The Invisible Border: Latino Culture in America

The Invisible Border: Latino Culture in America

by Samuel Roll, Marc Irwin

ISBN-10: 1931930635

ISBN-13: 9781931930635

Pub. Date: 07/07/2008

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

The first book to examine the Latino's intellectual and emotional relationships to work, family life, religion, and the Anglo community  See more details below


The first book to examine the Latino's intellectual and emotional relationships to work, family life, religion, and the Anglo community

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Nicholas Brealey Publishing
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New Edition
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6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xi
Introduction: The Invisible Border     xiii
Latino and Anglo Families
Families     3
La Familia (The Family)     5
The Anglo Family     5
Un Bebe! (A Baby)     6
A Blessed Event!     7
Fathers     9
El Jefe (The Boss)     10
Fathers and Sons     13
Mi Reina (My Queen)     15
Fathers and Daughters     16
Mothers     19
La Jefa (The Boss Lady)     20
Mothers and Sons     22
Jefa e Hija (Daughter)     24
Mothers and Daughters     26
Becoming an Adult     29
Pulling Away-or Not     30
But Those Are My Friends!     31
Dates versus Novios     32
First Jobs     34
Latino-Anglo Cultural Differences
Male and Female Gender Roles     39
Sex or Gender?     41
Machismo versus Title IX     42
A Double Standard     43
Friendship     49
The Fragility of Friendships     51
Mi Amigo! (My Friend)     52
Godfathers and Godmothers     53
You're So FarAway     55
Join the Club     58
Morality     61
Anything for a Friend     62
Shame     64
Sorry, but That's the Rule     65
Guilt     66
Religion     69
Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom     70
Latino Culture Is Catholic     70
Disobeying the Church     73
My Religion Is No Laughing Matter     74
Thinking Styles     77
Logic or Intuition?     78
Go Do the Right Thing     80
"Can Do" or "No Way"?     80
A Tingling on the Back of His Tongue     82
Logical and Positive Can Be Negative     83
The Upside of Looking Down     85
Latinos in America
Latinos in the Workplace     91
I'm Not My Job     92
Getting Along with the Boss     93
Coworkers or Friends?     94
A Little Respect, Please     95
Are Latinos More Loyal?     97
Latino Students     99
Obstacles     100
Who's the Boss?     101
The Power of Personalismo (The Personal Touch)     102
Different Is Good     103
Latino Customers     107
Keeping Up with the Garcias     108
Recreational Shopping     109
The Power of Personalismo, Again     110
Latinos in the Voting Booth     113
A Sleeping Giant     114
Family Values     116
Charisma     117
Politics and Marital Fidelity     118
Madam President     118
Advice to Candidates     120
Latino Acculturation     121
Learning How to Be an American     122
Immigration 101     122
Still Latino?     125
Latinos Who Reject Their Culture     126
Cross-Cultural Romances     129
Latinas Are Fine     131
Mutual Irritation     131
Tall, Dark, and Handsome     133
More Mutual Irritation     136
Overcoming Cultural Differences     137
Conclusion     141
Bibliography     143
Index     147

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