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The House of Lust


Donald Elliott is a handsome cad in his late 20s who has agreed to a lustful arrangement of sin and debauchery: he has purchased a foreclosed house that needs fixing up, and two women, JoAnne and Liv, will co-exist in the house for free, helping him fix it up and acting as sexual partners in a libidinous threesome. Will it work? Along come Julie, Erica, and MaryAnne, who all want to get into the swinger home and give Don a whirl. Can he handle all these women at the same time, ...

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The House of Lust

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Donald Elliott is a handsome cad in his late 20s who has agreed to a lustful arrangement of sin and debauchery: he has purchased a foreclosed house that needs fixing up, and two women, JoAnne and Liv, will co-exist in the house for free, helping him fix it up and acting as sexual partners in a libidinous threesome. Will it work? Along come Julie, Erica, and MaryAnne, who all want to get into the swinger home and give Don a whirl. Can he handle all these women at the same time, sexually and emotionally?

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781909840133
  • Publisher: Accent Press
  • Publication date: 6/13/2013
  • Pages: 270
  • Product dimensions: 5.00 (w) x 8.00 (h) x 0.61 (d)

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JOANNE WAS A LITTLE OLDER than me and rather skinny for my tastes. I’m a picky guy. She also had a kid and a live-in boyfriend – not exactly what a fellow two years out of college, and fresh out of his first serious relationship, would consider part of the “talent pool,” as I liked to call it.
I had met her on an Internet dating service called Plenty of Fish dot com. We were both categorized as looking for ‘intimate but casual encounters.’ We had a good date, I thought. She gave me a hand-job before the night was over.
I saw her several more times. She said she was looking for a new job and I told her about an opening at the insurance company where I worked. She got the job, so now we saw each other every day.
I started to wonder if this was a good thing or not.
Most of the two dozen employees in the office were older and eager for reports of my online dating adventures. At times it seemed like they all lived vicariously through my love life, remembering their bygone days of wanton lust and desire. I kept them entertained with my tales of debauched hellion nights – the truth was good enough, but sometimes I embellished, turning a threesome into a foursome, the women younger and better-looking than they actually were – most women posted younger photos of themselves anyway, and sometimes photos of a different person altogether.
I may not have been the world’s most successful Romeo and it was certainly not for lack of trying. I did have my successes, though. I was plucky and happy-go-lucky, a cheeky twenty-two-year-old, living a regular guy kind of life there in Port Jervis.
Port Jervis, if you’ve never been there, is an upper New York State city nestled right on the tri-state borderline, the Delaware River passing through like a hobo on a train.
JoAnne was assigned to work with me on a new project; from there things started to slowly, gradually change. The only other person on this project was Stella, a married brunette and a prude. JoAnne grilled me on my online dating, told me about her dates and the guy she lived with. We talked openly of sex and Stella acted offended but always managed to stay close and soak up the conversation.
There was some friction between the two of them and JoAnne went a little overboard just to bug Stella. Our discussions got more and more overtly sexual and even included some minor office grab-ass.
One thing lead to another, blah blah, and soon I had JoAnne giving me hand-jobs in the supply closet, after hours, and on the way back to the office from lunch. She wouldn’t do anything more, she said, since she was living with a guy.
She assured me she only jerked off her other dates from the Internet, nothing else. Our conversations were very personal and she had confessed to me almost every detail of her life. She lived with this “guy” simply for convenience. She rented a small townhouse she could barely afford. With the guy as a roommate, she had a little extra cash. She couldn’t really rent out the only other bedroom; that was her six-year-old kid’s room. She was usually strapped for cash, and didn’t enjoy our work that much, but it paid the bills. She was a victim of the economic slump like any of us.
She confessed that her sex life was less than fulfilling. She wasn’t a big fan of oral and “doled” it out to her live-in guy as a reward for good behaviour and to keep him from being too frustrated about their loose arrangement. She was getting laid about once a week, providing oral maybe once a month.
Otherwise, her hand got plenty of work-out time.
The more we talked about oral sex and how much the live-in loved it (and would jump through hoops for it) the more I was convinced I had to move past the hand stage, and into a more intimate interaction with JoAnne’s mouth. I thought I should have a fairly decent chance since she clearly didn’t love this guy; she basically paid him in sex to be her roommate and share the bills.
I don’t know what it was about this skinny, bigmouth brunette, but something pressed my buttons and was boiling my baby batter. I followed my instincts.
Over a period of several weeks, I told her how badly I wanted to go down on her, figuring if I could get her pants off, there was a decent chance of reciprocation.
I teased her. ‘You know, JoAnne, we could head to my place for a break. I would love to make you squirm on the end of my tongue.’ She stayed late at work once a week, every Wednesday, since it was the only chance she had to get caught up. Rick, the guy, picked up the kid and watched her on those nights. You can bet I stayed late Wednesdays.
Her response: ‘Good grief, don’t say that around here – anyone could hear you.’
I took her hand and placed it on the erection under my slacks. ‘I get so hard, just thinking of licking your pretty pink –’
‘You are so bad, Mr Donald Elliott,’ she said softly. ‘You know I won’t do that. You know I’m in a relationship.’
‘And you’re telling me you don’t want to trade up?’
Not sure why I said that. I wasn’t really looking for a relationship with her. I just wanted in her pants. I was actively dating other women, and she knew it – in detail.
I liked giving detail. But there were no details for this girl Julie, who barely let me get to first base.
‘You don’t want an old woman with a kid,’ she said, ‘you’re just crazy-horny.’
She was squeezing my cock through my pants, which was a good indicator. With the place virtually empty, I knew I’d be getting my hand-job soon.
‘You always make me horny,’ I told her. It wasn’t exactly a lie. I stood up and drew her after me, down the hall, to a small utility room. She came along, offering minimal resistance.
It was all part of the game; this had become a ritual for us, something anthropologists or sexologists could write a paper about: the way men and women created methods of connecting.
She entered the room behind me, and I opened my pants. My cock flopped out like an eel from coral reef, hard and ready.
She sat on a 10-gallon bucket, beating me off.
I had plans.
I said, ‘You have such a pretty mouth,’ like that line out of Deliverance, when the hillbilly admires Ned Betty’s choppers.
‘This is all you’re getting – now lean back and enjoy.’
We went through this all the time. JoAnne normally talked incessantly. This was an odd occasion. She was mostly silent, while she slowly worked her hand up and down my cock.
After a few minutes of her quietly stroking my dick, she asked me, ‘Are you still working on buying that house over on Muir Avenue?’
She worked her hand back and forth. It usually took her several minutes, and she would change hands several times.
I opened her shirt, slipped my hand in her bra. Her nipple was hard. I said, ‘The house won’t appraise; it’s in bad shape. The lot is great and the foundation and frame are both good, but it’s only liveable on about half the main floor, and pretty much not at all on the top floor. I need to come up with ten grand more to get in it.’
My hips thrust in time to her stroking. I was feeling pretty good.
‘You’ve got the money, just do it.’
She was in a strange mood. She often teased me about my dates while whacking me off. This time she was distracted. She was thinking. Thinking is never good for a woman when she’s jerking a man off.
She believed I was loaded with dough for some reason. I was a salesman, and she was secretarial. I made triple her money, but the money didn’t go that far. If I hadn’t received a sizeable bonus for having the highest sales for the quarter, I wouldn’t even be thinking of buying my own house.
I said, ‘Need the cash to fix the place up. You’ve seen it. Needs repairs galore. The kitchen’s new. On just my salary, I won’t have much cash left over to do all the work required.’
Without impetus, she leaned forward and licked the head of my cock. For the first time, her mouth connected with my crotch. She did this just once, then smiled a wicked smile and continued stroking.
‘Do that again,’ I said softly.
She ignored my request and said, ‘Did you know Liv broke up with John?’
Another single mom, Liv – pronounced Leeev – was 26 and a knockout. She tended to wear too much eye-makeup, heavy face powder, and had bleached blonde hair, but she was a looker all right. Her body was of the type dreams are made of: legs up to her ass, a nice meaty ass that fit fantastically into tight jeans.
Had tried to get JoAnne to hook me up with her in the past but she always said Liv was not into the ‘casual dating scene’ and that the jerk she lived with would kill her if she was.
I leaned forward, trying to get my cock closer to JoAnne’s mouth. I had removed my hand from her tit, and was rubbing the back of her head; of course she knew all my tricks, and twisted away from the encouragement with a little, almost cruel giggle.
We looked at each other. She had stopped stroking me. She started again.
JoAnne’s tone was serious. ‘She’s got a problem: she needs a place to live. She moved in with that bastard John, let her apartment go, and now she’s stuck. She’ll be staying in my living room for a while. Rick isn’t happy about it. I know he’ll be trying to get in her pants. Since he hasn’t been getting into mine.’
She leaned forward, and took my whole cock in her mouth, and with her lips tightly circling the shaft, she slowly drew her head back, holding just the head in for a few seconds, before she let it pop free from her lips.
‘Don’t stop,’ I said.
‘How would you like this every night?’ she said, and then repeated the long slow suck. ‘My lease expires end of next month. If you bought that house, maybe we could all live together. Liv could stay home and watch the kids, you and I could work and bring in the money.’
‘I don’t even know Liv,’ I said, ‘and that would be kind of odd, her in the house, don’t you think?’
‘I don’t mean just ‘live together,’ I mean live together. We could take turns sharing your bed. We’d each have our own room, but you could have either one of us every night.’ She was really excited by the idea, and was stroking me very slowly. ‘Think: it has five bedrooms. What are you going to do with five bedrooms? And the extra income would be great for fixing the place up. We could all save money.’
‘What does Liv think of this?’
‘Liv would do anything to stay home and raise kids. She hates working. She wants to be a homemaker. She’ll clean, she’ll cook – she has a culinary degree from CIA but never got a chef job – she’ll watch the kids, and I’m sure she’ll fuck your brains out if you let her be a mommy. I know she thinks you’re cute,’ accenting the last statement with another deep suck.
‘Oh, that’s nice,’ I said. ‘Suck me off, so we can talk about this more seriously without the distraction.’
‘Wouldn’t you rather fuck me?’ she said.
Who was this new JoAnne? She certainly knew how to turn on the sex channel to get what she wanted. This woman was the queen of the hard sell. She was definitely in the wrong profession.
I asked, ‘What’s the catch?’
She stood up, unbuttoned her pants and stepped out of them. ‘Here’s the deal. Friday, you give Liv the keys to your apartment. Then Liv and I can spend Friday and Saturday convincing you what a good idea this could be for all of us.’
She bent over, wiggling her ass at me.
‘No other strings attached. I haven’t told her about this little plan, but I know how badly she wants to stay home. And she doesn’t want to get married again. Both our kids could use a man around the house, and you know that Ed is a pretty sorry excuse for a man. What do you say? Is it a deal?’
‘Friday and Saturday,’ I said, hand to my chin. ‘Why the heck not?’
I slid up behind her, grabbing her skinny ass cheeks in my hands.
‘Take me,’ she said, ‘it’s just a taste of what the good life will be for you.’
I rubbed my cock up and down across her pussy lips, mostly by feel; she was not one of those who maintained a closely cropped cunt. I pushed inside her, and she pushed back, with a pleased groan.
‘You have a nice cock, Donny,’ she said. ‘I sometimes forget what a good cock feels like.’
‘What about ol’ Ed?’
‘He has a pencil-dick, I hate it. Yours is better. Much better.’
‘You could have had it at any time,’ I said, moving in and out of her with slow strokes. She was pretty wet and the going was easy.
‘Right now we’re not even speaking,’ JoAnne said between moans. ‘He’s been talking about a new apartment, but I won’t discuss it with him. I think he knows that no matter what, after next month it’s over. We’re just sharing a roof now. He hasn’t gotten any pussy for three weeks. He’s not going to get any more. Not if I’m getting this,’ and another wiggle of her thin rump. ‘You wouldn’t want your girls cheating on you, would you?’
Boy, she was talkative, and she liked to put emphasis on various words in almost every sentence that came out of her mouth.
I was fucking her pretty hard now and it didn’t slow down her conversation a bit.
I pulled out and pressed the head of my cock up against her tight little brown hole.
‘You know, I need to hook you up with Christine some time,’ she said as I made my first push into her butt. ‘Ooooh, gentle lover. Take it slow. Oh! That’s it Christine loves it in the ass, she doesn’t look like much, but buy her dinner and you’ll get some booty.’
She was crazy. She just kept on with the conversation. Push came to shove. My cock was in her assnow. ‘Damn you’re tight,’ I said.
‘That’s nice right there,’ she said softly. ‘You feel so thick in my ass, Donny boy. Can you imagine Liv licking your balls while you fuck my ass? She’d do it. Ask her Saturday. What do you want for dinner Friday? Or should I just let Liv make one of her specialties? She’s really a great cook. She went to CIA.’
‘So you said,’ I said. Incredible. I was fucking my brains out, and she was making dinner plans. I knew I wouldn’t last long.
‘Well?’ she asked.
I Shrugged. ‘Hairy taco would be nice.’
‘You’re so nasty. That’s for dessert. I’ll have her make one of her favourites. You know you can still date other women. We won’t be jealous. Neither of us is really that into dating. I think Liv needs to get it pretty regular, but I don’t think that would be a problem for you, do you?’
‘I’m going to come soon,’ I informed her.
‘I know you are, baby, I can feel it. I like it. Come in my ass for me.’
She was smiling, an affectionate look on her face, nothing like the pure lust I’m sure I was showing. I don’t know what it was – she had a way of making me feel like some kid she indulged.
I finally exploded, deep inside her, telling her how fucking hot this was. I stood there, breathing heavily, while my cock enjoyed the sensation of her ass squeezing away. She was doing some kind of Kegel exercise; like she was milking me dry.
‘Do you like that?’ she asked teasingly.
‘Are you kidding?’
‘I think I’d like to have you do me like that a little more often. Would you like that, baby?’
‘So Liv is up for this?’ I said, the idea starting to do wonders for my previously wilting cock.
‘Absolutely. I’m sure she’ll go for it. I’m telling you, this weekend you better be ready, because she can be quite convincing.’ She was still working my dick with her ass. I don’t even know how she could concentrate on it while yakking.
I said, ‘And if we do this, no teasing right? If I want it, I’m gonna get it?’
I didn’t want some bait-and-switch game, getting a little action to start, and soon finding myself in the once-a-month blowjob rut. I had grasped her hips and was making some small in-out movements.
JoAnne pulled off my semi-hard dick, and turned on the water in the utility sink, wetting some paper towels. She stuck some between her legs, then turned and used a few more on me, cleaning me up.
She said, ‘I’m pretty sure you’ll get as much as you want, but we can discuss that this weekend. I gotta get home; Liv picked up Ashley for me. Plus I want to tell her the plans.’

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