The Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance

by Virginia Schomp

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A lot of information is packed into this thin book. Beginning in 1302 C.E. with the writing of Dante's Divine Comedy and continuing through 1632 C.E., the major events in Italy are described and their significance is discussed. Some of the events covered are the famines, the Black Death, the War between France and Naples, and the end of the High Renaissance. The influences of the Albizzi family and later the Medici family are discussed. Full-color pictures of some of the most significant pieces of art, paintings, sculptures and architecture illustrate the cultural renewal of the period. The influence of the Roman Catholic Church in all aspects of life�government, art, and family�underlies the entire era. The questioning of the Church's power and authority by Martin Luther in 1517 contributed to the eventual fall of Rome. A table of contents, a time line, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index aid in making this a good source for research. The book is part of the "Cultures of the Past" series. 2003, Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish,
— Phyllis Kennemer

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Cultures of the Past 6
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