L Word: The Second Season Sessions

The L Word: The Second Season Sessions


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Tommy Boy


  1. Random Act
  2. The L Word Theme (The Way That We Live)
  3. Shane & Carmen
  4. Tim & Jenny
  5. Punk Version (The Hell Word)
  6. Country Version (The Hell Yeah Word)
  7. Jenny Writing I (Classroom)
  8. Tina Masturbates
  9. Random Act
  10. Bette Drunk
  11. Bette Hungover
  12. Random Act
  13. Jenny Writing III (Shooting Gallery)
  14. Get Wet
  15. Recap
  16. Random Act
  17. Butch in the Streets
  18. Dana & Alice Afterglow
  19. Whistling Version
  20. Jenny Writing IV (Freak Show)
  21. Recap
  22. Muzak Version (The Elevator Word)
  23. Spanish Version (The el Word)
  24. Jenny Writing V (Circus)
  25. Helena & Tina
  26. French Version (The Elle Word)
  27. Jenny Writing VI (Venus de Mylar)
  28. Dry Humper Lover
  29. Shane
  30. Shane Fights
  31. Recap
  32. First Nation Version (The Well Word)
  33. Lesbian
  34. Random Act
  35. Jenny Family Pictures (Ancient Hebrew Psalm)
  36. The Lez Boat
  37. Klezmer Version (The el Al Word)
  38. Jenny Writing VII
  39. Recap
  40. Random Act
  41. Bette & Tina
  42. Melvin
  43. Ms. Foundation Concert Speech
  44. Vibe Version (The Hotel Word)
  45. [Untitled Track]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jane Siberry   Vocals
Betty   Ensemble
Deni Bonet   Violin,Viola
Everett Bradley   Vocals
Pamela Fleming   Trumpet
Rachelle Garniez   Accordion
Dave Hofstra   Double Bass,Upright Bass
Soni Moreno   Vocals,Shaker
Kate Pierson   Vocals
Daphne Rubin-Vega   Vocals
Catherine Russell   Vocals
Tony Salvatore   Guitar,Slide Guitar,Guitar Effects
Alicia Svigals   Violin
Mike Thorne   Piano,Piano (Grand)
Peter Kiesewalter   Clarinet,Accordion
Adrienne Cooper   Vocals
Amy Ziff   Cello,Vocals,Noise
Gloria Steinem   Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,Spoken Word
Alyson Palmer   Bass,Bass Guitar
Annette Aguilar   Conga
Rob Mastriani   Guitar,Electric Sitar
Allison Miller   Cymbals,Drums,Timpani,Penny Whistle,Vibes,Udu
Gabriel Levine   Vocals
Rachelle Garniez & the Fortunate Few   Accordion
David Driver   Vocals
Isle of Klezbos   Vocals
Eve Sicular   Drums,Bandleader
Debra Kreisberg   Clarinet
Julian Maile   Theremin
Tama Waipara   Vocals
Tanya Darby   Trumpet
Natalia Zukerman   Guitar (Resonator)
Mino Gori   Drums
EZGirl   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Sampling,Sounds,Breathing
Tiokasin Ghosthorse   Flute,Vocals,Double Flute
Grace Notes Quartet   Strings,Ensemble
Sarah Hindle   Violin
Angela Hodgson   Violin
Kristina Leonetti   scratching
Genevieve MacKay   Viola
Adam Matta   Beat Box
Ataahua Papa   Vocals
Tama Taipara   Vocals
Margaret Tarrant   Vocals
Victoria Yellow Wolf Tarrant   Talking
Sarah Tippett   Cello
Eve Sicular   Drums
Mino Gori   Drums
Julian Maile   Theremin
Gary Levine   Vocals
Soni Moreno   Shaker
Debra Kreisberg   Clarinet
Annette Aguilar   Conga
Tonya Darby   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Julian McBrowne   Engineer
Kate Pierson   Composer
Daphne Rubin-Vega   translation
Adrienne Cooper   translation
Amy Ziff   translation
Gloria Steinem   Composer
Alyson Palmer   Executive Producer
Allison Miller   Whistle
Betty & Charles   Composer
Isle of Klezbos   translation
Rosie Lopez   Executive Producer
Ilene Chaiken   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Judith Azoulay   translation
EZGirl   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer,beats,Audio Production
Adam Matta   Sound Effects
Paul Silva   Engineer
Victoria Yellow Wolf Tarrant   translation
Maggie Moore   Sound Effects

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