The Last Defector

The Last Defector

by Tony Cape

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Although somewhat less complex than The Cambridge Theorem , Cape's second excursion into the world of international intrigue retains enough intricacy to satisfy fans of le Carre or Deighton. Hero Derek Smailes is now working for British Intelligence at the U.N. and, through a series of coincidences and strokes of luck, becomes the point man on an operation designed to get a Soviet arms-control expert to defect just as the U.S. and U.S.S.R. are about to conclude a demilitarization treaty that greatly worries the British and French governments. But there is treachery afoot and Smailes finds himself in over his head. Trusted friends and fellow agents are being murdered, and it is more and more difficult to trust anyone--even the beautiful woman Smailes loves. Accused of murder and incarcerated, Smailes must escape and act on his own to expose a nefarious plot to ruin the Cold War accords, humiliate British Intelligence and seize power in Russia. A slam-bang finish uncovers double agents and double-crosses galore, leaving readers both satisfied and eager for the next Derek Smailes adventure. (July)

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