The Investigators of Luna Pier

The Investigators of Luna Pier

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by Richard Ankony

This non-fiction novel is about the real every day life of professional state licensed Private Investigators and Polygraph Examiners from the front lines of our profession.
Despite the myth, our work is not done in the safe sanctuaries of Corporate America.
On the contrary, we work alone without backup on the dark streets, prisons and homes under dangerous and…  See more details below


This non-fiction novel is about the real every day life of professional state licensed Private Investigators and Polygraph Examiners from the front lines of our profession.
Despite the myth, our work is not done in the safe sanctuaries of Corporate America.
On the contrary, we work alone without backup on the dark streets, prisons and homes under dangerous and hostile conditions.
Our work ranges throughout multi-state regions to the politically vilified and ethnically sensitive Arab corridor of Dearborn,Michigan, to the notorious 8-mile of Detroit where soul less hominids roam the streets among wandering human pack dogs.
During my tenure, I have administered examinations on attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, judges, doctors, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, mob figures, dope dealers, union officials, police officers, Roman Catholic priests, high ranking politicians and the public at large.
I have covered the complete strata of society from politically powerful multimillionaires, to people living in the back of a pickup truck whose lives haven't matter since the day they were born.
This book is a faction, a non-fiction novel with real life cases that were experienced firsthand. The names and places have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty.
The false allegations have ranged from murder, rape, pedophilia, robbery armed, embezzlement, espionage, and terrorism, down to the explosive cases of marriage infidelity.
Be advised that there are statements made in this book that will come to pass, which is contrary to the views of mainstream media or the government version of critical events.
This is in part due to my extensive training and experience as a military and civilian trained High Explosive Bomb Technician, S.W.A.T. Officer, Licensed Pilot, and former United States Marine Corps Captain with a Top Secret clearance.
Considered a rogue, a maverick, by some, but most especially a patriot of whom you cannot see until they come for your soul.
Like, "The Last of the Mohicans," we were here and made a difference.
Throughout my thirty-three years as a licensed Public and Private Polygraph Examiner, sixteen years as a professional Private Investigator and twenty-five years as a Lawman, this is our story as I have observed on the streets of America.
That said, and in the words of our most Righteous King whom we wait for in humble submission, "walk with me, have sup with me" and hopefully my life's experience may enrich and benefit you during your journey through the darkness that surrounds us.

The Switchman

"In these days, I walk the earth with men. I am the switchman.
You don't know me or look at me twice when I walk by you, for I am but a phantom, a ghost and a mere shadow to you.
But the day will truly come, when you shall be falsely accused due to circumstances beyond your control. In that day, you shall be condemned to the dark places and all that you have will be at stake.
You will be broken, you shall be shackled, your character will be assassinated and the very essence of your being cast into the pit of hell.
You shall be defenseless, helpless, forsaken, crushed and truly lost. Your freedom, your marriage, your family, your work, your money, your health and your life will pass before you like sand blowing in the wind.
As you hopelessly sit there, mocked and condemned, you will pray to the heavens for deliverance from your false accusers who have come for your soul.
It is in that day that I, the switchman, shall enter into your life and you shall truly see me for what I am. It is in that day and thereafter, that you will truly know who I am.
For you shall put your arms around me and weep on my shoulder and give thanks.
For my prime directive is simple, free the souls of the captive innocent, so that they may live and know justice.
Indeed, I shall do this, until the end of my days."

Richard E. Ankony
Polygraph Examiner
Private Investigator

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Meet the Author

News paperboy, bowling alley pinsetter, News paper jumper, bakers helper, toll collector, factory worker on" The Line", and, "The Pits".
Fireman and ambulance rescue driver.
Retired twenty-five year Lawman, assigned to" The Arab Corridor", Dearborn, Michigan.
State Certified Police S.W.A.T. Officer and Bomb Squad Supervisor seven years.
After winning a federal judgment by jury as a "whistleblower" against a tainted political "junta", along with a dispatched letter "that turned the heads of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I was dined and requested "incognito" per a three letter agency to assist and initiate, an intelligent gathering network "via contacts through the Arab Corridor" from the United States to the Middle East.
Thirty-five years State of Michigan Licensed and Certified Public/ Private Polygraph Examiner with an A+ Rating Better Business Bureau. Expert Witness.
Eighteen years State of Michigan Licensed Private Investigator/Private Eye. Military/Federal/Civilian trained Certified High Explosive Bomb Technician.
Trained in part with, C.I.A., F.B.I., A.T.F.,U.S. Navy U.D.T, Israeli's and New York Bomb Squad Technicians.
Licensed Aircraft Pilot. N.A.U.I Certified Scuba Diver.
Four time Marathon Runner, including Boston.
United States Marine Corps Captain with a prior Top Secret Clearance.
Brought under armed conditions the "Out of Country" votes and registrations of the newly developing and democratic nation of Iraq to concerned parties in Washington D.C.
Bachelor Degree in International Politics, University of Michigan.
Masters Degree(s) in Criminal Justice and Correctional Science, University of Detroit. Traveled all of the Continental United States.
My books are true, written about adventure and exploration including conspiracies theories that I was directly involved in. My primary books are about real crime that I experienced first hand as a professional examiner/ interrogator in the streets and prisons of America.

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The Investigators of Luna Pier 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was unaware polygraph examiners and private investigators were in such dangerous situations as this book describes. It is nothing short of a miracle the author lasted those many years without being killed. The cases were fascinating which covered the whole gamut of society. The polygraph profession must be intriguing and very interesting by the type of people you meet. The book is an excellent example on what polygraph examiners and private investigators do if one was considering the profession. I'd love to work with that beautiful girl on the cover, no doubt about it.