The Jerusalem Diet: The One Day Approach to Reach Your Ideal Weight--and Stay There

The Jerusalem Diet: The One Day Approach to Reach Your Ideal Weight--and Stay There

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by Ted Haggard

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The Jerusalem Diet is a remarkably simple and flexible plan that will transform your perspective on food, diets, and health. You’ll rediscover how to relax and enjoy life, moving steadily toward your ideal weight while still taking pleasure in the foods you love.

SIMPLE: No expensive foods, supplements, or exercise equipment required. All you need


The Jerusalem Diet is a remarkably simple and flexible plan that will transform your perspective on food, diets, and health. You’ll rediscover how to relax and enjoy life, moving steadily toward your ideal weight while still taking pleasure in the foods you love.

SIMPLE: No expensive foods, supplements, or exercise equipment required. All you need is a good digital scale, a calendar, some basic food items available at any grocery store, and a willingness to “lighten up”–physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

GUILT-FREE: This easy-to-follow plan frees you to stop counting calories, agonizing over menu choices, and pursuing extreme exercise programs. Instead, you’ll learn how to lose weight while still eating the foods you love and enjoying life to the fullest.

LIFE-CHANGING: The Jerusalem Diet reenergizes not only your body but also your outlook on life. As you move toward your ideal weight–one day at a time, one pound at a time–you will feel better, look better, and live better.

Developed by a busy pastor who loves food and admits to a lack of self-control when it comes to eating, The Jerusalem Diet is designed to work for anyone who can manage to stay on a diet for just 24 hours. If you want to shed pounds and keep them off–without starvation, deprivation, or frustration–this is the plan you’ve been waiting for.

From the Hardcover edition.

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This book is for people who love to eat. This book is for people who appreciate diet, exercise, and nutrition books but have a deep-rooted problem with their humanity. This book is for people who want to be healthy but are not willing to give up their lives.
This book is for people who are willing to improve, but it’s got to be easy.
It’s for people who like to smile. It’s for people who are okay with looking the way they look while also aiming to improve their health and appearance. It’s for people who eat ice cream in the dark. It’s for people who sneak a Venti Mocha Frappuccino and then do penance for three days.
It’s for people who live in perpetual guilt–or at least should live in perpetual guilt.
Okay, I’ve been munching on my room-service lunch as I’ve been writing, and now I am so full I can hardly sit up. Good thing it’s an on-target day for me.
I wasn’t kidding about loving Jelly Bellies and french fries. Of course I know if I eat those things in any way proportional to my affection for them, I won’t feel very good. And they may kill me. I might even stop enjoying them so much, and I would really hate that.
So I’ve discovered a balance. I’ve discovered a way to enjoy life, enjoy food, be reasonable about my health, and at the same time maintain my work schedule and an energetic family and social life.


I am not overweight, but I could be. Both my parents were well beyond a healthy weight. My dad died of a heart attack when he was fifty-eight. When my mom died, she had diabetes, arthritis, and numerous other diseases exacerbated by her obesity. If I want to improve my chances of keeping my health and living my full life span, I have to pay attention. But I’m weak. I’m undisciplined. I’m not the perfect man on the cover of Men’s Health. I don’t have time to live at the gym.
But after implementing the Jerusalem Diet, I’m not out of shape. According to my doctor, I’m a picture of health. Given my love of food, my enjoyment of sleep, and my fondness for lazy Saturdays lounging in pajamas all day, I could easily be in trouble. Without the ideas you’ll find in this book, I might be obese.
I need a diet that is doable, not for some highly motivated guy who cares about the microbiology of digestion, but for me–an average guy wanting to live a good life. I need a plan I don’t have to think about all the time. I need a plan I won’t quit just because I drive past a Wendy’s.
I was on the Atkins diet for a year–every day until noon. Why? Because I have many business lunches and meals with friends. It’s too hard for a guy like me to ditch 90 percent of the carbs. I like bread. I also like pasta. I can live without them, but I can’t live well without them.
I also failed at Atkins because of bedtime snacks. I’m like a ten-year-old– I have to snack before bedtime. Usually it’s just a bowl of cereal, but sometimes I like yogurt or a toasted cheese sandwich or a plate of beanie weenies with bread and butter and a cold glass of milk. This really messes up the Atkins plan.
Atkins works. I don’t.
South Beach works. I don’t.
The Maker’s Diet works. I don’t.
When I hear the health-food crowd talk about tofu burgers and puréed yam soup and whole wheat udon, it makes my taste buds hide. I start thinking that an early death really might not be that bad after all. My taste buds scream, “We want pleasure!” And my intestines cry out, “We want to be clean but not that clean!”
I know all about making and breaking resolutions. I have an advanced education concerning commitment and failure. I’m a pastor. I teach people that the ancient scriptures tell them to be kind to one another, and they nod in agreement. Then, within a month, two of those who nodded are in my office talking about suing one another. I tell people that life will go better for them if they’ll get up every morning and pray, and they are all for it. Some of them will actually do it, some never will, and most will try and stop and try and stop and try and stop. People are people. We are the problem.
It’s the same with diet and health. We are the problem. Throw a rock and you’ll hit a diet book that would really help you. Spend ten minutes on Google, and you’ll have a wealth of nutrition information to help shape your eating habits. You can get the facts, but you might not be able to apply them. Those red Jelly Bellies taste too good. (Who makes Jelly Bellies, anyway? They should win a Nobel Prize for making a product that good ! ) Or, if Jelly Bellies don’t do it for you, name your weakness. Ice cream? Soda? French fries? Caramel corn? Chocolate?
Yeah, thanks to loads of diet-and-nutrition guides, we know how to solve the problem of our eating habits. But we probably won’t. Most of the solutions are too dramatic. Surgery might help, but it hurts. Ow! And for me, most diets ask too much. They change our lifestyles 100 percent too quickly, and we don’t have the time, patience, or willpower for 100 percent change. So we lose weight and gain weight; we exercise every day and then don’t hit the gym for a month; we eat proteins and veggies and then buy stock in Häagen-Dazs.
Does any of this sound familiar to you? I have a solution.

From the Hardcover edition.

Meet the Author

Ted Haggard, the author of nine books including Foolish No More!, is a well-respected leader whose influence has been recognized by the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, the BBC, and PBS, among others. He serves as senior pastor of the 11,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, which he founded in 1985. Ted and his wife, Gayle, are the parents of five children.

From the Hardcover edition.

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The Jerusalem Diet: The One-Day Approach to Reach Your Ideal Weight--and Stay There 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I did Jenny Craig and had results but they were short lived and quite expensive to maintain. I tried The Makers Diet, too restrictive for the long term. Followed Dr. Colbert's What Would Jesus Eat, also too restrictive. After that, I spent over 5 years with Weight Watchers and had tremendous results but with great effort. I had to weigh and precisely measure my food for those 5 years. I got so incredibly bored with all of that and couldn't imagine doing that for the rest of my life, UGH!! I'm only 38 and have such a long life to live still and want freedom and health and contentment with my weight! I first heard about this plan in June 2005 from a friend and it made so much sense to me. I thought, well, there's nothing to lose (except pounds) and no financial investment (just a good digital scale). I needed a new scale anyways. So I started that day with my current weight and went for it. The next morning I went through my routine and each day that week. When my week passed and I was ready to work on the next pound, I was already down!I was amazed at the little effort I had to give and that I could just eat, reasonably, and enjoy life. There was no stress or weighing or measuring, YEAH!! I figured if it worked that first week and was pretty easy well then I would give it more time and decide if it was for me later especially after the holidays. I thought if I could survive the holidays than this was for me. In this time the book was published and I was able to read more of the details. It was an easy read with humor and light-hearted fun. I laughed quite a few times. Ted shares his own struggles and I could relate to so many. His wife, Gayle, shares also and adds a tender touch especially for women which I appreciated. I made it through with flying colors and I can share that I am now down 24 pounds and still decreasing and it's still easy and no stress!! I ACTUALLY ENJOYED THE HOLIDAYS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS! I am completely sold on the Jersalem Diet. IT WORKS! No one has to know what I'm doing and I have so much freedom to eat and enjoy my family and friends. My health has greatly improved-blood pressure and cholesterol and stamina. My strength is increasing and so is my drive to be more active. My husband and family are grateful that they no longer have to listen to or deal with my former frustrations and complaints. My kids are even sharing my results with others and love my 'fat' days. That's when I exercise a little more and as a result my mood is better and I have more energy for them. My husband likes those days too :-) I have shared this with my family and plan to give The Jersalem Diet away to everyone I possibly can. I CAN ENJOY FOOD AGAIN, GO OUT TO EAT AND SO MUCH MORE! Don't wait another day, you can start it immediately. The cost of this book is such a small investment for such a big payoff! A few dollars that will change your life. I can hardly wait for the next few months to pass--I will be at my goal and still loving it! Be Blessed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first review I've written, but I needed to share. Anyone else who has struggled with weight loss understands that feeling when you find something that finally works. My feelings are completely opposite of the earlier reviewer who had problems with the author not being a dr. All my previous tries and failures were following the advice of "experts", the nutritionist's and dr's. This was the first "diet" that actually worked AND made me feel good. Usually I would lose weight but feel hungry, cranky, tired and miserable. Then I would binge and give up. But, with this diet I felt good physically and emotionally. At first I was dissapointed that I would only lose 1 pound a week, then after I started I realized that I didn't feel like I was dieting AND I lost 1 pound a week so it was a win, win. Six days a week I lived the same way that I had when I gained the weight, and 1 day a week I ate really satisfying foods. Now I'm feeling good and spreading the news. Everyone who is about to give up needs to read and try this book first.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Jerusalem Diet is practical, easy to read and enjoyable. The diet program has freed me of the "diet guilt" I've had my whole life and encourages me to live life instead of being controlled by my diet. My husband and I have been following it for almost two months and have lost ten and eight pounds respectively, with a goal of losing one pound per week. I would recommend this book and diet to anyone. Easy to follow, and still enjoy life and food. What could be better?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Jerusalem Diet is a faulty, misleading 'diet.' Right up front, the author admits that he's not a nutritionist, and the misinformation that is strewed throughout the book proves it. I especially was turned off by the author's derogatory terminology concerning people who battle with weight. He seems to think that anyone who is overweight is fat and lazy. Period. I did not like his condescending and cavalier tone, and his diet is seriously flawed. But then again, I have trouble respecting any man who eats yogurt. Read other books, books written by people who know what they're talking about, i.e. South Beach, etc. There is no weighty substance here.