The Inca Empire

The Inca Empire

by Sandra Newman

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School Library Journal
Gr 2–5—These fascinating cultures are outlined for young readers with care and precision. Although gorier features of each culture are largely avoided, a reasonably complete picture of each people's history and culture is presented. Loaded with access points such as captions, pull-outs, a time line, and a map, and with better-than-usual reproductions of well-chosen primary sources and art, the books sport a bright, peppy design. The authors are careful to use or at least make note of proper nomenclature—Maloy uses the phrase "ancient Maya" (rather than simply "Maya") throughout, an important distinction that is often overlooked. These books are rigorous in distinguishing fact from theory, and conscientious about presenting competing theories where they exist. These are the best books on their subjects for this age group.—Paula Willey, Baltimore County Public Library, Towson, MD
Children's Literature - Danielle Williams
The size and scope of the Inca Empire is especially fascinating, particularly when the location and brevity of the empire are taken into consideration. The Incas were impressive builders, both of their empire and their cities. The empire grew quickly to span several hundred miles through all types of South American terrain, thanks in part to skillful architects and masons who were able to build vast cities on the edge of mountains and tie those cities together with a vast network of roads. The ruins left by the Incas offer startling insights about their culture and abilities. Newman offers a simple look at the Incas, using numerous resources as well as colorful illustrations and photographs of their art, artifacts and the ruins of their civilization to bring the Inca to life. The text is simple enough that it will whet the appetite of anyone interested in ancient civilizations, and pronunciation guides are paired with unfamiliar words throughout the text. A short list of statistics and a short glossary are included at the end, along with a list of additional resources to consult. Reviewer: Danielle Williams

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