The Impressionist

The Impressionist

4.8 7
by Tim Clinton, Max Davis

“Dr. Clinton’s novella will encourage, inspire and challenge you to greatness.”
Pat Williams, Orlando Magic senior vice president, Author of Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret

“This book is so compelling that I skipped an NFL playoff game because I could not stop reading. This story will instruct and inspire.”


“Dr. Clinton’s novella will encourage, inspire and challenge you to greatness.”
Pat Williams, Orlando Magic senior vice president, Author of Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret

“This book is so compelling that I skipped an NFL playoff game because I could not stop reading. This story will instruct and inspire.”
    Michael Lyles M.D., Christian psychiatrist, author and speaker

“The Impressionist causes us to face the truth about ourselves and our desperate need for a Savior.”
     Liz Curtis Higgs, New York Times bestselling author of Mine is the Night

Middle aged, disappointed and self-loathing, Adam Camp is anything but the picture of a successful man. With his wife threatening to leave him and their son addicted to drugs, Adam teeters on the verge of absolute despair—questioning his own existence and purpose for living.

After an explosive argument with his wife, Adam searches for an escape as he sets out on a journey that will dramatically recolor his world. While walking through the city park, Adam is approached by an old painter. The mysterious artist convinces Adam to let him paint his portrait and what happens next is nothing short of a masterpiece.

“Combine the insights of Tim Clinton and the storytelling of Max Davis, and what you get is a wonderfully entertaining glimpse into the very soul of human existence.”
     —Mark Gilroy, bestselling author Cuts Like a Knife and Every Breath You Take

“The Impressionist is one of those rare books that tugs on your heartstrings, unveiling things deep within your soul, things you didn't even know were there. Anticipate it and savor it!”
     —Larry J. Koenig, Ph.D., Author of Smart Discipline and Mental Toughness: the Path to Extraordinary Success in Life

“Transformation is waiting to be unlocked in these pages!“
     —Margaret Feinberg, author of Wonderstruck

“…a heart-warming story of hope and redemption.”
--Max Lucado, pastor and NY Times bestselling author

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“…a heart-warming story of hope and redemption.”  -Max Lucado

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Meet the Author

Tim Clinton, Ed. D., is President of the nearly 50,000-member American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), the largest and most diverse Christian counseling association in the world. He is Professor of Counseling and Pastoral Care, and Executive Director of the Center for Counseling and Family Studies at  Liberty University. Licensed in Virginia as both a Professional Counselor (LPC) and Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Tim now spends a majority of his time working with Christian leaders and professional athletes. He is recognized as a world leader in faith and mental health issues and has authored over 20 books including Breakthrough: When to Give In, When to Push Back. Most importantly, Tim has been married 33 years to his wife Julie and together they have two children, Megan (recently married to Ben Allison) and Zach. For more information, visit and

Max Davis holds degrees in Journalism and Biblical Studies. He is the author of over twenty books of both fiction and non-fiction. His books have been translated into several languages and have been featured on shows such as The 700 Club, The Today Show, and in USA Today. He and his wife Alanna live on thirty beautiful acres in Greenwell Springs, LA. To learn more, visit

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The Impressionist 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
KMarkovich More than 1 year ago
Great book! The subtitle is Becoming the Masterpiece You Were Created To Be which is very apt! It also has great lessons for improving your marriage. Adam has just had a huge fight with his wife Paige. They have gotten weary in their marriage and this time they have actually talked about divorce. Adam leaves the house and goes to a park where an old man says he’d like to paint Adam’s portrait. As he paints, Jim Ed challenges Adam to be the man God created him to be. He also tells his own story mostly through flashbacks. Through Jim Ed, Adam realizes his need to change. My disappointment in the story was that the story ended before there was further interaction between Adam and Paige – no happy ending. Instead, although Adam changes, especially evidenced by his relationship with his son, there is no resolution between him and Paige. But, perhaps that is a future sequel? Really good, thought provoking book and I recommend it. I received this book from TBCN in return for my honest opinion.
Cindy_A More than 1 year ago
I had the privilege of reviewing the Impressionist. It is a fun and easy read but has a deep and thought provoking storyline. The main character is struggling with despair and decisions he needs to make. While searching for answers, he is approached by a painter who wants to do his portrait. The results are amazing. I like this story so much! It was a really good book and I would highly recommend it to everyone! I was given this book by the Book Club Network for my honest review which I have given.   
loriweller1 More than 1 year ago
The Impressionist is a novella that packs an epic full of wisdom!!!! The author uses a painter to demonstrate how some decisions we make in life have long reaching effects. He uses Bible truths to also demonstrate how to solve some of the decisions needing to be made. There is much wisdom to be learned from this little book! I received this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion. 
ShareeS More than 1 year ago
MY REVIEW The Impressionist is a short story about coming to terms with who God has created in each one of us. I loved the characters and the realness in which the book is written. Tim Clinton is a great author and I’ve enjoyed his books in the past so I was drawn to this one for that reason. Adam Camp storms out of the house after a major fight with his wife. While trying to deal with his anger, he encounters Jim Ed, a man who refuses to let Adam be alone. Frustrated, Adam finally concedes to talk with the old painter, and in the process finds himself in the beginning stages of healing. Jim Ed knows pain and he knows the struggle between revenge and forgiveness. Through his story, he is able to convey the gospel in motion. The Impressionist is a great book for both unbelievers and seasoned believers because it is a reminder that it is only by grace that we are saved. Through gentle counsel and advice, Jim Ed teaches that loving God doesn’t mean pain and injustices won’t happen. Rather, that by grace, everyone has the inner courage to fight the good fight. It’s a delightful read and highly recommended. I received this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
The Impressionist is a fictional novel about a man who has hit rock bottom in his marriage and with raising his son. He leaves his home angry only to come across an older gentleman who wants to paint his portrait. During the time he spends with the painter, he learns some valuable truths about decisions we make and what is truly worth fighting for. During this encounter he realizes that he is truly in a battle and needs to rise up to be the warrior that his family so desperately needs and to not give up and take the easy road like so many do. Using the examples of David and Joseph from the Bible, we all have our defining moments that shape us into the masterpieces we are meant to be. This little novel was chock full of nuggets of wisdom that I took away from. It also included many scripture references which were very encouraging to remember and use in the battles that we face. I was encouraged and a little curious as to what my portrait would look like if it were to be painted by this impressionist. I received this book from The Book Club Network, Inc. (TBCN) and the opinions are my own.
Karen02KD More than 1 year ago
Adam Camp feels like he is failing at life. His marriage seems ready to implode, his teen age son has been using drugs, his job is very demanding and he doesn’t know where it all went wrong. He flees his house and runs into Jim Ed in the park. Jim Ed is an older man who feels God has called to paint. He tells Adam to sit for a portrait. During the course of the sitting, Jim Ed shares the story of his life. What it was like to grow up Black in the South. What it took for the Lord to bring him into a true relationship with Him and the sweet love story of his relationship with his now deceased wife, Christina. Jim Ed shares life lessons which help Adam view his life in a different way and set him on a better path. The Impressionist has truth for everyone, but it would seem that it would be a great resource for a men’s group. It has some good historical background with many true to life lessons. I received this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.
Robbi44 More than 1 year ago
We all would hope that at some point in our lives there would be a defining moment with someone there to guide us in a positive, godly direction. Adam, the main character in this book, was at this place in his life. With his world in shambles, he had nowhere to turn. The author brought a new friend into his life to help him begin his way back to making better life choices. The book was set up in an intriguing manner that gently, but firmly led the reader to also think about making better choices for his/her own life. It was well worth the read. I received this free book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.