Jeep Is Jumpin' [Proper]

The Jeep Is Jumpin' [Proper]

by Johnny Hodges
With or without Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges was always an elemental Ellingtonian, for Hodges' tone and technique were essential components of the Ellington sound and style. Released in 2003 as Proper Box 58, The Jeep Is Jumpin' samples the saxophonist's studio output during the years 1937-1956. After a tour of Hodges' first sessions as a leader and a


With or without Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges was always an elemental Ellingtonian, for Hodges' tone and technique were essential components of the Ellington sound and style. Released in 2003 as Proper Box 58, The Jeep Is Jumpin' samples the saxophonist's studio output during the years 1937-1956. After a tour of Hodges' first sessions as a leader and a well-rounded sampling of his best recordings from the '40s, Proper samples his Parisian Vogue sessions of 1950, and closes the set with 20 neatly executed studies in early modern mainstream jazz overseen by producer Norman Granz. 14 of the 95 tracks feature vocalists from the late '30s, and most of these occur on the first disc. While the period pop tunes sung by Buddy Clark, Mary McHugh, Leon La Fell, and Jean Eldridge constitute valuable evidence of the saxophonist's skill as an accompanist, this collection's instrumental tracks really illuminate his unparalleled genius as composer, interpreter, balladeer and improviser. Beginning with "Wanderlust" (December 1938), Hodges' personality begins to manifest ever more profoundly, and the plot thickens during the 1939 stratum at the beginning of Disc Two, with the arrival of Billy Strayhorn and bassist Jimmy Blanton. "Finesse (Night Wind)" and "You're Driving Me Crazy" are fairly uncommon instances of Hodges accompanied only by bass and piano. "Good Queen Bess" and "That's the Blues, Old Man" are distillations of his personality and temperament, while "Passion Flower" and "A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing" epitomize the kind of lushly sensuous music that Strayhorn wrote with him in mind. In 1947, Hodges cut a series of excellent records for the Sunrise and Mercer labels, including his masterpiece "A Little Taste" and "Let the Zoomers Drool," a zoomer being postwar slang for a mooch. There are 14 examples on this collection of music recorded in Paris during the spring and early summer of 1950 by Hodges and a group of Ellingtonians, with tenor saxophonist Don Byas sitting in on "Jump That's All," "Last Leg Blues," "Nix It Mix It," and "Time on My Hands." The other tenor who pops up throughout the second half of the set is Al Sears, who is featured on "Searsy's Blues" and the punchy "Castle Rock." The last 20 tracks in this collection were cut in New York during 1951-1956 under the supervision of Norman Granz, and in many cases feature the trumpet of Emmett Berry. Here Hodges had a chance to stretch out and do his own thing at some distance from Ellington's immediate orbit. The combination of late-'30s material, strong choices from the '40s, highlights from Hodges' visit to Paris in 1950, and the cream of his early Norman Granz sessions places this set among the best of the Johnny Hodges collections, and well among the strongest entries in the Proper catalog.

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Disc 1

  1. Foolin' Myself
  2. A Sailboat in the Moonlight
  3. You'll Never Go to Heaven
  4. Peckin'
  5. My Day
  6. Slivery Moon and Golden Sands
  7. Jeep's Blues
  8. If You Were in My Place (What Would You Do?)
  9. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart
  10. Rendezvous With Rhythm
  11. You Walked Out of the Picture
  12. Pyramid
  13. Empty Ballroom Blues
  14. Lost in Meditation
  15. A Blues Serenade
  16. Love in Swingtime
  17. Swingin' in the Dell
  18. Jitterbug's Lullaby
  19. Prelude to a Kiss
  20. There's Something About an Old Love
  21. The Old Jeep Is Jumpin'
  22. Krum Elbow Blues
  23. I'm in Another World
  24. Hodge Podge
  25. Dancing on the Stars

Disc 2

  1. Wanderlust
  2. Like a Ship in the Night
  3. Mississippi Dreamboat
  4. Swingin' on the Campus
  5. Dooji Wooji
  6. Savoy Strut
  7. Rent Party Blues
  8. Good Gal Blues
  9. Finesse
  10. Home Town Blues
  11. Dream Blues
  12. Skunk Hollow Blues
  13. I Know What You Do
  14. Your Love Has Faded
  15. Tired Socks
  16. Good Queen Bess
  17. That's the Blues, Old Man
  18. Junior Hop
  19. Squatty Roo
  20. Passion Flower
  21. Things Ain't What They Used to Be
  22. Goin' Out the Back Way
  23. You're Driving Me Crazy
  24. Who Struck John?

Disc 3

  1. It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream
  2. June's Jumpin'
  3. Violet Blue
  4. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing
  5. Frisky
  6. Longhorn Blues
  7. Far Away Blues
  8. Searsy's Blues
  9. A Little Taste
  10. Let the Zoomers Drool
  11. Charlotte Russe (Lotus Blossom)
  12. Jump, That's All
  13. Last Legs Blues, Pt. 1
  14. Last Legs Blues, Pt. 2
  15. Nix It, Mix It
  16. Time on My Hands
  17. Get That Geet
  18. That's Grand
  19. Skip It
  20. Perdido
  21. In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
  22. Mood Indigo

Disc 4

  1. Sweet Lorraine
  2. Bean Bag Boogie
  3. Hop, Skip and Jump
  4. Rabbit's Blues (You Blew Out the Flame in My Heart)
  5. Something to Pat Your Foot To
  6. Blue Fantasia
  7. My Reward
  8. Good Queen Bess
  9. Jeep's Blues
  10. Solitude
  11. The Jeep Is Jumpin'
  12. Castle Rock
  13. Sophisticated Lady
  14. Globe Trotter
  15. A Gentle Breeze
  16. Sideways
  17. A Pound of Blues
  18. Wham
  19. Who Excited?
  20. Sweeping the Blues Away
  21. Day Dream
  22. Standing Room Only
  23. Below the Azores

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Hodges   Primary Artist,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Ray Nance   Trumpet
Oscar Pettiford   Bass
Sears   Tenor Saxophone
Cootie Williams   Trumpet
Lawrence Brown   Trombone
Raymond Fol   Piano
Taft Jordan   Trumpet
Quentin Jackson   Trombone
McKibbon   Bass
Jimmy Blanton   Bass
Sonny Greer   Drums
Hayes Alvis   Bass
Harold Baker   Trumpet
Butch Ballard   Drums
Emmett Berry   Trumpet
Barney Bigard   Clarinet
Don Byas   Tenor Saxophone
Harry Carney   Baritone Saxophone
Duke Ellington   Piano
Jean Eldridge   Vocals
Fred Guy   Guitar
Jimmy Hamilton   Clarinet
Jimmy Jones   Piano
Leon LaFell   Vocals
Leroy Lovett   Piano
Joseph "Kaiser" Marshall   Drums
Wendell Marshall   Bass
Mary McHugh   Vocals
Billy Strayhorn   Piano
Lloyd Trotman   Bass
Wilbur De Paris   Drums
Nelson Williams   Trumpet
Billy Taylor   Bass
Otto Hardwick   Alto Saxophone
Buddy Clark   Vocals

Technical Credits

Mercer Ellington   Composer
Johnny Hodges   Composer
Harry James   Composer
Ben Pollack   Composer
Sears   Composer
Irving Mills   Composer
Vincent Youmans   Composer
Mary Lou Williams   Composer
Harold Baker   Composer
Barney Bigard   Composer
Lew Brown   Composer
Eddie DeLange   Composer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Ervin Drake   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Sammy Fain   Composer
Mack Gordon   Composer
Jimmy Hamilton   Composer
Edward Heyman   Composer
Will Hudson   Composer
Eddie Lambert   Composer
John Latouche   Composer
Jack Lawrence   Composer
Leroy Lovett   Composer
Jimmy Lytell   Composer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Frank Signorelli   Composer
Lou Singer   Composer
Billy Strayhorn   Arranger,Composer
Juan Tizol   Composer
J. Little   Composer
Carmen Lombardo   Composer
Harold Adamson   Composer
Irving Gordon   Composer
Henry Nemo   Composer
Don George   Composer
H.J. Lengsfelder   Composer
Clifford R. Burwell   Composer
Ralph Freed   Composer
Ted Persons   Composer
Peter Tinturin   Composer
Harry Tobias   Composer
Egbert VanAlstyne   Composer
John Jacob Loeb   Composer
Stephen Richards   Composer
Lester Santly   Composer
Lupin Fein   Composer
Joop Visser   Producer
Harry Williams   Composer
Vincent Grande   Composer
John Redmond   Composer

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