The Kolumbas Affair

The Kolumbas Affair

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by Samuel Blankson

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On the night of his twenty-first birthday, Alfias is contacted by a mysterious voice. The voice sets him on the path to release the secret locked up in the Abyss - on the mysterious purple planet, Kolumbas Major. He unknowingly sets in motion a chain reaction of events that will threaten the existence of life in the Universe. After escaping capture, Alfias teams up


On the night of his twenty-first birthday, Alfias is contacted by a mysterious voice. The voice sets him on the path to release the secret locked up in the Abyss - on the mysterious purple planet, Kolumbas Major. He unknowingly sets in motion a chain reaction of events that will threaten the existence of life in the Universe. After escaping capture, Alfias teams up with another fugitive; Jonathon, the captain of the Triton - an alien ship. Soon Alfias is entangled in a conspiracy to overthrow the ETCA; the merciless government of the earth colonies. Will he be stopped by the ETCA's killer telepaths and mercenary black ops teams, or will the ancient Elders get to him first Both will stop at nothing to prevent him from opening the Abyss on Kolumbas Major.

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The Kolumbas Affair 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When young Alfias turns 21, he has little idea of the dangerous adventure about to unfold ahead of him. Blankson draws on traditional narrative ideas - the battle between good and evil, a brave young man fulfilling his destiny, the importance of honour and steadfast friendship ¿ to create his own unique futuristic world with plenty of interesting characters, concepts and gadgets. Its very visual quality means that ¿The Kolumbas Affair' definitely has the potential to run as a successful sci-fi mini-series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have just finished reading The Kolumbas Affair and had to comment. This was really a fun read. It's a science fiction story, but it contains all the elements of a great adventure as well. There is high adventure, romance, youth rites of passage, a handsome young hero, and exotic beauties. There are interesting twists throughout that keep one turning the pages. The young hero finds himself with the responsibility of ¿saving the world¿ while villains of all sorts try to stop his progress. He is chased by villains and an arch-rival through intergalactic intrigue. Trust no one! What fun. This story would make for a good sci-fi film. When the sequel is in print, I will make a point to read it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Klumbas Affair is a good, light, summer science fiction read. The scientific extrapolations are reasonably logical extensions current scientific reality and long term scientific hopes. The alien species encountered are naturally alien but are adequately developed to make their differences understandable and meaningful to the plot lines. The story itself contains many of the elements of ancient mythology and hero tales. Alfias, our main character starts out as many legendary heroes as a normal individual leading a regular life when something happens to set him off on a quest for some uncertain object or goal. In his case the goal is supposed to be to open the Abyss and save the universe. Along the journey the hero meets many travelers and acquires a group of companions. These companions each bring their own unique abilities, knowledge, and / or wisdom to the endeavor. Some trusted friends turn out to be enemies and some enemies turn out to bring aid at the crucial moment. The hero eventually achieves their goal and returns home to find that they themselves have changed and/or home has changed as a result of the quest or as unexpected side effects of the passage of time and changes in people and environments. The Klumbas Affair also has elements of mystery, drama, love and romance. It is therefore a good combination of all the major genres. It flows well and is easy to read. Roger Yocom
Guest More than 1 year ago
Blankson takes us on an amazing space adventure of twists, turns and mystery. The characters seem so real and it is easy for a reader to forget they are not in the future as the story unfolds. Definitely recommended for the sci-fi enthusiast!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read a lot of books, and I try to pick up the occasional lesser-known/self-published novel as often as I can. Though a lot of these books are hit-and-miss, occasionally you can find a quiet gem amongst the piles and piles of books published every year to little media attention. The Kolumbas Affair, by Samuel Blankson, may be just such a find. A lot of science fiction novels tend to loose themselves in the details, or loose track of the details and get caught up with the plot. This book does neither. Bolstered by a core of believable characters and a strong narrative hook, this book was a pleasant discovery. I found myself wanting to know what happens next, as well as being interested in the details of the world in which the story takes place. It¿s a tough line to walk to introduce a new world to a reader while at the same time keeping them caught up in the story and characters, but this book succeeded admirably. If you are a fan of strongly built stories with their own worlds and compelling characters, this is a book you want to try.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Samuel Blankson transposed and projected many of today's political, ecological and even moral issues into a carefully detailed intergalactic setting in the far future. When looking at our problems as part of a fiction story, we can perceive them as staring through a magnifying glass and wonder if this is where we might be headed. Filled with action and odd creatures, interwoven with colorful characters, some humorous situations and lots of nostalgia, this action-filled science fiction thriller, keeps you reading. For me, it began as a classic science fiction story about the fight of the 'free' against a tyrannic, corrupt empire but, with unpredictable twists, it becomes a much deeper tale of good vs. evil. Throughout the story, you keep guessing where everybody's loyalty really is, as well as who is really who. I wasn't so hooked at the beginning, but then I couldn't stop reading, wondering what would happen to Alfias next. It keeps full of action until the very end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
And enjoyable book. It's not a grand literary achievement: the dialogue is often clunky and the prose just enough to get the job done. But the strength of the storytelling and the imaginative setting created for this tale make it enjoyable in spite of its flaws. A good recreational read for the devoted sci-fi fan. Loved the prologue - what a great setup!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Following Phillip Pullman and Neal Stephenson, I have finally found yet another favourite sci-fi author. The Kolumbas Affair is a compelling story about young, unsuspecting hero, Alfias, with endless hook-factor that keeps you on the edge of your seat, or bed. It has a weirdly romantic sense, with adventures that kept spinning to greater heights. Step into adulthood with Alfias and experience Samuel's vivid imagination for yourself.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From the moment you first open this book, if you are a science fiction fan it will pull you in to an amazing and thrilling plot. The central character, Alfias, has turned twenty-one and it is now his rite of passage ceremony. This means an all night stay in the abandoned sector thirty-three. Needless to say, that night changed Alfias' and everyone elses' life forever, and so begins a dramatic storyline with lots of intriguing twists and turns. There are very imaginative characters and objects that fit in well with the genre. I would recommend this book, and avid readers will not be able to put it down!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The title of Samuel Blankson¿s science fiction novel, The Kolumbas Affair, evokes the name of that famous Italian explorer and instantly sets the tone. This is a novel about the perils and wonders of exploration and discovery, whether that is out in the far reaches of space or in that far more mysterious space known as the self. What does it mean to explore the unknown? What is more, is it possible to do this without doing violence to others and ourselves? After a tantalising prologue, the novel starts with Alfias, who discovers upon his twenty-first birthday that not only is he a telepath and destined to fulfil his dream of exploring the nearby planet of Kolumbas Major, but that it may well be his destiny to save humanity. At first Blankson¿s prose has an emotional earnestness to it that threatens to bog down the adventure novel. This has much to do with the narrator¿s efforts to give the reader an accurate impression of the young hero, to prepare us for the changes he is about to embark on. Within a couple dozen pages, however, the plot has been set in motion and the pace quickens the earnestness of the prose quickly gives way to an uncomplicated austerity. What we discover, in the course of Blankson¿s novel, is a space odyssey of epic proportions and well worth the read. It seems to reflect much of the political and cultural unease bubbling to a boil in our own time. Another refreshing aspect of Blankson¿s novel is how well he captures and renders the ideas, technology and culture of this possible future. For as wild and strange as this future seems, it also has the distinct ring of plausibility. If, as Rod Serling stated, science fiction is the improbable made possible, then Blankson has fulfilled that criteria in spades. By C.F. Lapinel THE DIAMOND SPADE Copyright 2008
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿The Kolumbas Affair¿ takes science fiction readers on a fast-paced adventure through a new and vivid world. The author keeps mystery alive by providing brief glimpses and clue¿s to each character¿s past, but does not spend extensive time developing each character. Readers are also offered bits and pieces of each character¿s past throughout the novel¿s scenes and dialogue, keeping the book fast-paced. The book is an easy read, with its flowing style and fast-paced story line. Although you may pick this novel up in the science fiction section of the bookstore, it is not so much a science fiction novel as a romance, drama, comedy, adventure, and science fiction novel all rolled into one. ¿The Kolumbas Affair¿ will keep the reader guessing until its final page. Although it is straightforward, it is anything but predictable.