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The Hustle

4.8 6
by G. Love & Special Sauce

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Long before folks like Jack Johnson and Ben Harper convinced a mainstream audience that "acoustic rock" wasn't an oxymoron, this Philly-bred trio was moving bootys -- gently, of course -- with what frontman Love likes to call "lemonade loungin'." That self-coined term perfectly captures the front-porch


Long before folks like Jack Johnson and Ben Harper convinced a mainstream audience that "acoustic rock" wasn't an oxymoron, this Philly-bred trio was moving bootys -- gently, of course -- with what frontman Love likes to call "lemonade loungin'." That self-coined term perfectly captures the front-porch funkiness of this disc, the group's first in more than three years. Love -- a.k.a. Garrett Dutton III -- airs his romantic dirty laundry on the regretful breakup paean "Astronaut," which shuffles along with an early-'70s Stones vibe, but he retains enough optimism to declare (on the taut title track) that "everything's a hustle except for love." As ever, the secret to Special Sauce's success isn't so much what goes in, but what's kept out -- that being anything resembling excess. Simplicity is the order of the day, from the straight-ahead harmonica blowing on "Give It to You" (which features some backing vocals by Jack Johnson) to the backwoodsy picking that punctuates "Fishing Song." There's nary a moment of bustle on The Hustle, but that's not a complaint; the kick-your-shoes-off vibe provides instant comfort.

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All Music Guide - Johnny Loftus
For fans of G. Love's early-'90s output, it was frustrating to watch his wiry, organic hybrid of hip-hop, blues licks, and kind bud groove fail to resonate with the followings of fellow travelers like the Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper. Sure, "Cold Beverage" made the mixtape rounds, but where was the love? And yet, as the '90s played out, it was G. Love's own inconsistencies that began to hurt him. The scatterbrained Electric Mile from 2001 was the final straw -- if people had always had a hard time classifying him, suddenly it seemed like the man himself couldn't figure it out. That's all changed with Hustle. He works with his usual Special Sauce unit of bassist Jimmy Prescott and drummer Jeffrey Clemens, but adds Money Mark, percussionist Danny Frankel, and producer Mario Caldato, Jr., as well as old pal Jack Johnson, whose Brushfire Records provides the platform for this easygoing hustle. Johnson appeared on G.'s "Rodeo Clowns" way back when; it seems he's determined to bring his pal a bit of his newfound mainstream lovin'. It helps that Hustle is G. Love's best collection of songs in a long, long time. Kicking off with the loopy, gritty swing of "Astronaut" and running through the shameless yet somehow effective bump of "Booty Call," the album keeps things nice and simple, with G. Love's trademark smirky flow, stripped-down rhythms, and distinctive bass and guitar licks over the top. "Love" is a sunny, upbeat ode with a slight CSN lilt, while the title track hits up cool Philly soul for its laconic sneak. "Loving Me" is a quietly acoustic, near folk number, and "Waiting" turns on an easily surging bassline suggestive of vintage Sublime. G. Love is still restless. He likes playing the bluesman troubadour role, but can't work it without a little bit of rapping. He's also a heartfelt acoustic balladeer, but never says no to an elbowy, hippy dance-ready, double entendre-filled groover like "Fishing Song" ("All the fishes love me/They all wanna jump on the end of my line..."). Hustle rolls through these varieties with strong playing and tall servings of G.'s sly wit. It has a succinct ease that'll be familiar to fans of Johnson's albums, and harks refreshingly back to the G. Love & Special Sauce of old. Yeah, it really is that easy.

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  1. Astronaut
  2. Don't Drop It
  3. Love
  4. Booty Call
  5. Give It To You
  6. The Hustle
  7. Front Porch Lounger
  8. Lovin' Me
  9. Waiting
  10. The Fishing Song
  11. Back Of The Bus
  12. Two Birds
  13. Stone Me
  14. Sunshine

Album Credits

Performance Credits

G. Love & Special Sauce   Primary Artist
Chuck Treece   Musician
Danny Frankel   Musician
Money Mark   Keyboards,Musician
Jason Yates   Musician
Jeffrey Clemens   Drums,Vocals
G. Love   Guitar,Harmonica,Harp,Vocals
Jack Johnson   Musician
Jimmy "Jazz" Presscott   Double Bass,Upright Bass
Pete Kuzma   Musician
Koool G Murder   Musician

Technical Credits

Mario Caldato   Producer,Engineer,Audio Production
Special Sauce   Producer
Jeffrey Clemens   Producer
G. Love   Producer
Chris DiBeneditto   Producer,Engineer
Jack Johnson   Composer,Producer
Walt Bass   Engineer
Garrett Dutton   Composer
Ian Cross   Producer

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The Hustle 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I couldn't find any horrible song in this record! Really. This is the 6th album of G.Love's career, a solid record, mixing some styles and resulting on this very interesting album. There's a track featuring Jack Johson (Give It To You) that is one of my favorites. I would recommend it to fans of names like Beck, Slightly Stoopid, White Stripes, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson
Guest More than 1 year ago
So, here is my review... I had already heard 5 trax off of the media player site: http://www.m80teams.com/?Qzo3NjA6Mzg3NjA1 Astronaut kicks off with a bang, nice distorted guitar in the beginning. When you catch em live, you will hear JJ start that off on bass. Very Garage Funky-ish¡KDon¡¦t drop it! starts off with (what I believe to be is) G jr. nice lil guy¡Kbut this song and Booty Call are quite the funky (Parasite/100 dollar bill) songs of this CD. And Love is a nice upbeat knee slappin good time ¡§I LOVE THIS WOMAN¡¨ song. In the 60¡¦s this song could have been written by Neil Diamond (which to me is a compliment in itself) And Give it to you brings in a lil reggae flavor but with Jack Johnson kickin in later brings back feelings of the Philadelphonic age of GLASS. So on to August 23rd¡K I knew it would be out at 12midnight on Monday so i go to Tower records early (11:30) just because i am a freak like that. So i wait around and look at magazines and am really excited to get it in my hot lil hands. Everybody else was there to get the new Nelly or R Kelly or something of that sort. Well 11:55 rolls around and they call for all peeps that are buyin new releases to come to the back to pick up there copy. So i head back there and to my surprise, more than half of the people were their purchasing G Love... I was blown away! And felt so happy for G and SS... I have been a fan for so many years and to see that many people ALL wanting the NEW G LOVE, i wanted to cry... about time the rest of the world recognizes. So after gettin it at midnight i go to the car, rippin the cellophane from the package as quick as humanly possible to get to "the goods¡¨. So the only thing i wanted to hear was everything i hadn't heard, so i went straight to The Hustle. And it hit me, WAIT! I had heard these lyrics b4, but where? I couldn't think of it, but it was Ladies and Fellas off of the Kickin Back EP. But i like this version way better, takin a more slinky route than the classic G Love super funky groove (which i love more than life itself, but it is nice to see a change) Fort Porch Lounger is just WAY smooth. I think G has transformed into a modern day Don McLean or America... not like them in their style but just chillin songs you can really FEEL the emotion in the music AND lyrics. G and the boys have transformed and have gotten wiser in their songwriting and musicianship. Houseman throws in some jazz influence stuff that shows he is maturing as a seasoned pro! Loving me reminds me of a lighter song from the Coast to Coast era of GLASS. Waiting sure sounds '70s, this needs to be the next single... it is pure greatness... and with the Houseman/G on backup vox is just ALMOST to pretty to be G Love and Special Sauce. But songs like Astronaut and Don't drop it showcase the new "GARAGE FUNK" sound that G coined, which throw off the "too pretty" sound of Waiting. The Fishing song just makes me want to grab a cane pole (and a case of Milwaukee¡¦s Best) and head down to the river to kill a few hours catchin me some fishees. (so when you want a song to refer you to a feeling, this hits it on the nose) Back of the Bus, like i said i had heard this song for a while b4 The Hustle came out so I knew it already. But MAN¡Kso happy and brings back memories of stealin a kiss from the prettiest girl in town. But also made me think of that orange powder they used to spread when somebody got sick, (which is greatness-when it reminds me so much of that time, i remember the good and the bad) And the kids making noise, oh man... it doesn't get any better! And when you hear it live and Jimi Jazz does the lead rhythm, that is sweetness! Two Birds reminds me of lounge music, kinda the time during having sex when it gets real sexy slow and emotional¡K and we all know that is what G was thinkin when he wrote it. ƒº Stone me just fits perf
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buy The Hustle if you know what is good for you. G. Love and Special Sauce have done it again on this album. From beginning to end you will love The Hustle. Everyone I play it for wants to go out and buy it right away. "Booty Call" is a must have for your parties. This album is not restricted to young ears though. My mom is a huge fan of this album. She even came to a G. Love concert with me this fall. So buy The Hustle today cause if you don't, you will be missing out on a great time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was only recently introduced to G. Love and his music this past year, and have absolutely fallen in love with it! The unique sound of "The Hustle" is the perfect soundtrack for chillin' and relaxin' with friends. The unique sound is nothing like I've ever heard before, but I love it! From the catchy tune of 'Astronaut' to the bouncy beat in 'Love' G. Love continues to entertain in a way that attracts more and more fans every day. If you don't have 'The Hustle' yet, what are you waiting for? Go out and get it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i never was a big fan of this kind of music, mainly because i never really listened to it or gave it a chance, but then i heard g.love's 'hustle' & wow it just literally blew me away, i mean i closed my eyes & just felt the lyrics play out there for me. everything is perfect, the melody, the lyrics, 'Hustle' just has an overall amazing sound. I think this is a very attractive album & certainly would make a great addition to anyone's collection. I highly reccomend giving 'Hustle' a listen.
Guest More than 1 year ago
*I have loved G Love for years and am so happy a new album is out. You will not be dissappointed. Great laid back G to groove to. Jack Johnson contributes also, what more can you ask for. This is the perfect album to get you through to a long winter. It is like a perfect warm summer reggae funky folk day.*