The Jew in the American World: A Source Book / Edition 1

The Jew in the American World: A Source Book / Edition 1

by Jacob Rader Marcus, Wayne State University Press

ISBN-10: 0814325483

ISBN-13: 9780814325483

Pub. Date: 08/28/1995

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

This important volume provides the first complete single-volume reference source for American Jewish history.  See more details below


This important volume provides the first complete single-volume reference source for American Jewish history.

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Wayne State University Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1The Coming of the Jews to British and Dutch North America, 1585-165527
2Political Rights and Disabilities under the English, 1669-176234
3Living as a Jew in a Christian Community, 1658-176040
4Culture and Acculturation, 1722-177045
5How They Made a Living, 1754-176350
6The Colonial Jewish Community, 1728 to ca. 177057
7Jewish Education, 1755-176267
8Jewish Culture in British North America, 176670
9Charity, Social Welfare, Compassion, 1755-177373
10Jewish Social Life in the North American English Colonies, 1761-177379
11The Concept of Kelal Yisrael in Colonial America, 1759-177484
12Political Rights of American Jews, 1776-180993
13Jews in the General Community, 1780-1816105
14The Cultural Level of American Jewry, 1810-1839115
15Making A Living in the United States, 1782-1840123
16American Jewish Communities, 1810-1812131
17Religious Life in the United States, 1787-1826139
18Educating Young Jews, 1821-1850s147
19Jewish Culture, 1820-1840157
20Social Welfare Activity, 1819-1837164
21A Jewish Family in the Old South, 1812-1837171
22The Kinship of All Jews, 1818-1840177
23The Coming of the Germans, 1853-1880190
24Jew-Hatred and General Grant, 1862-1870196
25The Jew as Citizen, 1862-1888203
26The Secular Culture of the American Jew, 1855-1896210
27The Jew and the Economy, 1861-1895219
28The Attempts to Create a National American Jewish Community, 1841-1906228
29Judaism Under the Germans, 1873-1902238
30Jewish Education and Culture in the German Period, 1855-1915249
31American Jewish Philanthropy and the German Period, 1871-1923261
32Home and Sociality, 1858-1897278
33Kinship: Every Jew Is Responsible for His Fellow Jew, 1859-1906286
34Jews and Their Variant Views in Matters Political, 1906-1911296
35The East European Jew as Citizen, 1918-1924303
36The New Immigrants - the East Europeans - Acquire Secular Culture, 1902-1947315
37The East Europeans Struggle to Survive, 1899-1924321
38The Kehillah of New York City and the American Jewish Congress, 1914-1918332
39The Religious Life of the East European Immigrants, ca. 1890-1916340
40Jewish Education and Culture in the World of the East European Newcomers, 1893-1918349
41The East European Newcomers Help Themselves, 1892-1924363
42The Social Life of the East European Jewish Immigrant, 1905375
43Anti-Zionism, Zionism, Aid to Jews in Distress: The Oneness of Jewry, 1897-1921381
44Acceptance and Rejection, 132-1952396
45Jews and Gentiles, 1928-1958406
46Jews and the World of the Secular Sciences, 1944-1955414
47The Economic World of the American Jew, 1922-1966422
48The Overall Structured Community, Locally and Nationally, 1945-1949429
49The Jewish Religion and Its Adherents, 1937-1960435
50Jewish Education and Culture, 1940s(?)-1966447
51Philanthropy and Philanthropists, 1925-1986458
52The Jewish Social Background, 1950s-1960472
53The Holocaust, Israel, and American Jewry, 1945-1950480
54Equal Rights for Jews, 1964-1980s497
55The Jew as Citizen, 1970s-1990505
56The Secular Culture of the American Jew, 1976-1978518
57Making a Living in America, 1973-1990525
58The American Jewish Community, 1964-1986538
59American Jewish Religion on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century, 1963-1990546
60Jewish Education and Culture, 1961-1968563
61Millionaires and Paupers, 1965-1984572
62Problems and Challenges, 1964-1989580
63The Oneness of World Jewry: Israel, Vatican II, the Holocaust, the Ethiopians, 1964-1991591
64The Onset of the Twenty-First Century: The Future of the American Jew614
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