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The Kept Woman (Will Trent Series #10)

The Kept Woman (Will Trent Series #10)

4.4 31
by Karin Slaughter

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The Skimm Reads calls it "a thriller that's part True Detective, part The Girl On The Train. All parts gripping."

Husbands and wives. Mothers and daughters. The past and the future.

Secrets bind them. And secrets can destroy them.

The author


The Skimm Reads calls it "a thriller that's part True Detective, part The Girl On The Train. All parts gripping."

Husbands and wives. Mothers and daughters. The past and the future.

Secrets bind them. And secrets can destroy them.

The author of Pretty Girls returns with an electrifying, emotionally complex thriller that plunges its fascinating protagonist into the darkest depths of a mystery that just might destroy him.

With the discovery of a murder at an abandoned construction site, Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is brought in on a case that becomes much more dangerous when the dead man is identified as an ex-cop.

Studying the body, Sara Linton—the GBI’s newest medical examiner and Will’s lover—realizes that the extensive blood loss didn't belong to the corpse. Sure enough, bloody footprints leading away from the scene indicate there is another victim—a woman—who has vanished . . . and who will die soon if she isn’t found.

Will is already compromised, because the site belongs to the city’s most popular citizen: a wealthy, powerful, and politically connected athlete protected by the world’s most expensive lawyers—a man who’s already gotten away with rape, despite Will’s exhaustive efforts to put him away.

But the worst is yet to come. Evidence soon links Will’s troubled past to the case . . . and the consequences will tear through his life with the force of a tornado, wreaking havoc for Will and everyone around him, including his colleagues, family, friends—and even the suspects he pursues.

Relentlessly suspenseful and furiously paced, peopled with conflicted, fallible characters who leap from the page, The Kept Woman is a seamless blend of twisty police procedural and ingenious psychological thriller -- a searing, unforgettable novel of love, loss, and redemption. 


Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Dale Harding, the murder victim at the center of bestseller Slaughter’s exciting if flawed sixth novel starring Will Trent and Dr. Sara Linton (after 2013’s Unseen), was a retired (and dirty) Atlanta cop. Harding’s body turns up in a nightclub belonging to a celebrity athlete who recently beat a rape charge in a case handled by Will, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent. A gun at the crime scene ties the whole mess to Angie Polaski, Will’s dangerously off-kilter wife, who frequently leaves him for long periods but always returns. Further complications follow after Sara, Will’s current girlfriend, who’s now a GBI medical examiner, tells him that Harding wasn’t the only one who suffered—and bled a lot—in the club. The case becomes almost too large for Slaughter to contain, which could explain her choice to rely on an awkward extended flashback sequence, but she mostly manages to wrangle this installment into an intense look at the nature of loss and control, and how love can taint both. Five-city author tour. Agent: Victoria Sanders, Victoria Sanders & Associates. (Sept.)
Booklist (starred review)
“Suspense that continually ratchets upward, a revealing look at domestic violence in all levels of society, and the continued development of a tight-knit cast of characters. This is prime Slaughter, must-read fare for thriller fans.”
The Skimm
“A thriller that’s part ‘True Detective,’ part ‘The Girl On The Train.’ All parts gripping.”
Library Journal
★ 08/01/2016
After a stand-alone title (Pretty Girls), Slaughter returns with a new Will Trent thriller. As the book opens Will is just coming off a failed attempt at getting a conviction in the case of basketball superstar Marcus Rippy, who was acquitted of rape charges. Now he's called out to investigate the death of Dale Harding, whose body was discovered at an abandoned construction site. Dale was a retired, and reportedly dirty, cop, which is complication No. 1. Complication No. 2 is the site itself. The construction of this nightclub was halted because the owner, Rippy, was on trial for rape. And complication No. 3: Dale may not have been the only victim. The blood and other evidence at the scene suggests the presence of a woman, who may be mortally injured and personally connected to Will. VERDICT Slaughter excels at complications—both for her characters and in the mysteries they're investigating. This is a page-turner, of course, but it's also a multilayered exploration of choices and consequences and the lasting effects of damage done. [See Prepub Alert, 3/7/16]—Jane Jorgenson, Madison P.L., WI
Kirkus Reviews
After two intense stand-alones (Pretty Girls, 2015, etc.), Slaughter brings back the regulars whose personal problems are just as dark, urgent, and potentially violent as those of the criminals they investigate.In the two weeks since medical examiner Dr. Sara Linton joined her lover, agent Will Trent, on the payroll of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, everything’s been fine, except of course for Will’s uneasy sense that Angie Polaski, the long-estranged wife he just can’t get around to divorcing, will never let him alone. How right he is. A Glock found near the scene of a grisly murder is quickly traced to Angie. Now Amanda Wagner, the GBI deputy director who mercilessly rides Will and his partner, Faith Mitchell, wants to know what Angie had to do with the death of Dale Harding, a thoroughly miserable human being who was a detective with the Atlanta PD. The case is already a minefield: the murder scene, drenched in blood that isn’t Harding’s, is the construction site of the All Star, a nightclub owned by basketball star Marcus Rippy, who’s well-known to Will as the man who raped Keisha Miscavage and, thanks to his feral manager, Kip Kilpatrick, and an army of lawyers, walked away two weeks ago without so much as a summons. The forensic evidence indicates that at least one other person was seriously wounded at the murder scene before vanishing. Forget about indicting Rippy for the crime; Will would be lucky to interview him. Just when it seems that Will’s ties to the case couldn’t become more fraught, Slaughter interrupts the action for a hundred-page flashback to the week before the killing. Things get clearer but no less tense.Middling for a matchless series (Unseen, 2013, etc.) in which, just as in grand opera, nothing ordinary ever happens.

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Will Trent Series , #10
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Meet the Author

Karin Slaughter is one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed storytellers. Published in 36 languages, with more than 35 million copies sold across the globe, her sixteen novels include the Grant County and Will Trent books, as well as the Edgar-nominated Cop Town and the instant New York Times bestselling novel Pretty Girls. A native of Georgia, Karin currently lives in Atlanta. Her Will Trent series, Grant County series, and standalone novel Cop Town are all in development for film and television.

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The Kept Woman: A Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Great story,
Anonymous 11 months ago
I like the back stories that tie everything together. Love Sara. Love Will. Love them together. Will has come a long way. Can't wait for more GBI adventures.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I have enjoyed other books by this author but not this one. Maybe if I had read the previous books in this series I may have felt differently but as a stand-alone I didn't like. I felt no attachment to any of the characters and the story itself just seemed too convoluted or boring. I don't mind technology in stories, afterall, you can't read a present day book without it, but it was over-kill. Also, didn't think the ending was complete because I'm sure she wants you to read book #11. I'm sure I'll be reading other books by this writer, but not this particular series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As always, love anything Karin Slaughter writes, especially a Will and Sarah novel. I finished this in 3 days, and I am sad that its over!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read this in 2 days. Everything this talenred author writes is top notch. I have enjoyed all her books and hope there are many more in the future!! Warning: once you start this book you may lose sleep because you won't stop turning pages till you finish!!! Highly recommend!!!!!
Anonymous 11 months ago
One of her best books yet. Read it in 2 days because I couldn't put it down.
Anonymous 11 months ago
read. As others have written, hard to put down! My only regret is how weak Will becomes in this installment. With love brings strength, but this time Will seems to regress. Angie has just got to go!! Looking forward to the next installment.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Not as good as her other books. Tired of angies character and her games
cloggiedownunder More than 1 year ago
The Kept Woman is the eighth book in the Will Trent series by popular American author, Karin Slaughter. When the body of an ex-Atlanta PD officer is found in a warehouse early on a July Monday, Deputy Director Amanda Wagner calls in her GBI team. The location is the property of wealthy basketball star Marcus Rippy, whose crack legal team recently extracted him from a violent rape conviction, a case that Special Agent Will Trent has spent six futile months working. Will and Special Agent Faith Mitchell arrive to find the cop’s car in flames. Also present at the scene is the newest member of the GBI team, medical examiner, Dr Sara Linton. While Dale Harding’s is only body, the excessive amount of blood seems to indicate another victim, perhaps Dale’s murderer, has left the scene. Things get even more complicated for Will and Sara when items at the scene point to the involvement of Will’s wife, Angie Polaski. The story moves along at a fair clip, and just when the reader thinks they know the direction things are going, Slaughter hits them with such an unexpected twist, she might well be sued for whiplash injuries. It touches on domestic violence, the marketing of sports stars and the social mindset that allows sports stars to often get away, scot free, with violence and sexual assault. In this instalment, Slaughter further develops her main characters, in particular, Will. The banter between the characters is often quite hilarious, and at one point, the tension is broken with a tangential remark from Will that will have readers laughing out loud. Faith gets a few good lines too. Slaughter does enjoy giving her readers at least one truly despicable character, and in this series, Angie Polaski wins the prize, although Lena Adams probably comes a close second, and Amanda Wagner is occasionally in the running. Nasty and ever manipulative, Angie’s latest machinations are no balm to the fledgling relationship that is forming between Will and Sara. Angie does not hesitate at a murder (or three) to achieve her own goals, and, as one character says, “would f@ck over the only guy in the entire world who doesn't think you're a worthless, cold-blooded bitch”. Slaughter once again gives the reader a fast-paced tale that builds to a gripping climax. Readers who have enjoyed Slaughter’s previous books will wonder if this one makes the grade: the answer is a resounding “yes!” Fans who have been patiently awaiting the latest Will and Sara installment will not be disappointed. A brilliant read!
Anonymous 9 days ago
Anonymous 23 days ago
I really enjoyed this book. Twists and turns around every corner! Best of the series for me. Dark subject matter, but keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat.
KrittersRamblings 4 months ago
Check out the full review at Kritters Ramblings First, I am embarrassed to say that this was my first Karin Slaughter read and for a girl who reads a lot of mystery/thriller books, I had to fix that. First there is a prologue that sets the stage with dead bodies and a mother and a daughter. Then in chapter one we go to the police investigation after the discovery of the dead bodies. The reader follows the police through their procedures and then about halfway through the author takes us back in time and into the few days leading up to the dead bodies. Then after 100 pages you go back to the police procedure and finish the book.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Good reacd
Anonymous 10 months ago
Slow to get into, but once your in, hard to put down.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Good enough to keep me reading for two days to the end. However, having read all of Slaughter's novels/novellas (including the Will Trent Series), I was annoyed to read the back stories of all of the characters, but that is understandable for the benefit of others. I felt that there were too many subplots, and that the Sara/Angie relationship was too much like the Sara/Lena Adams relationship in the Grant County Series. Will Trent's personality seemed to have diminished considerably since the #7 installment. He had no backbone, and had changed from a sexy, lovable though conflicted GBI agent to a brooding adolescent as he looked down or past someone's shoulder most of the time. Sara seemed cold & less passionate, while the typically emasculating Amanda had turned rather soft. It just wasn't as endearing or terrifying as Karin Slaughter's other work. I had preordered this book with great anticipation. It was definitely worth the $ and time. Just had some big shoes to fill1
Jasmyn9 11 months ago
The Kept Woman is the eighth book in what (it appears to be) a very well-written crime/thriller/detective series. I may have to go back and see where it all began (not sure yet), but I'll definitely be watching for what's coming next. As we farther along in the series, there is some catching up to do with relationships and histories of the characters. The author does a pretty good job of keeping you just in the loop without going overboard for people who may have already read the first seven books. Will Trent has his cliche moments, but he manages to keep himself out of the category with some great personality which is showcased in his interactions with the other members of his team and the people in his life. This personality and history comes to be very important as he begins to investigate the latest murder. The pieces of this murder weave together in an amazingly intricate way, but manage to not get convoluted or overly complex to the reader (even one who is starting the series in the middle). I loved how all the pieces drifted from place to place until suddenly there was something that resembled a picture in front of you. But it didn't end there. The picture still needed to be developed and Will Trent didn't just jump to a solution. The best part of this was how each piece of the puzzle was finally discovered by several people. Without the team working together it would have never happened. Trent may be our leading character, but his team of supporting characters are excellent. A great read for someone looking for more than just another episode of CSI or Law and Order. This takes the whole crime thriller to another level and I loved it!
SherryF 11 months ago
Karin Slaughter is an amazing storyteller and she continues to surprise and entertain me in The Kept Woman, a psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. I have met Will and Sara before, and am happy to be with them again. Not only do they get along, even though they come from opposite sides of the track, but so do their dogs. I love it. Can’t help myself. It is the bits and pieces like this that make Karin Slaughter’s stories so wonderful. Will’s past will comes back to haunt him, putting Sara’s trust in him to the test. He is damaged goods and carries a lot of baggage. I like my heroes to be a bit flawed. After all, we humans are far from perfect. I am so glad the difficulties in their relationship seem real…not dragged out over many chapters before both of them come to the realization that they love each other, though outside influences keep causing conflict. The first part of the book is told from Will and Sara’s point of view. The second part of the book is told by his haunting past, Angie. It makes it easy to relate to all the characters and understand their motivations. The peripheral characters played an important part, some more so than others. I know the writing resonates with me when I even love the villains, no matter how flawed and evil they are. I love to hate them and the things they do. I am always trying to figure out the WHY! If you want to know how the police investigate a murder, The Kept Woman is definitely for you. The Kept Woman may be Karin Slaughter’s best work yet. The writing kept me on pins and needles. When I didn’t think it could get any worse, the people couldn’t get any worse, Karin took me to another place, showing the ugliest side of humanity…worse than I anticipated and it went on…and on…and on… I received a copy of The Kept Woman from Karin Slaughter.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
Too many sub-plots. Very little satisfaction in the wrap-up. As usual, the writing was excellent. The story itself -- just not satisfying.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I love the Will Trent series and this is the best!
lauralovesreviewingLT 12 months ago
The title and cover art for this book had me curious how it pertained to the story inside. i was hopeful the author tied it in. She sure did. As with the other books in this series, Karin delivers plenty of twists and surprises to keep the pages turning. The character’s continue to grow. Although a few grow laterally instead of forward. I could just kick Will. Will he ever boot Angie to the curb? He’s in love with Sara, but how long will she put up with that woman toying with their lives? Sara is my favorite character. She’s been through so much and still manages to see something good in people. Figures Angie has to torment her, and in some really sick ways. About Angie. She’s as much a twist as ever. She has a moment or two where the opportunity to be somewhat human comes along. I think she fails miserably. There’s all the mystery, suspense, and thrills you can take in this book. As I’d hoped, Karin delivered a convoluted path to the end. Gotta tell ya, though. This is not the end.
Twink 12 months ago
I read Karin Slaughter's first book, Blindsighted, back in 2002. After I turned the last page, I knew I wanted to read more from this author. Slaughter didn't disappoint me. I've read every book since, including her new release, The Kept Woman. Slaughter has two series, The Grant County books and the Will Trent novels, as well as some stand-alones. The Kept Woman is the 8th book in the Trent series. Will and his partner Faith (both work for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation) are called out to a murder at a construction site. The body is discovered to be that of a retired cop. Forensics indicates that there's another possible victim, but where's the body? Adding to the pressure - the construction site belongs to a high profile athlete who has run afoul of the GBI in the past. The project has the blessing of politicos and the pressure to solve the case is high. Why do I love Karin Slaughter's book so much? Characters. Dr. Sara Linton has been a constant from the first book. She's strong, but vulnerable, smart, capable and likeable. Will Trent. Ahh, well who doesn't love a walking wounded lead. (Who just happens to be pretty hot) As the books have progressed, Slaughter has slowly released details about the shadowy pasts of some of the characters - both the ones we love and the ones we love to hate. She doesn't skimp on character building - the 'negative' players' lives are just as fleshed out. This latest book gives us lots of background that we've been waiting for. Plotting. I was happily devouring The Kept Woman, pretty sure I knew the direction the story was going. And then about halfway through, Slaughter sucker punched me. Totally did not see it coming. And within that second half are revelations Slaughter fans have been waiting for. Secrets and more secrets. Running parallel to the personal side of things is a helluva great central plot. Gritty, dark and dirty. Non stop action. Great dialogue and settings. Seriously, Slaughter can do no wrong in my eyes. And the ending. The case is neatly wrapped up by the final pages, but the doozy of a last line leaves the door open for the next chapter in this fantastic series. This reader can't wait to see what happens next. Five stars for me. If you're not familiar with this series, I strongly suggest starting with the backlist. You won't fully appreciate The Kept Woman without context.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Will Trent fans rejoice! The next installment is back and it is TERRIFIC. All of the characters in "The Kept Woman" are so incredibly developed, albeit flawed. This installment kept me engaged the whole time, and I couldn't wait to get to the end. Go and read it now.
SandraHoover More than 1 year ago
The Kept Woman - Very fitting title for this raw, gritty, emotional monster of a read! I've tried to write this review several times since reading it and still can't seem to find the words to do this story justice. It ran me through a mine field of highs and lows - at times making both my head and heart feel like they would literally explode as I rode out the waves of intense emotional turmoil radiating through these characters. Some, like Agent Will Trent and Sara Linton, find themselves and their relationships strained and very nearly destroyed by the fiery hell storm brought about with the reappearance of Angela (Angie) Polaski. While it is no secret that she returns in a big way in this book, I won't discuss particulars of the story as to do so would reveal spoilers that need to be experienced first hand by each reader. I will say there are some questions answered and some shocking revelations as the story plays out. Needless to say, Angie wreaks havoc on the lives of everyone she touches. Her brutally tragic backstory is revealed in "real-time" as the book's timeline swings between past and present. Her horrifying past molded a young girl into a cold-hearted, uncaring, dangerous, psychotic madwoman - one hellbent on destroying anyone and everyone who crosses her path. Angie uses dark secrets and half-truths like daggers, piercing the heart of her target over and over with her malicious lies as she stalks her prey and leaves a bloodbath in her wake. She hasn't a clue what love and happiness should feel like - and if she can't have it, she'll make d*mn sure that Will doesn't either. Every time I felt even an inkling of sympathy for Angie, she threw another of her poisonous daggers - intentionally destroying lives with her vicious manipulation. The depth of this character's derangement is truly frightening at times - as is her pain. Will Trent is . . . Will. Fans of the series know what I'm talking about. It's impossible not to care about this damaged, haunted man-of-few-words as he struggles to accept the idea that he might actually deserve the love and support of a woman like Sara Linton. He knows their relationship is fragile and dependent upon him trusting her with the truth and upon breaking the powerful, destructive, magnetic pull that Angie Polaski holds over him. For the past 30 years, he's been there for Angie every time she returned, allowing her to manipulate him, to walk all over him, always helping her, no questions asked. Can he finally find the strength to tell Angie "No" or will he allow Angie to manipulate her way back into his life and destroy the happiness he's found with Sara? Sara learns Will hasn't shared all his secrets with her . . . will this be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back? Has she finally had enough of this whole nightmare to call it quits? The Kept Woman is INTENSE - cover to cover can't stop reading intense, hyperventilating, heart stopping intense, sit up all night to finish reading intense. For me, it ranks up there with the last Grant County book, Beyond Reach, in intensity and emotional overload. The story is graphic & raw (rubbing chest) - it made me hurt and wish for "more" for these characters - all of them. The action is high, the case a mystery, the plot twisted and then twisted again, the story shocking & riveting, and the characters so d*mn real - dark, damaged, fallible - some evoke hate and contempt, others love and caring. Brilliant!
SheTreadsSoftly More than 1 year ago
The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter is a very highly recommended mystery/police procedural. Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is back. After failing to get a conviction in the case of basketball superstar Marcus Rippy, who was acquitted of rape charges, Will is now investigating the murder of Dale Harding at a construction site with his partner Faith Mitchell. His lover and GBI medical examiner Dr. Sara Linton is also on the case, as is Amanda Wagner, the GBI deputy director. Harding was a despicable man, but he used to be a detective with the Atlanta PD. There is a whole lot more blood on the scene than could have possibly been Harding's. It is also not his blood type and evidence points to it coming from a woman, so potentially there is a witness or more than one murder happened. When a Glock found at the scene is discovered to be registered to Angie Polaski, the search is on for Angie - or for her body. She and Will are still married... but it's complicated and they rarely see each other unless Angie wants something. In any event, suddenly Will's past is thrust into the case, and Angie's past is closely tied to Will's. To further complicate matters, the building is the future home of the All Star, a nightclub owned by basketball star Marcus Rippy. Construction was suspended for Rippy's rape trial, but now it is due to start again in a couple weeks. Slaughter does an excellent job presenting the complicated investigation as the clues are discovered and leads are checked out. Part way through The Kept Woman, the action shifts to a week earlier which provides an insight into information the investigators aren't privy to yet. This really ratchets up the tension and makes the pace feel even more frantic. Will's personal demons seemed to be coming to the surface as he is conflicted over Angie's presence in his life, however marginal, versus his love for Sara. Incredible writing, realistic, complicated characters, incredible tension, and a fast pace make reading The Kept Woman addictive. There are plenty of twists to surprise you, and questions for which you will be desperate to find answers. While it is a police procedural, it also is a psychological thriller that explores choices and consequences as well as the lasting effect of psychological damage experienced as a child. Although The Kept Woman it is part of a series, you can read this on its own and follow the plot just fine. Disclosure: My advanced reading copy was courtesy of the publisher for review purposes.