The Khruschev Objective

The Khruschev Objective

by Christopher Creighton, Noel Hynd

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Bad memories are all that Angie Wyatt took with her when she left England. At 19 she was brutally raped, and the daughter she bore was given up for adoption by her aristocratic parents, who only wished to suppress and forget the incident. Returning to London as a young widow, she is greeted with the news that her much-loved brother Oliver is drinking himself to death. When he reluctantly checks into a nursing home, his sister takes over the reins of the family publishing house. Costly deals are struck and heads begin to roll as Angie rules in a flinty fashion that keeps her father, Sir Richard Jarman, close to apoplexy. Meanwhile, the lawyer she hires to locate her daughter runs into snags placed deliberately in his path by Paul Angelou, a manipulative, obsessive moneyman being sponsored for a seat in Parliament by Sir Richard. A former book editor in England, Rissik brings vivid detail to the business of publishing. Although the novel is a bit breathless where romance is concerned, she has created a varied, thoroughly engaging group of characters. (February 23)
Library Journal - Library Journal
When Lord Mountbatten was assassinated in 1979, the culprits were said to be Irish radicals. A less-known theory is that he was murdered for his role in preventing the assassination of Khrushchev during a summit meeting in England in 1956. In this fictional recounting, the young spy ``Christopher Robin''who served the British so well in The Paladin by Brian Garfield and Creighton ( LJ 4/15/80)returns to active service. Through the combined efforts of a Romanov duchess, a sharp naval intelligence aide, and an alcoholic British frogman named Lionel Crabb, Robin unravels the plot and saves the day. Creighton, himself a former spy, reveals the whole story and his own part in it for the awed entertainment of the reading public. Fans will surely hope for more such exposes. Barbara Conaty, Medical Coll. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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