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The Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems Handbook / Edition 1

The Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems Handbook / Edition 1

5.0 1
by David L. Shumaker

ISBN-10: 0819410721

ISBN-13: 9780819410726

Pub. Date: 01/01/1999

Publisher: SPIE Press

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SPIE Press
Publication date:
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15.22(w) x 10.93(h) x 6.14(d)

Table of Contents

Volume 1.Sources of Radiation
Chapter 1.Radiation Theory
Chapter 2.Artificial Sources
Chapter 3.Natural Sources
Chapter 4.Radiometry
Volume 2.Atmospheric Propagation of Radiation
Chapter 1.Atmospheric Transmission
Chapter 2.Propagation through Atmospheric Optical Turbulence
Chapter 3.Aerodynamic Effects
Chapter 4.Nonlinear Propagation: Thermal Blooming
Volume 3.Electro-Optical Components
Chapter 1.Optical Materials
Chapter 2.Optical Design
Chapter 3.Optomechanical Scanning Applications, Techniques, and Devices
Chapter 4.Detectors
Chapter 5.Readout Electronics for Infrared Sensors
Chapter 6.Thermal and Mechanical Design of Cryogenic Cooling Systems
Chapter 7.Image Display Technology and Problems with Emphasis on Airborne Systems
Chapter 8.Photographic Film
Chapter 9.Reticles
Chapter 10.Losers
Volume 4.Electro-Optical Systems Design, Analysis, and Testing
Chapter 1.Fundamentals of Electro-Optical Imaging Systems Analysis
Chapter 2.Electro-Optical Imaging System Performance Prediction
Chapter 3.Optomechanical System Design
Chapter 4.Infrared Imaging System Testing
Chapter 5.Tracking and Control Systems
Chapter 6.Signature Prediction and Modeling
Volume 5.Passive Electro-Optical Systems
Chapter 1.Infrared Line Scanning Systems
Chapter 2.Forward-Looking Infrared Systems
Chapter 3.Staring-Sensor Systems
Chapter 4.Infrared Search and Track Systems
Volume 6.Active Electro-Optical Systems
Chapter 1.Laser Radar
Chapter 2.Laser Rangefinders
Chapter 3.Millimeter-Wave Radar
Chapter 4.Fiber Optic Systems
Volume 7.Countermeasure Systems
Chapter 1.Warning Systems
Chapter 2.Camouflage, Suppression, and Screening Systems
Chapter 3.Active Infrared Countermeasures
Chapter 4.Expendable Decoys
Chapter 5.Optical and Sensor Protection
Chapter 6.Obscuration Countermeasures
Volume 8.Emerging Systems and Technologies
Chapter 1.Unconventional Imaging Systems
Chapter 2.Adaptive Optics
Chapter 3.Sensor and Data Fusion
Chapter 4.Automatic Target Recognition Systems
Chapter 5.Directed Energy Systems
Chapter 6.Holography
Chapter 7.System Design Considerations for a Visually-Coupled System

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The Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems Handbook 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This series of books is considered to be the classic reference set in the IR. The applications are defense and military imaging and nonimaging systems. These are the Analog to MIT's radar reference books.