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The Last Best Tip

The Last Best Tip

5.0 5
by Cassandra Duffy
“This is a novella, actually it’s a novella with two short stories attached to it, but even then it shouldn’t be mistaken for a novel. Like most summer trysts, when the heat is too oppressive for a long love-making session, it’s short, intense, hopefully satisfying, and over before you’re likely to succumb to heat stroke.”


“This is a novella, actually it’s a novella with two short stories attached to it, but even then it shouldn’t be mistaken for a novel. Like most summer trysts, when the heat is too oppressive for a long love-making session, it’s short, intense, hopefully satisfying, and over before you’re likely to succumb to heat stroke.” ~Cassandra Duffy

The lone anchor in Lucy’s life is a job she hates at a swingers club in the heart of middle America; without it, she would be just another twenty-something college dropout, who never quite reached her potential, and is as unlucky in love as most everything else. It’s a shame she hates her job. Sasha, her vampire crush, working in the bar across the way, is in a similar boat, but she has a way out…

Lucy breaks the law, breaks rules she didn’t even know she had, and risks what little she has left to be with Sasha. In this sexy, lighthearted comedy of errors luck and flexibility aren’t always what they seem.

Editorial Reviews

Loving Venus Loving Mars - Leah LVLM
All in all I enjoyed this book. If you're into vampire paranormals and like unique and odd settings for sexual scenarios, this book will totally do it for you.

Full Review: http://bi-curious-romancenovel-chat.blogspot.com/2012/01/normal-0-false-false-false-en-us-ja-x_16.html

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Sapphic Pixie Tales
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Grift-Girls , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Cassandra Duffy spent most of her childhood being precocious, which stopped being entertaining or impressive when she grew into an adult, at which point she had to start being precious. After being an outcast child prodigy it was no surprise when she graduated from one of the many fine University of California schools a year early to follow her girlfriend in a cross country move.

She writes a free-lance sex advice column found in various lesbian magazines and dating websites. Her short story collections and novels can be found on her website at http://cassandra-duffy.com/.

Two of her greatest prides are being a true California girl and author of some truly naughty things. She is a dutiful partially-Asian daughter who is beloved by her fairly traditional Korean father who thinks having a gay daughter is just fine as long as she keeps playing coed flag football. She is a stereotypical younger sister, and an adoring aunt of a hilarious little boy. Being a modern techno-freak, gamer-girl, she spent most of her childhood dreaming of being a video game designer, but changed her mind and brought her dreams of world building and story-weaving to writing unique romance novels.

Cassandra is a gleefully monogamous girlfriend to an earthbound goddess who was once her high school bully, but has done a magnificent job of making up for all the school girl nastiness ever since. When she isn’t being an avid fang girl (vampire fan girl) or tormenting people in online gaming, she lives and writes in Winter Park, Florida with her partner and soul mate Nichole and their two cats: Dragon and Josephine.

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The Last Best Tip 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Insidious_Puck More than 1 year ago
Grifts, scams, ruses, hood-winks, bamboozles, frauds, or cons--whatever you want to call them, this book has a good one. I got hooked on this writer through her novel: "The Gunfighter and The Gear-Head" and this was my second selection from her works. I will point out with no small amount of astonishment yet again, that this woman is only 21 with the talent and skill of someone twice that age. The story follows a couple of bartenders, one of which is a vampire, although it's kind of normalized that she is. They start running a grift using the two different customer bases from their respective bars and have a lively sex life brewing during the scam. No spoilers, but the ending is comically perfect in how it deals with karmic balancing. My one complaint, it's short, as in you'll finish it in an afternoon if you're a snail-paced reader. It's a novella and it's only .99 and who the hell cares. When I finished, I wanted more, and there wasn't more to be had. There are two charming short stories after the novella, which sounds like it might help, but those only made me want even more. This is kind of a high class problem for the author to have, fielding complaints about wanting more and all, but for the love of Mike, or Michelle since she appears to be a lesbian, write more novels!
reginamay More than 1 year ago
Worth the read !
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've become a big fan of Cassandra Duffy's writing over the past several months, and this is the first time one of her works has been available at such a low price. I expected a short story, but really got a novella and two additional tales that were incredibly arousing, funny, and as usual, extremely well-written. The novella follows Lucy, a mid-western girl who works at the local swingers bar. Getting bored with being hit on by middle-aged patrons night after night, the high point of every evening has become catching a glimpse her strikingly sexy crush Sasha, who works at the vampires-only bar across the street. Shortly after finding out that the feeling is mutual, the two share one of the most erotic sex scenes that I've ever read-involving clothes-tearing, nibbling, and plenty of baby oil. You'll also love the creative and hilarious plan they hatch to free themselves of their dreary jobs and twist ending. The other two stories are also sexy and fun. "An Eternal Night of Overtime" has great scenes involving vampiric hypnosis and strap-ons, and "Haunted House on Top" combines suspense and scares with a standing-up sex scene (my favorite) between two luscious ladies in their Halloween costumes. If you're a fan of vampires, steamy lesbian romance, humor, and exciting plotlines with clever twists, you will DEFINITELY love this book.
Lovely_Night-Reader More than 1 year ago
I'm fast becoming a fan of Ms. Duffy and her work. This novella, appropriately labeled as such unlike so many other similarly sized works claiming to be novels, is a nice little romp through an urban fantasy setting involving vampires and the usual steamy lesbian sex I've come to expect from Ms. Duffy's work. It's comical and light, with all the paranormal stuff normally associated with vampires, but placed in an unlikely package. The story is clearly through the eyes of Lucy, but what really sparkled for me, pardon the pun, was her vampire girlfriend, Sasha, who apparently is a perfect example of a feckless, mid-twenties girl going through a quarter life crisis, except she's a quarter of a millennium old. As with other works from this author, The Last Best Tip is funny, sexy, delightfully off-beat, and for this novella, perfectly priced for the enjoyable few hours spent in the delightful world she created for the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the perfect bite-sized book for the $.99 price tag. It's fun, sexy, and over in just the right amount of time. So many books I see with the $.99 price tag are usually enormous piles of crap that people can only give away or sell at the lowest possible price, but really, is a dollar that good of a deal for 700 pages of garbage? Every now and then though, I come across a book like this one where it is clearly a novella, written as a novella, perfectly priced at a buck. The sex and romance was hot, the jokes were funny, the characters were vivid and believable, and there were even two bonus vampire stories that fit in perfectly with the tone of the novella. Note to other writers: this is what a $.99 book is SUPPOSED to look like.