute the Great --
Harold Harefoot -- Hardicanute --
Edward the Confessor -- Harold

PAGE 107

First Saxon government --
Succession of the kings -- The Wittenagemot --
The aristocracy -- The several orders of men --
Courts of justice -- Criminal law -- Rules of proof --
Military force -- Public revenue --
Value of money -- Manners

PAGE 160

Consequences of the battle of Hastings --
Submission of the English -- Settlement of the government -- King's return to Normandy --
Discontents of the English -- Their insurrections --
Rigours of the Norman government --
New insurrections -- New rigours of the government -- Introduction of the feudal law -- Innovation
in ecclesiastical government -- Insurrection of the Norman barons -- Dispute about investitures -- Revolt of prince
Robert -- Domesday-book -- The New forest --
War with France -- Death -- and character of William the Conqueror

PAGE 186

Accession of William Rufus --
Conspiracy against the King -- Invasion of
Normandy -- The Crusades -- Acquisition of Normandy --
Quarrel with Anselm, the primate -- Death --
and character of William Rufus

PAGE 228

The Crusades -- Accession of Henry --
Marriage of the King -- Invasion by duke Robert --
Accommodation with Robert -- Attack of Normandy --
Conquest of Normandy -- Continuation of
the quarrel with Anselm, the primate -- Compromise
with him -- Wars abroad -- Death of prince William
--King's second marriage -- Death --
and character of Henry

PAGE 248

Accession of Stephen -- War with Scotland --
Insurrection in favour of Matilda -- Stephen
taken prisoner -- Matilda crowned -- Stephen released --
Restored to the crown -- Continutation of the civil wars --
Compromise between the King and prince Henry --
Death of the King

PAGE 279

State of Europe -- of France --
First acts of Henry's government --
Disputes between the civil and ecclesiastical powers --
Thomas a Becket, archbishop of Canterbury --
Quarrel between the King and Becket --
Constitutions of Clarendon -- Banishment of Becket --
Compromise with him -- His return from banishment -- His murder -- Grief --
and submission of the King

PAGE 296

State of Ireland -- Conquest of that island --
The King's accommodation with the court of Rome --
Revolt of young Henry and his brothers --
Wars and insurrections -- War with Scotland --
Penance of Henry for Becket's murder -- William,
King of Scotland, defeated and taken prisoner --
The King's accommodation with his sons -- The King's
equitable administration -- Death of young Henry --
Crusades -- Revolt of Prince Richard -- Death and character
of Henry -- Miscellaneous
transactions of his reign

PAGE 339

The king's preparations for the crusade --
Sets out on the crusade -- Transactions in Sicily --
King's arrival in Palestine -- State of Palestine --
Disorders in England -- The king's heroic actions in Palestine -- His return from Palestine --
Captivity in Germany -- War with France --
The king's delivery -- Return to England --
War with France -- Death -- and character
of the king -- Miscellaneous transactions
of this reign

PAGE 377

Accession of the king -- His marriage --
War with France -- Murder of Arthur, duke of
Britanny -- The king expelled from all
the French provinces -- The king's quarrel
with the court of Rome -- Cardinal Langton
appointed archbishop of Canterbury -- Interdict of
kingdom -- Excommunication of the king --
The king's submission to pope --
Discontents of the barons -- Insurrection of
the barons -- Magna Charta -- Renewal of the
civil wars -- Prince Lewis called over -- Death --
and character of the king

PAGE 407

Origin of the feudal law --
Its progress -- Feudal government of England --
The feudal parliament -- The commons --
Judicial power -- Revenue of the crown --
Commerce -- The church --
Civil Laws -- Manners

PAGE 455

Settlement of the government --
General pacification -- Death of the protector -- Some commotions -- Hubert de Burgh
displaced -- The bishop of Winchester minister --
King's partiality to foreigners -- Grievances --
Ecclesiastical grievances -- Earl of Cornwal
elected king of the Romans -- Discontent
of the barons -- Simon de Mountfort earl of Leicester --
Provisions of Oxford -- Usurpation of the barons --
Prince Edward -- Civil wars of the barons -- Reference to the king of France -- Renewal of the civil wars -- Battle of Lewes -- House of commons --
Battle of Evesham and death of Leicester --
Settlement of the government -- Death --
and character of the king -- Miscellaneous transactions of this reign


Civil administration of the king --
Conquest of Wales -- Affairs of Scotland --
Competitors for the crown of Scotland --
Reference to Edward -- Homage of Scotland --
Award of Edward in favour of Baliol -- War
with France - Digression concerning
the constitution of parliament -- War with Scotland --
Scotland subdued -- War with France -- Dissentions
with the clergy -- Arbitrary measures --
Peace with France -- Revolt of Scotland --
That kingdom again subdued -- again revolts --
is again subdued -- Robert Bruce --
Third revolt of Scotland -- Death --
and character of the king -- Miscellaneous transactions
of this reign


Weakness of the king --
His passion for favourites -- Piers
Gavaston -- Discontent of the barons -- Murder
of Gavaston -- War with Scotland -- Battle
of Bannockburn -- Hugh le Despenser -- Civil
commotions -- Execution of the earl of Lancaster --
Conspiracy against the king -- Insurrection --
The king dethroned -- Murdered -- His character --
Miscellaneous transactions
in this reign

PAGE 147

War with Scotland --
Execution of the earl of Kent -- Execution
of Mortimer, earl of March -- State of Scotland -- War
with that kingdom -- King's claim to the crown of France --
Preparations for war with France -- War --
Naval victory -- Domestic disturbances -- Affairs
of Brittany -- Renewal of the war with France
-- Invasion of France -- Battle of Crecy --
War with Scotland -- Captivity of the king
of Scots -- Calais taken

PAGE 182

Institution of the garter --
State of France -- Battle of Poictiers --
Captivity of the king of France -- State
of that kingdom -- Invasion of France -- Peace
of Bretigni -- State of France -- Expedition into Castile -- Rupture with France -- Ill success
of the English -- Death to the prince of Wales --
Death -- and character of the king --
Miscellaneous transactions
in this reign

PAGE 242

Government during the minority --
Insurrection of the common people --
Discontents of the barons -- Civil commotions --
Expulsion or execution of the king's ministers --
Cabals of the duke of Glocester -- Murder of the duke of Glocester -- Banishment of Henry
duke of Hereford -- Return of Henry -- General
insurrection -- Deposition of the king --
His murder -- His character --
Miscellaneous transactions
during this reign

PAGE 285

Title of the king --
An insurrection -- An insurrection in Wales --
The earl of Northumberland rebels -- Battle of Shewsbury -- State of Scotland --
Parliamentary transactions -- Death --
and character of the king

PAGE 333

The king's former disorders --
His reformation -- The Lollards --
Punishment of Lord Cobham -- State of France --
Invasion of that kingdom -- Battle of Azincour --
State of France -- New invasion of France --
Assassination of the duke of Burgundy -- Treaty
of Troye -- Marriage of the king -- His death --
and character -- Miscellaneous transactions
during this reign

PAGE 352

Government during the minority --
State of France -- Military operations --
Battle of Verneuil -- Siege of Orleans -- The maid
of Orleans -- The siege of Orleans raised -- The king of France crowned at Rheims -- Prudence of the duke of Bedford -- Execution of the maid
of Orleans -- Defection of the duke of Burgundy --
Death of the duke of Bedford -- Decline of the English in France -- Truce with France -- Marriage of the king with Margaret of Anjou -- Murder
of the duke of Glocester -- State of France --
Renewal of the war with France --
The English expelled France

PAGE 382

Claim of the duke of York
to the crown -- The earl of Warwic -- Impeachment of the duke of Suffolk -- His banishment --
and death -- Popular insurrection --
The parties of York and Lancaster -- First armament
of the duke of York -- First battle of St. Albans --
Battle of Blore-heath -- of Northampton -- A parliament --
Battle of Wakefield -- Death of the duke of York --
Battle of Mortimer's Cross -- Second Battle of St.
Albans -- Edward IV. assumes the crown --
Miscellaneous transactions of this reign

PAGE 426

Battle of Touton --
Henry escapes into Scotland --
A parliament -- Battle of Hexham --
Henry taken prisoner, and confined to the Tower --
King's marriage with the Lady Elizabeth Gray --
Warwic disgusted -- Alliance with Burgundy --
Insurrection in Yorkshire -- Battle of Banbury --
Warwic and Clarence banished -- Warwic and Clarence
return -- Edward IV expelled -- Henry VI restored --
Edward IV returns -- Battle of Barnet, and
death of Warwic -- Battle of Teukesbury,
and murder of prince Edward -- Death of
Henry VI -- Invasion of France --
Peace of Pecquigni -- Trial and execution of the duke of Clarence -- Death and character of Edward IV

PAGE 455

Edward V -- State of the court -- The earl of Rivers
arrested -- Duke of Glocester protector --
Execution of Lord Hastings -- The protector
aims at the crown -- Assumes the crown -- Murder
of Edward V and the duke of York -- Richard III --
Duke of Buckingham discontented -- The earl
of Richmond -- Buckingham executed -- Invasion
by the earl of Richmond -- Battle of Bosworth -- Death and character
of Richard III

PAGE 494

Accession of Henry VII. -- His title
to the crown -- King's prejudice against
the house of York -- His joyful reception in London -- His coronation -- Sweating sickness --
A parliament -- Entail of the crown --
King's marriage -- An insurrection --
Discontents of the people -- Lambert Simnel --
Revolt of Ireland -- Intrigues of the
dutchess of Burgundy -- Lambert Simnel
invades England -- Battle of Stoke


State of foreign affairs --
State of Scotland -- of Spain -- of the
Low Countries -- of France -- of Brittany --
French invasion of Britanny -- French embassy to England -- Dissimulation of the French court --
An insurrection in the North -- suppressed --
King sends forces into Britanny -- Annexation
of Britanny to France -- A parliament --
War with France -- Perkin Warbec --
His imposture -- He is avowed by the dutchess of Burgundy -- and by many of the English nobility --
Trial and execution of Stanley --
A parliament


Perkin retires to Scotland --
Insurrection in the west -- Battle of Blackheath --
Truce with Scotland -- Perkin taken prisoner --
Perkin executed -- The earl of Warwic executed --
Marriage of prince Arthur with Catharine of
Arragon -- His death -- Marriage of the princess
Margaret with the king of Scotland -- Oppressions of the people -- A parliament -- Arrival
of the king of Castile -- Intrigues of the earl of Suffolk -- Sickness of the king -- His death -- and
character -- His laws


Popularity of the new king -- His
ministers -- Punishment of Empson and Dudley --
King's marriage -- Foreign affairs -- Julius the second --
League of Cambray -- War with France -- Expedition
to Fontarabia -- Deceit of Ferdinand -- Return of the English -- Leo the Tenth -- A parliament --
War with Scotland -- Wolsey minister --
His character -- Invasion of France --
Battle of Guinegate -- Blattle of Flouden --
Peace with France


Wolsey's administration - Scotch affairs --
Progress of Francis I. - Jealousy of Henry --
Tournay delivered to France -- Wolsey
appointed legate -- His manner of exercising that office -- Death of the emperor Maximilian -- Charles, king
of Spain, chosen emperor -- Interview between Henry
and Francis near Calais -- The emperor Charles arrives
in England -- Mediation of Henry -- Trial
and condemnation of the duke of Buckingham

PAGE 113

Digression concerning the ecclesiastical state --
Origin of the reformation -- Martin Luther --
Henry receives the title of defender
of the faith -- Causes of the progress
of the reformation -- War with France --
Invasion of France -- War with Scotland --
A parliament -- Invasion of France -- Italian wars --
The king of France invades Italy -- Battle of
Pavia and Captivity of Francis -- Francis
recovers his liberty -- Sack of Rome --
League with France

PAGE 134

Scruples concerning the king's
marriage -- The king enters into these
scruples -- Anne Boleyn -- Henry applies
to the pope for a divorce -- The pope favourable -- The emperor
threatens him -- The pope's ambiguous conduct -- The cause
evoked to Rome -- Wolsey's fall -- Commencement of the reformation in England -- Foreign affairs --
Wolsey's death -- A parliament -- Progress of the
reformation -- A parliament -- King's final
breach with Rome -- A parliament

PAGE 170

Religious principles of the people --
of the king -- of the ministers -- Farther progress
of the reformation -- Sir Thomas More --
The maid of Kent -- Trial and execution
of Fisher, bishop of Rochester -- of Sir
Thomas More -- King excommunicated --
Death of Queen Catherine -- Suppression
of the lesser monasteries -- A parliament --
A convocation -- Translation of the Bible --
Disgrace of Queen Anne -- Her trial --
and execution -- A parliament --
A convocation -- Discontents
among the people -- Insurrection --
Birth of Queen Jane -- Suppression
of the greater monasteries --
Cardinal Pole

PAGE 210

Disputation with Lambert --
A parliament -- Law of the six articles --
Proclamations made equal to laws -- Settlement
of the succession -- King's projects of marriage --
He marries Anne of Cleves -- He dislikes her -- A parliament -- Fall of Cromwel --
His execution -- King's divorce from
Anne of Cleves -- His marriage with Catherine
Howard -- State of affairs in Scotland --
Discovery of the Queen's dissolute life --
A parliament -- Ecclesiastical affairs

PAGE 260

War with Scotland -- Victory at Solway --
Death of James V. -- Treaty with Scotland --
New rupture -- Rupture with France -- A parliament --
Affairs of Scotland -- A parliament -- Campaign
in France -- A parliament -- Peace with France and Scotland -- Persecutions -- Execution
of the earl of Surrey -- Attainder of the duke of Norfolk -- Death of the king --
His character -- Miscellaneous transactions

PAGE 291

State of the regency -- Innovations in the regency -- Hertford protector --
Reformation completed -- Gardiner's opposition --
Foreign affairs -- Progress of the reformation
in Scotland -- Assassination of cardinal Beaton --
Conduct of the war with Scotland -- Battle of
Pinkey -- A parliament -- Farther progress
of the reformation -- Affairs of Scotland --
Young queen of Scots sent into
France -- Cabals of lord
Seymour -- Dudley earl of Warwic --
A parliament -- Attainder of lord
Seymour -- His execution --
Ecclesiastical affairs

PAGE 333

Discontents of the people --
Insurrections -- Conduct of the war with
Scotland -- with France -- Factions in the council --
Conspiracy against Somerset -- Somerset resigns
the protectorship -- A parliament -- Peace with
France and Scotland -- Boulogne surrendered --
Persecution of Gardiner -- Warwic created
duke of Northumberland -- His ambition --
Trial of Somerset -- His execution --
A parliament -- A new parliament --
Succession changed -- The king's sickness -- and death

PAGE 368

Lady Jane Gray proclaimed queen -- Deserted
by the people -- The queen proclaimed
and acknowledged -- Northumberland
executed -- Catholic religion restored --
A parliament -- Deliberations with regard
to the queen's marriage -- Queen's marriage
with Philip -- Wyat's insurrection -- Suppressed --
Execution of Lady Jane Gray -- A parliament --
Philip's arrival in England

PAGE 400

Reasons for and against Toleration --
Persectuations -- A parliament -- The queen's
extortions -- The emperor resigns his crown --
Execution of Cranmer -- War with France -- Battle
of St. Quintin -- Calais taken by the French --
Affairs of Scotland -- Marriage of the
Dauphin and the queen of Scots --
A parliament -- Death of the queen

PAGE 430

Queen's popularity —Re-establishment of the protestant religion —A parliament — Peace with France —Disgust between the queen and Mary queen of Scots — Scots affairs — Reformation in Scotland — Civil wars in Scotland —Interposal of the queen in Scots affairs —Settlement of Scotland — French affairs —Arrival of Mary in Scotland —Bigotry of the Scotch Reformers — Wise government of Elizabeth
State of Europe — Civil wars of France —Havre de Grace put in possession of the English —A parliament — Havre lost — Scots affairs — The queen of Scotsmarries the earl of Darnley —Confederacy against the protestants —Murder of Rizzio — A parliament —Murder of Darnley — Queen of Scots marries Bothwel — Insurrections in Scotland —Imprisonment of Mary — Mary flies into England — Conftrences at York and Hampton Court
Character of the puritans —Duke of Norfolk's conspiracy — Insurrection in the north — Assassination of the earl of Murray — A parliament — Civil wars of France — Affairs of the Low Countries —New conspiracy of the duke of Norfolk — Trial of Norfolk — His execution — Scots affairs —French affairs — Massacre of Paris —French affairs — Civil wars of the Low Countries — A parliament
Scots affairs — Spanish affairs —Sir Francis Drake — A parliament —Negociations of marriage with the duke of Anjou — Scots affairs — Letter of queen Mary to Elizabeth — Conspiracies in England —A parliament — The ecclesiastical commission — Affairs of the Low Countries — Hostilities with Spain
Zeal of the catholics —Babington’s conspiracy — Mary assents to the conspiracy — The conspirators seized and executed — Resolution to try the queen of Scots — The commissioners prevail on her to submit to the trial — The trial — Sentence against Mary — Interposition of king James —Reasons for the execution of Mary — The execution —Mary's character — The queen's affected sorrow — Drake destroys the Spanish fleet at Cadiz —Philip projects the invasion of England —The invincible Armada — Preparations in England — The Armada arrives in the channel —Defeated — A parliament — Expedition against Portugal — Scots affairs
French affairs — Murder of the duke of Guise — Murder of Henry the third — Progress of Henry the fourth —Naval enterprizes against Spain —A Parliament — Henry the fourth embraces the catholic religion —Scots affairs — Naval enterprizes —A parliament — Peace of Vervins — The earl of Essex
State of Ireland —Tyrone's rebellion — Essex sent over to Ireland — His ill success — Returns to England — Is disgraced — His intrigues — His insurrection — His trial and execution —French affairs — Mountjoy's success in Ireland — Defeat of the Spaniards and Irish — A parliament — Tyrone's submission — Queen's sickness —And death — And character
Government of England — Revenues — Commerce — Military force — Manners — Learning
PAGE 354

Introduction -- James's first transactions -- State of Europe -- Rosni's negociations -- Raleigh's conspiracy -- Hampton-court conference -- A Parliament -- Peace with Spain

Gunpowder conspiracy -- A parliament -- Truce betwixt Spain and the United Provinces -- A parliament -- Death of the French King -- Arminianism -- State of Ireland

Death of Prince Henry -- Marriage of the Princess Elizabeth with the Palatine -- Rise of Somerset -- His marriage -- Overbury poisoned -- Fall of Somerset -- Rise of Buckingham -- Cautionary towns delivered -- Affairs of Scotland

Sir Walter Raleigh's expedition -- His execution -- Insurrections in Bohemia -- Loss of the Palatinate -- Negociations with Spain -- A parliament -- Parties -- Fall of Bacon -- Rupture between the king and the commons -- Protestation of the commons

Negociations with regard to the marriage and the Palatinate -- Character of Buckingham -- Prince's journey to Spain -- Marriage treaty broken -- A parliament -- Return of Bristol -- Rupture with Spain -- Treaty with France -- Mansfeldt's expedition -- Death of the king -- His character

Civil government of England during this period -- Ecclesiastical government -- Manners -- Finances -- Navy -- Commerce -- Manufactures -- Colonies -- Learning and arts
PAGE 124

A parliament at Westminster -- At Oxford -- Naval expedition against Spain -- Second parliament -- Impeachment of Buckingham -- Violent measures of the court -- War with France -- Expedition to the isle of Rhe
PAGE 156

Third parliament -- Petition of right -- Prorogation -- Death of Buckingham -- New session of parliament -- Tonnage and poundage -- Arminianism -- Dissolution of the parliament
PAGE 186

Peace with France -- Peace with Spain -- State of the court and ministry -- Character of the queen -- Strafford -- Laud -- Innovations in the church -- Irregular levies of money -- Severities in the star-chamber and high commission -- Ship money -- Trial of Hambden
PAGE 217

Discontents in Scotland -- Introduction of the canons and liturgy -- A tumult at Edinburgh -- The covenant -- A general assembly -- Episcopacy abolished -- War -- A pacification -- Renewal of the war -- Fourth English parliament -- Dissolution -- Discontents in England -- Rout at Newburn -- Treaty at Rippon -- Great council of the peers
PAGE 249

Meeting of the long parliament -- Strafford and Laud impeached -- Finch and Windebank fly -- Great authority of the commons -- The bishops attacked -- Tonnage and poundage -- Triennial bill -- Strafford's trial -- Bill of attainder -- Execution of Strafford -- High-commission and star-chamber abolished -- King's journey to Scotland
PAGE 283

Settlement of Scotland -- Conspiracy in Ireland -- Insurrection and massacre -- Meeting of the English parliament -- The remonstrance -- Reasons on both sides -- Impeachment of the bishops -- Accusation of the five members -- Tumults -- King leaves London -- Arrives in York -- Preparations for civil war
PAGE 332

Commencement of the civil war -- State of parties -- Battle of Edgehill -- Negociation at Oxford -- Victories of the royalists in the west -- Battle of Stratton -- Of Lansdown -- Of Roundway-down -- Death of Hambden -- Bristol taken -- Siege of Gloucester -- Battle of Newbury -- Actions in the north of England -- Solemn league and covenant -- Arming of the Scots -- State of Ireland
PAGE 386

Invasion of the Scots -- Battle of the Marston-moor -- Battle of Cropredy-bridge -- Essex's forces disarmed -- Second battle of Newsbury -- Rise and character of the Independents -- Self-denying ordinance -- Fairfax, Cromwell -- Treaty of Uxbridge -- Execution of Laud
PAGE 428

Montrose's victories -- The new model of the army -- Battle of Naseby -- Surrender of Bristol -- The west conquered by Fairfax -- Defeat of Montrose -- Ecclesiastical affairs -- King goes to the Scots at Newark -- End of the war -- King delivered up by the Scots
PAGE 461

Mutiny of the army -- The king seized by Joyce -- The army march against parliament -- The army subdue the parliament -- The king flies to the isle of Wight -- Second civil war -- Invasion from Scotland -- The treaty of Newport -- The civil war and invasion repressed -- The king seized again by the army -- The house purged -- The king's trial -- And execution -- And character
PAGE 492

State of England -- Of Scotland -- Of Ireland -- Levellers suppressed -- Siege of Dublin raised -- Tredah stormed -- Covenanters -- Montrose taken prisoner -- Executed -- Covenanters -- Battle of Dunbar -- Of Worcester -- King's escape -- The commonwealth -- Dutch war -- Dissolution of the parliament

Cromwel's birth and private life -- Barebone's parliament -- Cromwel made protector -- Peace with Holland -- A new parliament -- Insurrection of the royalists -- State of Europe -- War with Spain -- Jamaica conquered -- Success and death of admiral Blake -- Domestic administration of Cromwel -- Humble Petition and Advice -- Dunkirk taken -- Sickness of the protector -- His death -- And character

Richard acknowledged protector -- A parliament -- Cabal of Wallingford House -- Richard deposed -- Long parliament or Rump restored -- Conspiracy of the royalists -- Insurrection -- Suppressed -- Parliament expelled -- Committee of safety -- Foreign affairs -- General Monk -- Monk declares for the parliament -- Parliament restored -- Monk enters London, declares for a free parliament -- Secluded members restored -- Long parliament dissolved -- New parliament -- The Restoration -- Manners and arts
PAGE 111

New ministry -- Act of indemnity -- Settlement of the revenue -- Trial and execution of the regicides -- Dissolution of the convention -- Parliament -- Prelacy restored -- Insurrection of the Millenarians -- Affairs of Scotland -- Conference at the Savoy -- Arguments for and against a comprehension -- A new parliament -- Bishop's seats restored -- Corporation act -- Act of uniformity -- King's marriage -- Trial of Vane -- And execution -- Presbyterian clergy ejected -- Dunkirk sold to the French -- Declaration of indulgence -- Decline of Clarendon's credit
PAGE 155

A new session -- Rupture with Holland -- A new session -- Victory of the English -- Rupture with France -- Rupture with Denmark -- New session - Five-mile act -- Sea-fight of four days -- Victory of the English -- Fire of London -- Advances towards peace -- Disgrace at Chatham -- Peace of Breda -- Clarendon's fall -- and banishment -- State of France -- Character of Lewis XIV. -- French invasion of the Low Countries -- Negociations -- Triple league -- Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle -- Affairs of Scotland -- and of Ireland
PAGE 190

A parliament -- The cabal -- Their characters -- Their counsels -- Alliance with France -- A parliament -- Coventry act -- Blood's crimes -- Duke declares himself catholic -- Exchequer shut -- Declaration of indulgence -- Attack of the Smyrna fleet -- War declared with Holland -- Weakness of the States -- Battle of Solebay -- Sandwich killed -- Progress of the French -- Consternation of the Dutch -- Prince of Orange Stadtholder -- Massacre of the de Wits -- Good conduct of the prince -- A parliament -- Declaration of indulgence recalled -- Sea-fight -- Another sea-fight -- Another sea-fight -- Congress of Cologne -- A parliament -- Peace with Holland
PAGE 233

Schemes of the cabal -- Remonstrances of Sir William Temple -- Campaign of 1674 -- A Parliament -- Passive obedience -- A Parliament -- Campaign of 1675 -- Congress of Nimeguen -- Campaign of 1676 -- Uncertain conduct of the King -- A Parliament -- Campaign of 1677 -- Parliament's distrust of the King -- Marriage of the Prince of Orange with the Lady Mary -- Plan of peace -- Negociations -- Campaign of 1678 -- Negociations -- Peace of Nimeguen -- State of affairs in Scotland
PAGE 284

The Popish plot -- Oates's narrative -- and character -- Coleman's letters -- Godfrey's murther -- General consternation -- The parliament -- Zeal of the parliament -- Bedloe's narrative -- Accusation of Danby -- His impeachment -- Dissolution of the long parliament -- Its character -- Trial of Coleman -- Of Ireland -- New elections -- Duke of Monmouth -- Duke of York retires to Brussels -- New parliament -- Danby's impreachment -- Popish plot -- New council -- Limitations on a popish successor -- Bill of exclusion -- Habeas corpus bill -- Prorogation and dissolution of the parliament -- Trial and execution of the five jesuits -- and of Langhorne -- Wakeman acquitted -- State of affairs in Scotland -- Battle of Bothwel bridge
PAGE 332

State of parties -- State of the ministry -- Meal-tub plot -- Whig and Tory -- A new parliament -- Violence of the commons -- Exclusion bill -- Arguments for and against the exclusion -- Exclusion bill rejected -- Trial of Stafford -- His execution -- Violence of the commons -- Dissolution of the parliament -- New parliament at Oxford -- Fitzharris's case -- Parliament dissolved -- Victory of the royalists
PAGE 375

State of affairs in Ireland -- Shaftesbury acquitted -- Argyle's trial -- State of affairs in Scotland -- State of the ministry in England -- New nomination of sheriffs -- Quo warrantos -- Great power of the crown -- A conspiracy -- Shaftesbury retires and dies -- Rye-house plot -- Conspiracy discovered -- Execution of the conspirators -- Trial of lord Russel -- His execution -- State of the nation -- State of foreign affairs -- King's sickness and death -- and character
PAGE 408

King's first transactions -- A parliament -- Arguments for and against a revenue for life -- Oates convicted of perjury -- Monmouth's invasion -- His defeat -- and execution -- Cruelties of Kirke -- and of Jefferies -- State of affairs in Scotland -- Argyle's invasion -- defeat -- and execution -- A parliament -- French persecutions -- The dispensing power -- State of Scotland -- State of Ireland -- Breach betwixt the king and the church -- Court of ecclesiastical commission -- Sentence against the bishop of London -- Suspension of the penal laws -- State of Ireland -- Embassy to Rome -- Attempt upon Magdalen College -- Imprisonment -- Trial, and acquittal of the bishops -- Birth of the prince of Wales
PAGE 449

Conduct of the prince of Orange -- He forms a league against France -- Refuses to concur with the king -- Resolves to oppose the king -- Is applied to by the English -- Coalition of parties -- Prince's preparations -- Offers of France to the King -- rejected -- Supposed league with France -- General discontents -- The king retracts his measures -- Prince's declaration -- The prince lands in England -- General commotion -- Desertion of the army -- and of prince George -- and of the princess Anne -- King's consternation -- and flight -- General confusion -- King seized at Feversham -- Second escape -- King's character -- Convention summoned -- Settlement of Scotland -- English convention meets -- Views of the parties -- Free conferences between the houses -- Commons prevail -- Settlement of the crown -- Manners, arts and sciences
PAGE 496

PAGE 551

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