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The Holy Man

The Holy Man

4.8 6
by Susan Trott

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Each chapter of this charming book tells the tale of a pilgrim and his problem. There is a man who is incurably jealous, a woman filled with envy, the grandmother who never receives thank-you notes from her grandchildren, the war veteran who can't forgive himself the lives he took, the famous man who learns humility. As their stories unfold, we come to realize that


Each chapter of this charming book tells the tale of a pilgrim and his problem. There is a man who is incurably jealous, a woman filled with envy, the grandmother who never receives thank-you notes from her grandchildren, the war veteran who can't forgive himself the lives he took, the famous man who learns humility. As their stories unfold, we come to realize that we are all in here, with our wounded egos, insecurities, bad tempers, impatience, and ambitiousness.
These simple and beautiful tales help us unravel the knots of everyday enxieties with profound ease, humor, wisdom, and elegance. Through them we understand that a holy man never cures us, simply shows us the good things we are but cannot see.

Editorial Reviews

Janet St. John
"Reminiscent of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Pilgrims from all walks of life make a trek to see a holy man named Joe, a kind of Dalai Lama/Jedi master. The book cleverly encapsulates much of the human search for wisdom and happiness. The Holy Man dispenses a fresh brand of wisdom with wit and modern insight."
Andrea Kempf
"... the simplicity of her tale and the lucidity of her writing makes this novel a major contender in the inspirationl self-help field."
Rima Farrone
"This is one of the most exquisitely beautiful books to be published in many years. It runs the gamut from philosophy to religion with a scattering of gentle fables mixed in. It overshadows attempts to corner holiness. It is a sweet and gentle tale bound to become a favorite, read and reread through the years."
Diane Manuel
Susan Trott finds lunacy in the grandest places. One finishes this slim book with a hoot, but begins to realize days later that there is much to savor. Trott's wit is quirky and unpredictable as when she describes the sage's ruminations: "I'm not reallly the holy man, I'm the holy chatterbox." But her imagery and straight-arrow truisms can be breathtaking.

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susan trott
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The Holy Man Trilogy , #1
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Meet the Author

Susan Trott has published 16 novels. She has been praised by the Bloomsbury Review for her "unpredictable wit," and hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as "practically a genre unto herself." Her work has been published around the world and optioned for motion pictures. She lives in Northern California.

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The Holy Man 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
theokester More than 1 year ago
This book is sometimes classified in self-help or inspirational. It's an interesting take on each of this. It brings some cool insights and ideas but does so in an intriguing way. Apparently, the idea for this book grew out of the pre-sleep practices of the author during bouts of insomnia (or at least, times of difficulties falling asleep). She imagined a long line of individuals winding up a mountain path to visit a Holy Man. Exploring the idea of turning it into a story, she includes the expected anecdotes and Confucius-style quips of advice but goes beyond that. About half of the focus in the book is spent following specific individuals as they slowly traverse the long line up the mountain. The trek up the mountain usually takes a number of days and thus each would-be-visitor spends hours and days introspectively preparing for the visit, dealing with their own individual demons (alcohol withdrawal, impatience, sense of entitlement, etc) such that by the time they reach the home of the Holy Man, they have often come to their own solution to their problem and merely thank the Holy Man and go on their way. The other half of the focus naturally focuses on the Holy Man himself. His own introspections. His interactions with the various individuals. Those who visit take three basic forms: 1) Those who don't even recognize him for who he is and move on quickly. 2) Those who have solved their problems on the way up the path. and 3) Those who he sits and talks to either to gain insight in how their problem was solved or how it could be solved. The methods and advice of the Holy Man are simple and easy to understand, but (as sometimes indicated by the complaining visitors) are either too simple (and thus they don't think they'll work) or <i>too hard</i> to the extent that the visitor doesn't actually want to undertake the required effort. I really enjoyed this book. It's a simple read. Many of the individual stories are compartmentalized such that a single chapter (or sometimes two or three chapters) can be used as exemplar for a specific topic.of advice and insight. Each chapter has a title that corresponds to its general theme. So the book can be used for quick nuggets of inspirational advice. Reading the story as a whole (or just the first and last chapters) provides a higher level story of the Holy Man and his trajectory. One of the key pieces of advice that the Holy Man gives to everyone is that "we are all Holy. I am Holy and you are Holy. And we should treat everyone with this understanding in mind." As we apply this to ourselves, it not only gives a new perspective on life and the people around us, but it also allows the entire book and the story of the Holy Man to act as an allegory for our own life. If we are all Holy, then surely, the thoughts/path/advice/trajectory within his life apply to us just as well. If you're interested in a quick, creative, fun, inspiration read, I can recommend this book. The style is simple and accessible while also being insightful. It's delightful and profound without being presumptuous or pretentious. **** 4.5 out of 5 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
In high school I took a college level english course. This book was read to the class, after which we would right our thought's or interpritaions of each chapter. I learned much from this teaher, and this book. I have always remembered it yet for years had forgotten the title. Ironicaly while laying in bed one night the name came to me. I since have purchased the book and given it as gifts to many close or impactful people in my life. Read each chapter carefully and reflect, it's amazing the thought processes it prevokes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an extremely quick read. Turns out to be one of those books that even if you don't pick up again, you're still compelled to OWN ONE! The book is not mind-boggling yet VERY DEEP...
Guest More than 1 year ago
This clever perspective of everyone's search for enlightenment, answers, direction will draw you in - giving you the opportunity to see yourself and your own longings in the multi-faceted souls waiting in line to see Joe - The Holy Man. I thoroughly enjoyed it and find it in my recommendations list for years now.