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The Janitor

The Janitor

4.6 3
by Adam Decker

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Adam Decker
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7.44(w) x 9.69(h) x 0.67(d)

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The Janitor 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Janitor by Adam Decker Roman Swivel, at first glance seems to be your average high school nerd, quiet and to himself. Nothing could be further from the truth as you read further into Adam Decker's The Janitor. Roman is a senior at Collingston high school, and also works as a student janitor. When Tony Falcone is dared one day to join the chain of others who have picked on the janitor, little does anyone know what his actions eventually set off. Friendships are made, unlikely relationships formed until most realize the janitor is not at all what the student body wants to make him out as. Roman goes from being teased to respected in a matter of a year. Roman's deepest secrets come out as well. His past is wrought with tragedy, and he is a genious, wanted by a top secret, no holds barred government agency. As Roman starts to make a new life for himself, he has no choice but to proceed with caution, or risk not only harm to himself but to those he loves as well. The Janitor takes you on a thrilling, emotional ride keeping you hooked until the very end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tony Falcone had only a few things on his teenage mind that seemed the utmost important. Sally, sex, baseball, poker and more sex with Sally. No matter how many times he tried to do the deed, they were interrupted and then life just changed...Roman Swivel was about to become his best friend and let Tony in on the secrets he'd kept hidden for the past six years. Roman Swivel was a lonely geek eating lunch alone with his nose stuck in a book, he was also the schools student janitor. Johnny the 'killer' could not resist picking on Roman as well as getting the rest of the school to partake on the torture to the guy leading a double and sometimes even triple life. Johnny's rage boiled down to jealousy once his girlfriend started having lunch with Roman and Johnny was not named the killer because his last name was Killman he was going to get rid of this little pest once and for all at the Hallow. No matter how many times Roman was teased or tortured he never faltered, his anger never surfaced to the top. Roman lost so much in his life, first his mother and then his father. He came to live with foster parents in which he was regularly beaten. Then the big break came when Agent Johnson approached the Pentoch's and Roman offering Roman the chance to 'save the country' by joining the NN. Once you're in the NN there is no way to quit, you must die to get out. And that is what it would boil down to. Enemies became friends, friends became brothers and the most popular girl in school became the janitor's lover. Even the drunken neighbor claiming to see aliens brought something new and wonderful into the once thought of cold and empty heart of Roman Swivel. It was not fate that threw such atrocities into the young man's life...it was simply that life. Lives were lost, and not only a few but the man that murdered Roman's parents would soon meet the angel of death he wore a plain drab janitor suit. Adam Decker's Novel The Janitor was electric, bolts of excitement were on every single page. I loved the story line and the characters grew up right before my eyes. There were so many trivial parts of this book, it kept you wondering what would happen next and if Roman would ever survive the NN. The middle to end of the book was over before I know it, and the last two sentences on the page gave me chills. This book is a winner through and through, Young Adults as well as Adults could appreciate the fine work Mr. Decker has scrawled across these pages. 5 Hearts
Guest More than 1 year ago
This little gem is an shining example of why we are blessed to live in this web-based, do-it-yourself world that has emerged over the last decade. We no longer have to miss out on great creations or passions, because some suit in an office decided that it wouldn't be 'commercial'. Would the major publishing houses buy it? No. Would professional literary critics tear it apart? Definitely. But that's part of the beauty and appeal of the book: that an everyman without the background or connections, and without the support of a publisher or benefit of an editor could manage to crank out a decent work of escapist fiction. The fact that a middle class Joe with a wife and two infant children and at least two jobs that I know of 'one of which is extremely time consuming', could find the time over the last five years to piece together a 316 page novel and keep it as seamless and coherent and entertaining as he has is unfathomable to me. The version that I read contained a few obvious grammatical and typographical errors, which did little to detract from the story, but it is my understanding those errors have since been fixed for this wider release edition of the novel. There was also a brief change in voice, but its necessary to reveal Roman's back-story. All that aside, The Janitor was a quick and almost addictive read. It took me two or three sittings tops. The first was more tedious because I had already read the first six or so chapters online a year or so before he had released the novel in its entirety. But once I got into the fresh material I literally could not put it down. Its like when you buy the complete season of a serialized show and you can't quit and before you know it you've sat through 8 hours of television. In fact, that is how I pictured it in my mind's eye as I read it - as a serialized TV show in the vein of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or more recently Veronica Mars. You've got your high school teen angst drama, then you've got your real world, higher stakes adventure. It's Bourne Identity meets Dawson's Creek, only a much more guy-ed up version of the latter. That's not to diminish the sensitive side of the book. The love scenes themselves are handled with such care the reader is left believing that either the author brought in a ghostwriter or Mrs. Decker wants for nothing in the romance department. The action scenes are described in remarkably vivid detail, and while at times they can delve into the bizarre, they deliver at just the right times throughout the story. The Janitor is a multi faceted action-adventure peppered with just the right amount of comedy, romance and a slight inkling of science fiction. It's a story of prejudice and acceptance, friendship and love, good and evil, the courage to face that which torments you, and of course - baseball. Even better, its perfectly poised for a sequel, which I am awaiting with baited breath. But alas, the author is currently working on other projects and only plans to revisit Roman Swivel if he sells a certain amount of copies. So help a fledgling author jump start his career, and do myself and other Swivel-heads a solid or just do YOURSELF a favor and buy The Janitor.