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The King

The King

4.2 7
by Linda Rios Brook

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 Ancient language expert Samantha Yale returns to translate a new batch of scrolls written by the fallen angel from Lucifer’s Flood.

Samantha Yale has taken on a daunting translation project. A set of scrolls, delivered by a man she knows nothing about, tells a fascinating and frightening tale of what went on behind the scenes of


 Ancient language expert Samantha Yale returns to translate a new batch of scrolls written by the fallen angel from Lucifer’s Flood.

Samantha Yale has taken on a daunting translation project. A set of scrolls, delivered by a man she knows nothing about, tells a fascinating and frightening tale of what went on behind the scenes of biblical history. What is even more incredible is who is telling the tale--a fallen angel who immediately regretted his decision to side with Lucifer.

In book three of The Reluctant Demon Diaries series, we find that the mysterious Wonk Eman has disappeared. Fearing the remaining scrolls may be lost forever, Samantha is determined to find him. Her search leads her an old church where she finds Wonk and convinces him that he must overcome his fear and allow her to examine the remaining scrolls.

This new volume of writings begins with the time of the judges over Israel as the nameless angel continues to watch and report to Satan on the progress of humanity as God leads them forward through the reign of King David.

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Charisma Media
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The Reluctant Demon Diaries , #3
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5.30(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

Meet the Author

Linda Rios Brook is the author of numerous books including the popular novel Lucifer’s Flood. The president of the Rios Brook Foundation, she is a sought after speaker and teacher on matters relevant to cultural restoration. She is an ordained minister, serves on the WLI faculty and has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota.

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The King 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Openbooksociety_dot_com More than 1 year ago
Marvelous job of bringing Biblical scriptures to a broader audience Review brought to you by Annabell In the third installment in the Reluctant Demon Diaries features Samantha Yale translating a new set of scrolls from the erratic Wonk Eman. He warns Samantha that no one must find out she has the scrolls or what they are about. There are forces searching for Wonk Eman and the scrolls, and they are closer than he realizes. The new set of scrolls ventures into the stories of Saul and David from the Old Testament. The unnamed and abused angel continues to narrate the novel. He is building a case to present before God as to why he should be allowed back into Heaven. He is using the way God interacts with humans to build his evidence and gain a better understanding of how God works. The unnamed angel wants to leave the slavery he is bound to with Satan and he is hoping through his getting closer to the humans he will find a better way to get closer to God. The King is by far, my most favorite one out of the series so far. I have always loved the story of David from the Bible. It was a lot of fun how he took down Goliath, the way he behaved with Saul even though Saul was always trying to kill him, and is relationship with God. David was kind, humble, true, and an amazing war strategist but he was also impulsive, naive, and prideful. I liked how the book explores all sides of the characters and Biblical stories. The unnamed angel is still adding his two cents as to what God should have really done and still attempting to steer the humans he watches over in the right direction—even though technically he is a demon and isn’t supposed to be helping them, plus, they can’t hear him. Some of the dialogue was still crude and didn’t fit in well with the time or other dialogue present in some scenes but that can be overlooked because of the good storytelling by the author. So much of the story deals with questions many people have about God and how he works. God is shown as a father who cares and therefore he disciplines out of love like any other parent. There is also really good suspense building up. There are two new characters introduced outside of the scrolls that are attempting to get to Wonk and Samantha. The ending was great! Completely confused me and is a total cliffhanger but I liked it because it was very surprising! Author Linda Rios Brook has done a marvelous job of bringing Biblical scripture to a much wider audience without making the story feel overly religious or preachy. I think the novel will appeal to both adult and young adult audiences. If you have yet to read any of the books from the Reluctant Demon Diaries, you should give them a chance, you may end up being wonderfully surprised *wink* This review and more at openbooksociety dot com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Windycin More than 1 year ago
Linda Rios Brook has a new fan. This series has captured me from the first page.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
The King by Linda Rios Brook is the third book in the Reluctant Demon series. Samantha Yale has received another series of scrolls for translation from the mysterious source, Wonk Eman. He warns her that no one else must see or know about the scrolls, but forces are searching for both the scrolls, and Dr. Yale. Her translation picks up the continued story of an unnamed demon who works for Satan observing the humans and reporting back to the fallen angel about their doings. This demon is putting together his case to present to God as to why he should be allowed to return to Heaven, having no desire to continue in slavery to Satan, he uses his observations about the humans to attempt to understand God himself. The book covers the Old Testament books of Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel with the time of the judges and the Saul and David's kingships. Brook has created one of the most unique works of biblical fiction on the market. Much of the story comes directly from the Bible, but Brook inserts a bit of humor with the demon as narrator. He asks the same questions that readers have been wondering about for millenia, and inserts a sense of immediacy to each story because of his presence. She makes these age old stories very real and understandable for today's reader, while cautiously touching on deeper topics as they relate to the tale. I truly enjoy this series, because Brook gives new insight to stories I've heard my entire life, plus the framing story is really beginning to ratchet up the tension. The Reluctant Demon series should have strong appeal to both young adults and older readers.