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The Jfk Assassination

The Jfk Assassination

3.2 7
by Don Becker

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If you are interested in the JFK assassination, just starting to research the JFK assassination, or you have been studying the subject for a while you really need to have this book in your JFK library. The JFK Assassination: A Researcher's Guide is a compilation of almost 47 years of research, by some of the most


If you are interested in the JFK assassination, just starting to research the JFK assassination, or you have been studying the subject for a while you really need to have this book in your JFK library. The JFK Assassination: A Researcher's Guide is a compilation of almost 47 years of research, by some of the most noted author's in the JFK assassination community. It is like a depository for some of the most important issues of the assassination and more, all in one volume. The material is in an easy to read format with references so the reader can study an issue further if they wish.

The author starts by introducing you to people, places, and issues surrounding the JFK assassination. Then you will walk through a sequential order of events leading up to the shooting, including a broad view of the shooting itself. You will continue through the aftermath of the murder, showing the impact this crime had on our history.

You will also see proof Lee Harvey Oswald did not murder President Kennedy. Looking at the sequence of events you will see Oswald did not have time to get into position to do the shooting. The motorcade was scheduled to pass the Book Depository at 12:25 pm. Oswald was in the lunch room at 12:15. A good sniper would have been in position well in advance of his prey's expected arrival, which Oswald was not. Contrary to the WC's claim, authorities never had any court-worthy evidence putting Oswald in the sniper's window.

Finally, looking at the evidence from a totally new perspective you will see definite proof of a conspiracy. It was a simple case of comparing the wounds, with the bullet count, and the time statistics of the rifle. If you were not convinced of a conspiracy before, you will be!

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The JFK Assassination

A Researcher's Guide
By Don Becker


Copyright © 2011 Don Becker
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-7583-9

Chapter One

Organizations & People

The Anti-Castro Cubans:

• Motives

* JFK Refused Air Support for the Bay of Pigs Operation. (Roberts, p. 29)

• Operation Codename 'Zapata'

* Loss of 120 men killed and 1180 captured by Castro's forces. (Roberts, p. 28)

• Cubans lost loved ones, a cause, and their country

• Manuel Artime

* Cuban exile leader (Who, p. 18)

* Friend of E. Howard Hunt

• Worked with Hunt on CIA & Mafia schemes to assassinate Castro.

• Delivered, for Hunt, the first "hush money" payments to the Watergate burglars.

• Carlos Bringuier

* Havana trained lawyer and a former official of the Castro government. (Weisberg, p. 266)

• Defected in May 1960.

* Represents himself as having excellent contacts with the FBI and other police agencies. (Weisberg, p. 266)

• Rolando Cuebela.

* First contacted the CIA in January 1961. (Kurt, p. xlvi)

* Code name 'AM/LASH' (Livingstone, p. 276) (Kurtz, p. xlvi)

* CIA assassin (Who, p. 95) (Livingstone, p. 276)

* Was given equipment to kill Castro by CIA agent Desmond Fitzgerald. (Who, p. 95)

• Homer S. Enchevarria (Kurtz, p. 237)

* Cuban exile (Dankbaar, p. 20)

* Chicago-based anti-Castro activist.

* Told a Secret Service informant that his organization had "plenty of money" and would conduct an illegal arms sale "as soon as we take care of Kennedy." (Kurtz 2, p. 214)

* Often voiced his hatred for the Kennedy Administration. (Kurtz 2, p. 214)

* Associated with Juan Francisco Blanco-Fernandez. (Kurtz 2, p. 214)

• Military director of the Cuba Student Directorate.

* Knew Chauncey Holt, Charles Harrelson, and Charles Rogers. (Dankbaar, p. 20)

• Virgilio R. Gonzalez. (Roberts, p. 132)

* Member of ZR/Rifle, the Executive Action Assassination Team.

* Member of Nixon's Operation 40

* Watergate burglar

• Quentin Pino Machado (Kurtz, p. 236)

* Cuban diplomat

* Known as a dangerous terrorist

* Planned to escort Oswald from Texas to Cuba via Mexico after he shot the president.

• Eugenio Rolando Martinez, (Roberts, p. 132)

* Member of ZR/Rifle, the Executive Action Assassination Team.

* Member of Nixon's Operation 40

* Watergate burglar

• Felix Rodriquez, (Roberts, p. 132)

* AKA Max Gomez

* Served as CIA helicopter pilot in Vietnam during the PRU/ Phoenix Program.

* Responsible for tracking down and apprehending Che Guevara in Bolivia

* Apprehended later as part of the Watergate Operation.

• Sergio Arcacha Smith

* Leader of the Anti-Castro group the Friend of Democratic Cuba until 1962. (Kurtz 2, p. 160)

* Had his office at 544 Camp St. (Who, p. 424)

* Said he was not in Dallas during the assassination.

• Antonio Veciana

* Head of the militantly anti-Castro exile organization, Alpha 66. (Kurtz 2, p. 165)

* Said CIA case officer, Maurice Bishop, introduced him to Oswald in September 1963. (Kurtz 2, p. 165)

The Central Intelligence Agency:

• Motives

* JFK threaten to disband the CIA (Roberts, p. 31) (Oglesby, p. 6).

• If the CIA believed that the defense of their Agency and their nation required the elimination of President Kennedy because he was about to dismantle their organization, one could comprehend, that their concept of self-defense required them to use deadly force. (Lane 1992, p. 93)

• National Security Memorandum 55, 56, & 57, in theory, eliminated the ability of the CIA to wage war. (Lane 1992, p. 100)

• The CIA would not be permitted to initiate any operations requiring greater firepower than that generated by handguns. (Lane 1992, p. 100)

* JFK Refused Air Support for the Bay of Pigs Operation. (Roberts, p. 29)

* JFK made a pact with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to stop the assassination attempts against Castro. (Giamarco)

* When Kennedy learned the CIA had ignored his direct orders he sent the FBI and local law agencies to close down the agency's s training camps in Florida and Louisiana. (Giamarco)

• Assassin Team codename 'ZR/RIFLE'. (Roberts, p. 53) (Marrs, p. 209)

• Within months of the assassination, the CIA had adapted the device for many uses - including hiding it in an umbrella. (Giamarco)

* When the umbrella was closed, nothing showed. When it was open, the bearer would hold it over his head and on the center rod of the umbrella there was a small wire-like piece that was his end of the sighting mechanism, as he sighted toward the object with one umbrella rib-tip directly in line. The nylon dart - just one - was located in a small tube that was aligned with the sighting mechanism. (Giamarco)

• James Jesus Angleton (Piper, p. vii)

* Chief of Counterintelligence (Who, p. 15)

* Called Bill Sullivan, #3 man in the FBI, and rehearsed the questions and answers they would give to the Warren Commission. (Who, p. 15)

* Totally loyal to the Israeli Mossad

• Bob Bennett

* Alias Bill Rogers, Rex Beardsley, Larry Allen. (Dankbaar, p. 305)

* Tosh Plumlee's handler.

• Gave orders to Plumlee on 22 Nov. 1963.

• Richard M. Bissell

* Former Deputy Director of Plans

* Top planner of the CIA/Mafia assassination plots against Castro. (Who, p. 41)

* Initiated the recruitment of underworld figures for the Castro hit in August 1960. (Who, p. 41)

* Fired by President John Kennedy because of the Bay of Pigs incident. (Roberts, p. 30)

• General Charles Cabell

* Former Air Force (Who, p. 68)

* Former Deputy Director of the CIA.

* Fired by President John Kennedy because of the Bay of Pigs incident. (Roberts, p. 30)

* Openly called JFK a traitor. (Dankbaar, p. 33)

* Brother, Earle Cabell, was Mayer of Dallas in 1963. (Benson, p. 207) (Who, p. 68)

• Was in charge of the security for Kennedy's visit and the motorcade route. (Dankbaar, p. 33)

* Was involved with Robert Maheu in plots to kill Castro. (Who, p. 68)

• Robert Maheu was an intermediary between CIA Security Director Sheffield Edwards and crime boss Sam Giancana. (Who, p. 272)

• Christian David

* WI/Rouge

* Agent of ZR/Rifle

* Named Lucien Sarti as one of the men who shot JFK. (Who, p. 100)

* Says the three assassins were members of the Corsican Mafia. (Who p. 100)

* Says two assassins were in buildings to the rear of the president. (Who, p. 100)

• One high & one low

* Four shots (Who, p. 100)

• First from the rear, striking Kennedy in the back • Second shot from the rear hitting Connally

• Third shot fired by Sarti, from behind the wooden fence, caused JFK's fatal head wound.

• Fourth shot, from the rear, missed the car entirely.

• Allen Dulles

* Former Director of the CIA

• Fired by President John Kennedy because of the Bay of Pigs incident. (Roberts, p. 30)

* Brother of John Foster Dulles

• Former Secretary of State (Who, p. 118)

* Known enemy of JFK. (Who, p. 118)

* Later became member of the Warren Commission

• David Ferrie (Piper, p. viii) (Waldron)

* CIA Contract Operative

* Pilot

* Associated with Carlos Marcello

* Worked with Bannister & Varona's Cuban exile group.

* Civil Air Patrol instructor for Lee Harvey Oswald

* La. DA Jim Garrison's chief suspect. (Marrs, p. 502)

* Known to have suffered from hypertension. (Marrs, p. 503)

* Right-wing extremist (Kurtz, p. 203)

* Oswald and Ferrie frequented the Napoleon House bar (Kurtz, p. 203)

* Actively participated in anti-Castro organizations. (Kurtz, p. 203)

* Smuggled supplies to anti-Castro rebels in Cuba. (Kurtz, p. 203)

* Extreme anti-communist fanatic. (Kurtz 2, p. 163)

* Found dead on 02/22/1967. (Marrs, p. 502)

* Autopsy performed by Dr. Nicholas Chetta. (Ray, p. 213)

* "Apparent suicide"

* Died of a massive brain hemorrhage.

~ CIA assassination technique

• Finger nail file to the roof of the mouth and into the brain.

• Desmond Fitzgerald (Livingstone, p. 276)

* Chief of the CIA's Cuba division

* Masqueraded as a US Senator and told Rolando Cubela that Castro's overthrow would be fully supported by the US.

• This was shortly after John and Robert Kennedy had been working secretly through Ambassador Attwood to reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba.

• William Harvey

* In charge of CIA-Mafia plots to kill Fidel Castro. (Who, p. 176)

* During the Cuban Missile Crisis, he actually tried to precipitatea confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. (Kurtz, p. xlv)

• Sent ten commando teams into Cuba to engage in sabotage and assassination.

• Fired by Robert Kennedy for his grossly irresponsible actions.

• Richard Helms

* CIA Deputy Director for Plans. (Who, p. 178)

* Personally persuaded Lyndon Johnson to appoint former CIA director Allen Dulles to the Warren Commission. (Kurtz 2, p. 173)

• E. Howard Hunt, Aka; Edward Warren, Edward Hamilton, David St. John.

* Codename 'Eduardo'. (Roberts, p. 50)

• Operation Zapata

• Operation 40 case officer. (Roberts, p. 50)

* Worked closely with General Charles Cabell, deputy Director of the CIA (Benson, p. 207)

* GS-15 CIA Staff Officer

* Testimony by ex-CIA contract operative Marita Lorenz placed Hunt in Dallas, Texas on 21 November, 1963. (Piper, p. vii)

* Owned the Newman building. (Roberts, p. 50)

• Location of 544 Camp street:

* Address on Oswald's "Fair Play for Cuba" pamphlets had on them.

• Location of 531 Lafayette Street.

• Address of the Banister Detective Agency

* Liaison to the anti-Castro Cuban exiles. (Piper, p. vii)

* Testimony by ex-CIA operative, Marita Lorenz placed Hunt in Dallas, the day before the assassination. (Piper, p. vii)

* White House Aide and counsel for the financial arm of CREEP. (Roberts, p132)

* Later a Nixon henchman arrested and convicted in connection with the Watergate burglary. (Benson, p. 206) • Coordinated the Watergate Operation. (Roberts, p. 132)

• J. C King

* Chief of the CIA's Western hemisphere Division.

* Decided the CIA should arrange for the assassination of Castro to be carried out by people more experienced – the Mafia. (Kurtz, p. xliii)

* Suggested Robert Maheu contact Las Vegas mobster Johnny Roselli. (Kurtz, p. xliii)

• Hunter Leake

* Agent based in New Orleans. (Kurtz 2, p. 158)

* Assigned to serve as a liaison between the CIA and anti-Castro groups in Louisiana. (Kurtz 2, p. 158)

• Victor Marchetti (Who, p. 280)

* CIA agent

* Assistant to CIA Director Richard Helms

* Confirmed Clay Shaw was "intimately connected" to the CIA.

* Claimed E. Howard Hunt was in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

* Claims a CIA memo reveals that E. Howard Hunt had a "substantial" role in the JFK killing.

• James McCord

* CIA Security Officer

* Spent more than 20 years working with CIA. (Roberts, p. 131)

* Was a special agent for the FBI. (Roberts, p. 131)

* CREEP Security director. (Hinkle, p. 356)

• CREEP – Committee to Reelect the President

* Watergate burglar. (Hinkle, p. 171) (Roberts, p. 131)

• David Sanchez Morales

* Chief of Operations at JM/wave. (Dankbaar, p. 340)

• Reported to Ted Shackley.

• Was in Vietnam with Ted Shackley

* Possible shooter in the TSBD. (Dankbaar, p. 323)

* Developed a reputation as "Best CIA assassin for Latin America". (Dankbaar, p.341)

* Died of a sudden heart attack in 1977. (Dankbaar, p. 341)

• Robert D Morrow (Marrs, p. 201)

* CIA operative

* Purchased 4 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano rifles on orders from a CIA superior.

* Says Oswald went to Russia for the CIA and was a FBI informant by the summer of 1963. (Who, p. 300)

* Claims assassination plot was led by CIA Consultant Clay Shaw, Jack Ruby, and Guy Bannister. (Who, p. 300)

• Worked out of agency control

• Manipulated events to insure Oswald was named as the assassin.

• David Atlee Phillips

* Alias "Maurice Bishop"

* CIA station chief in Mexico City (Piper, p. vii) (Who, p. 361)

* Was "deeply involved" with Alpha 66, the Cuban exile/CIA assassination team plotting to kill Fidel Castro. (Who, p. 361)

* Confessed publicly that the story about Oswald being in Mexico City was not precisely what the CIA claimed. (Piper, p. vii)

* Considered a "propaganda specialist." (Who, p. 361)

* Worked with E. Howard Hunt in Havana. (Who, p. 361)

* CIA Controller of James Files and Oswald. (Ray)

* Sent Oswald to James Files a week before assassination to help

* Files get acclimated to area. (Dankbaar, p. 28 & 348)

• Robert "Tosh" Plumlee

* Possible Sniper

* CIA Pilot (Hinkle, p. 130) (Dankbaar, p. 29).

* Radio code was "Zapata" (Hinkle, p. 130).

* CIA Codename: William R. Pearson. (Dankbaar, p. 37)

* Member of Operation 40 (Operation 40)

* Knew Lee Harvey Oswald. (Dankbaar, p. 123)

* Did not know James Files. (Dankbaar, p. 29)

* Knew Roscoe White (Dankbaar, p. 124)

* Liked President Kennedy. (Dankbaar, p. 128)

* Co-pilot - Flew John Roselli from Miami to Dallas. (Dankbaar, p. 14 & 29)

• Pilot = Emanuel Rojas. (Dankbaar, p. 137)

• CIA supported flight, on a mission to abort the assassination. (Dankbaar, p. 29)

* Was present in Dealey Plaza on the South Knoll at the time of the assassination. (Testimony of Vernon, p. 2) (Fetzer, p. 152)

• Standing 225 yards east of Triple Underpass on the South Grassy Knoll during shooting. (Murder in Dealey, p. 40) (Dankbaar, p. 29)

• Plumlee was standing about 150 yards east of the South Knoll, up on the hill about 5 feet in line with the light posts. (Plumlee)

• Per Plumlee: "I couldn't tell the direction of the shots, but however, but my memory is that I felt a shot went over our head and to the left of us. I'm familiar with gunfire." (Plumlee) (Dankbaar, p. 139)

• Heard 4-5 shots. (Dankbaar, p. 139)

• Smelled gunpowder over right shoulder. (Murder in

• Dealey, p. 40) (Fetzer, p. 152)

• Was with second person. (Fetzer, p. 152)

* CIA operative Sergio (Dankbaar, p. 29)

* Plumlee did not give Sergio's last name.

* Tosh testified he and Sergio were there under orders to abort the assassination, but he did not state who gave him the orders.

* http://www.jfkmurdersolved.com/toshfiles.htm

• Charles Rogers

* Aka Frenchy, Richard Montoya, Richard Rojas (Who, p. 385)

* CIA (Dankbaar, p. 23)

* Childhood friend of Charles Harrelson. (Dankbaar, p. 23)

* Knew Chauncey Holt

* One of the "Three Tramps". (Who, p. 385)

* In the 1992 book The Man on the Grassy Knoll, John R. Craig and Philip A. Rogers claimed that Rogers was the Lee Harvey Oswald imposter who traveled to Mexico City the month before the assassination.

• The authors claim Philip Rogers and Charles Harrelson were the two gunmen behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll.


Excerpted from The JFK Assassination by Don Becker Copyright © 2011 by Don Becker. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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The Jfk Assassination 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
AdamGis More than 1 year ago
Regardless of how the author came by his research...if the research is accurate, it still points out the OBVIOUS that we've known for over 40 years....Oswald did NOT shoot Kennedy. This was a well planned, well thought out, and well executed assassination that went all the way to the top of US Government and beyond. I personally think this is a great book. I like the outline format. It presented information I had not previously known about the assassination of Kennedy. Great book. Definitely recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You might like this book if you'e a resarcher. When I ordered this book I did not understand that it was a date-by-date book, frget the dialog
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sorry to say but Becker did not write anything that he investigated on his own. All he did was read several books by other authors and put excerpts from their books into this book and put his name on it. It was easy reading though because everything is written in outline format.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago