The Interfaith Alternative: Embracing Spiritual Diversity

The Interfaith Alternative: Embracing Spiritual Diversity

by Steven Greenebaum

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There is no them — there is only us, celebrating our common humanitySee more details below


There is no them — there is only us, celebrating our common humanity

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I'm a devoted Methodist, but I'm also a devoted hiker, and in the latter capacity have noted that many trails will take you to the mountaintop as long as you keep going up. This book is a timely and useful challenge to all people of faith to think about what it means to live in a pluralistic world.
-- Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth and The End of Nature

The Interfaith Alternative is a bold call to concrete action and mutual respect for spiritually-minded people from all faith perspectives. I believe embracing the vision of The Interfaith Alternative could bring about a startling new paradigm which might at last nudge us towards our mutual goal of world harmony, beginning one community at a time...right here, right now.
---Dilara Hafiz, co-author of The American Muslim Teenager's Handbook

The Interfaith Alternative is a book for those who seek some honesty in religious circles. The “our way or no way” is no longer an inviting principle. Steven Greenebaum offers an enlightening alternative which is about “inclusion” and not “exclusion.”
---Wesley Yamaka, retired United Methodist clergy

This book is both challenging and inviting. It challenges religion’s current obsession with orthodoxy (being ‘right’), and invites our spiritual traditions to reclaim the centrality of ‘orthopraxy’ (acting with compassion to build a world of justice and peace). Steven Greenebaum is Karen Armstrong with a pastor’s heart.
---John Heagle is a Catholic priest, counselor, and the author of Justice Rising: The Emerging Biblical Vision (Orbis Books, 2011).

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