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The Last Detail

The Last Detail

4.1 22
by Melissa Schroeder

Trust isn’t easy when the ones you want most are out to get you.

Ten years after she ran away from Earth, Lou Campbell is one job—just one more collar—away from earning enough credits to go home. All she has to do is lure Sam Dawson within range of her handcuffs with the promise of fast, hard sex. Easy.

Once she gets


Trust isn’t easy when the ones you want most are out to get you.

Ten years after she ran away from Earth, Lou Campbell is one job—just one more collar—away from earning enough credits to go home. All she has to do is lure Sam Dawson within range of her handcuffs with the promise of fast, hard sex. Easy.

Once she gets him there, keeping her own hands off him isn’t so easy.

Sam’s committed his share of sins, but he’s not guilty of selling secrets. Before he can convince the sexiest bounty hunter he’s ever seen that he’s been betrayed, all hell breaks loose. And he’s on the run with a false accusation on his hands—and a bleeding woman in his arms.

Alone in her boss’s safe house, Lou and Dawson’s simmering attraction explodes into full-blown fireworks.

When Jared Flores walks in on his best hunter and ex-lover in bed together, the surprise is mutual. Worse, the need he has long felt for both of them overrides his better judgment. After the fists fly, the sparks catch fire into a budding three-way romance.

Then Sam disappears, leaving Jared and Lou in a race against time to not only retrieve their lover, but save his life.

Warning: Hot M/F sex, M/F/M sex, and holy moly some really hot MMF sex amongst lots of weapons and fire fights. Deceitful family members, nasty set ups, and an Alpha male whose lovers have naughty punishments in mind—when they catch him.

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The Last Detail 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
ZBestreview More than 1 year ago
A novella packed with punch from page one. A total sensual delight filled with suspense and hard hitting emotion to take you away to another world. So we meet our little kickass herione Louella, but we'll just call her Lou, as she arrives on a cesspool planet Arcadia that resembles earth from a 100 years or more in the past. Lou just needs one more collar to earn enought credits to hitch a ride home back to earth and nothing is going to stand in her way; not even the huge hunk she has to take down to do it. Sam Dawson is as drawn to the sweet little blond eyeing him from the bar as she is to him so he's about to ingore his instincts that says she's trouble with a capital T because Trouble is just what he desires right now. Back in Sam's room Lou gets him all tied up and not just with handcuffs while almost getting herself tied up in knots over how attracted she is to him. On the way to Lou's transport they run into trouble and not the good kind, freeing Sam's bonds so he can protect himself they try to head to a safe house to await her boss Jared when Lou gets shot and now Sam must save her. Taking Lou to the safe house where they end up in bed is only surpased by the arrival of Jared who turns out to be an old lover and now the fisticuffs fly and the fun begins. Z
SheriV More than 1 year ago
The Last Detail by Melissa Schroeder is a delicious, futuristic quick romp. The perfect book for a light and super scrumptious night of reading, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves hot guys and tough heroines. The only thing I can find to complain about this book is that it's not a full length novel. A hot, sexy read where the heroine Lou is thoroughly loved and worshiped by her men, with just enough action and intrigue to keep your reading till the end.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
As a fan of sci-fi television I found this novella to be just as entertaining as any episode of my favorite shows. There were great action scenes with an intriguing view of a future world with all the corresponding technology. I found myself quickly drawn in to the society Ms. Schroeder created and hated the story to end. The characters in this story came from varied backgrounds but all experienced hardships along the way. It's created a bond between them, one you can sense the moment they all come together. The characters are strong, both mentally and physically, and I found myself invested in their outcomes. They're likable people trying to make do the best they can while retaining their code of ethics. Lou Campbell is the epitome of a sci-fi heroine, capable of kicking butt with a bit of baggage that gives her a tough exterior. Because of past experiences she doesn't trust men. She's frightened by her intense attraction to fugitive Sam Dawson, the man whose bounty will get her back home, but can't stop herself from wanting him. Their interactions are fun and sexy with both of them radiating confidence. Sam and Jared Flores have a history, one you don't know about until the latter half of the story. The connection between them is immediately present upon their reunion though. As much as they're still attracted to each other they're equally attracted to Lou and seeing them vie for her attention is both humorous and sexy. They're both manly and offer Lou protection as well as strength and I found them to be the perfect match for her. Once they all came together their sexual interludes were intense and nicely spaced throughout the story. Very little time was spent on the actual mystery. This aspect of the story was the weakest part and could be seen merely as a device to bring the lovers together. It's a shame since I was intrigued by the small snippets of political intrigue presented. This was a short story long on entertainment. The romantic aspects were perfectly balanced amongst the high octane action and I found myself ripping through the pages on my way to a very satisfying conclusion. This is my first time reading a sci-fi based story by Ms. Schroeder but it definitely won't be the last.
kristina26 More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of Melissa Schroeder's Harmless series so I was excited to be given the opportunity read and review another story from her, The Last Detail before the release date. This novella has everything you could want in a short story! There are gorgeous men, an awesome heroine and sex-lots and lots of hot sex! All Lou wants to do is save up enough credits to be able to return to Earth. If she can collar Sam Dawson she will finally be able to go home. In order to get him into handcuffs and bring him in, Lou will need to have sex with him. She thinks this will be easy because she has been physically and emotionally hurt so many times, that she has completely closed herself off to the possibility of a relationship. She would only want to be with one man, her boss Jared, but she doesn't think that he feels the same way about her (boy is she wrong!). Except seeing Sam naked and being in bed with him has opened Lou's heart up and she realizes this collar is not going to be as easy as she originally planned. Sam and Lou end up having to go to Jared's safe house together and it turns out that Sam and Jared were once lovers. I loved the history between Jared and Sam and how even though they both changed so much, they still really care about each other. The tension between Lou, Sam and Jared lead up to a very, very sexy night! Since it is a novella, I was not expecting such a well thought out story, but The Last Detail was very descriptive and the characters were all well written. I loved Lou and enjoyed watching her hard exterior crumble. Sam and Jared were complete opposites, but both were so caring and protective of Lou. It was so sweet how much they cared! And that ending! Oh god, was that ending hot! The Last Detail is a fun and sexy read and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this kind of erotica!
BookLovah1 More than 1 year ago
Wow! I was not sure whether or not this would be my cup of tea, but Melissa Schroeder is on my "Auto-Read" list so I dove in. I loved it! The opening immediately gave me a feeling of Blade Runner (which I love) and to have the lead be a kick ass female made it even better! Fast paced, the characters have a history which allows for the brevity of the length, and the sexual tension is terrific! The culmination of said tension is scorching! I truly would love to see more of this futuristic type story telling from Ms. Schroeder because it opens the door for a whole new series. My only negative thought is that it was too short. But for the price point I certainly can't be greedy. However, the skill with which the tale unfolds definitely could have kept me reading for twice the amount of time!
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: This is really a fabulous little story. There is romance, adventure, suspense, mystery, and some seriously hot passion. Lou is tough. She has been on her own for the last 10 years (since she was 15 yo), working for Jared as a bounty hunter and she is darn good at it. This is her final capture and it has a huge reward, even if the details are a bit sketchy. It soon becomes clear that everything is not as it seems with this final capture and it's a race to figure out exactly what is going on. Jared has been Lou's boss for 10 years and he has been in love with her pretty much that whole time, but he's never felt that she was ready for a relationship with any man after the trauma of what happened to her at 15. Nevertheless, she is his best bounty hunter so he knew that she was the one for this job, but when he started digging deeper into the job, he realized that something was off when he discovers his former lover, Sam, was the mark. Sam is undercover on an assignment which doesn't seem to be going right. His contact doesn't show up, but when Lou does show up looking incredibly sexy and interested, he decides to take her up on her offer and ends up handcuffed as her prisoner. That doesn't change the fact that he still wants her and for the first time ever (besides her long-term crush on Jared), Lou finds herself wanting a man. The story in this book is REALLY good. There is lots of history between all three of the characters and it was an interesting twist that Sam & Lou (the two without a history) are the first in the trio to hook up. I liked that little detail and felt like it gave a lot of credence to the three as a menage long-term relationship. The book has an amazing build-up and world-building behind it, but I wanted it to go so much deeper. All the facts/details were there for this to truly be a phenomenal story, but I feel like it only scratched the surface of what was happening. It could have been so much more as a longer novel. It didn't need any more story than was there. I just wanted it to delve deeper into the details that already existed because it was truly a phenomenal story.
Daheart More than 1 year ago
This is a romance/adventure story. Lou Campbell is bounty hunter going to make her last collar so she she can go back home to earth. This way she will have enough credits to get back, it's been a long 10 yrs.Now doesn't that make want to read thier story. Did I mention that there is heat between them from the moment they set eyes on each other. But Lou is not having that she has a job to do, even if Sam had "her hormones bouncing to attention". This is a great story with lots of heat and adventure. The bedroom scenes get ready with a ice cold drink.
LolaLovesBooks More than 1 year ago
Another great book by Melissa Schroeder.I know I can always count on her creating characters that I fall in love with! For Lou, a talented bounty hunter, Arcadia no longer holds the appeal it once did. Her newest assignment from Jared looks promising; it finally looks like she'll have enough money to fulfill her dream of returning to Earth after catching Sam. Sounds easy, right? Well, sometimes things just aren't that easy. Life has not been kind to Lou; past circumstances have lead to walled-off emotions contributing to her hardcore toughness. Her employer, Jared, has always watched her back and been like a husband, minus the sex, and from the beginning of this journey it's quite evident she has met her match while up against the likes of Sam, an accused spy selling secrets to the highest bidder and "lonely woman's wet dream come true." I absolutely love Lou's hardcore exterior shell that encases her suppressed need to trust and let herself be loved. Sam's witty humor, sex appeal and cockiness seems to be just what she needs and Jared's patience and protectiveness is heartwarming, to say the least. In this tale of past/unrequited/blossoming love, which man will be the one to cause her shell to crumble? The answer lies within the pages filled with action, drama, and sweltering sex scenes involving Lou and Sam, Lou and Jared, Sam and Jared, as well as Lou, Sam and Jared! This book definitely deserves a place on your "To-Read" list!
cdkros More than 1 year ago
The author provided an advance copy for review and I was thrilled as I have read almost all of her works. Lou Campbell is on her last assginment before she has enough credits to return to Earth and resume her life there. All she has to do is capture Sam Dawson dead or alive and turn him in. Unfortunately Lou doesn't count on her overwhelming response to Sam. Jared comes home to the safe house that Sam and Lou are hiding in and find them together. His ex-lover and the woman he's been lusting after there in the same place. The sparks start shooting off Lou and Sam immediately, only heightened when Jared enters the picture. The sex is hot and steamy, the action is nicely written and the mystery is not totally obvious at the beginning of this hot little novella. Melissa Schroeder has provided us with another spellbinding love story with just the right amounts of action and mystery. The menage story line works beautifully and the characters just leap off the page. All together a great read!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
I was invited to review The Last Detail by Melissa Schroeder and jumped at the chance as I've enjoyed Ms. Schroeder's A Little Harmless. series. Action, adventure, mystery and a lot of HOT sex. I really enjoyed this story. Ms. Schroeder creates characters you can like and relate to. The sex isn't forced or out of place and boy is it steamy. Bounty hunter Lou Campbell captures Sam Dawson. Situations quickly arise to give her misgivings about his guilt. When he saves her life they act on the intense attraction they feel to each other. Enter Jarad Flores, Lou's boss who has an unrequited love for Lou and Sam's former love and sparks fly. Recommended read.
gypsywoman35 More than 1 year ago
If you like it hot, fast and steamy as you read your short story then The Last Detail is for you. Melissa Schroeder introduces us to a strong heroine in Louella (Lou). I have always liked my female characters strong and in charge and Lou is just such a woman. Lou is a bounty hunter looking for her latest and most dangerous bounty, Sam Dawson. Lou is forever driven to succeed in a highly male dominated arena. Lou is on the the planet Arcadia. Sent to the no holds barred planet by her boss Jared, Lou is determined to get her latest bounty and head for the safety of earth. As Lou finds her bounty, Sam Dawson she is somewhat shocked that she is instantly attracted to him. Knowing that sex and fugitives don’t mix Lou puts her lust on lock down while she attempts to lure Sam into a trap. Sam having felt the same tug of lust and libido when he spots Lou, knows that she is trouble but he wants to see just how far he can get with her. Sam follows Lou and is shocked to find out she is a bounty hunter after him. Things however, quickly turn against both Lou and Sam and they are forced to run and hide for their lives. Finding the haven of a safe house, Lou and Sam decided to explore their mutual attraction for each other in bed.  Hearing that his best agent is in trouble Jared heads to Arcadia to help out. Jared has loved Lou for sometime but has never shared his feelings. Jared, soon discovers that Lou is at his safe house. Jared is soon startled when he opens the door to his house and sees his former lover, Sam in his kitchen.  Once Jared discovers that Sam and Lou have been intimate he must confess his own feelings for Lou and his past relationship with Sam.  Lou, Sam and Jared explore their attraction for each other. Can this newly formed menege e’trois last? 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Avalonldy5 More than 1 year ago
I was really looking forward to reading this book, but it was totally not what I was expecting. I expected more action and adventure and build up, but apparently in 236 (actually 218) pages, you can't establish a relationship before you have sex. The book felt rushed and not thought out. I think 20 more pages would have made a big difference.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RomanceBookCraze More than 1 year ago
I think Melissa Schroeder did a fabulous job with this one. She has created a action packed adventure with great characters and an intriguing plot. Both heros are very alpha yet gentle, one is very stubborn but that is taken care of. Lou is one kick ass chick with a very emotional past. The chemistry is hot and the sex is hotter. I would recommend reading this one with a glass of ice water!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LauraChaplin More than 1 year ago
The Last Detail offered solid world building, suspense, and the ultimate love triangle. Lou is a bounty hunter hardened by a life lived on the streets. Ten years after running away from earth she's ready to leave the vile planet Arcadia and go home. All Lou needs to do is capture Sam Dawson to earn enough credits to go home. As the story unfolds, Lou realizes the mission is a setup to frame Sam. In danger and running for their lives Lou is forced to call her boss for help. When Lou's boss and only friend Jared arrives on the scene, the surprising history Jared has with Sam and the love he has harbored for Lou is revealed. The world of Arcadia was cleverly built and set the desperate and fragmented tone that resonated with all three of the main characters. Lou, Sam, and Jared all had their own personal demons to battle before they could open their hearts to each other. The chemistry between the three of them was palpable and had me waiting with bated breath to see how these characters would find their HEA. Detailed world building, action/adventure, and heart-wrenching romance made this book impossible to put down. Another great read from Melissa Schroeder!
PinkAngelTX More than 1 year ago
Lou Campbell is on her last retrieval, trying to earn enough credits to return to Earth and resume her life there. Her assignment: Capture Sam Dawson dead or alive. Unfortunately, Lou (short for Louella) doesn't count on the overwhelming and immediate sexual response she has to Sam. Jared Flores, the boss who has been in love with Lou for years and the person who gave her the assignment, realizes belatedly that Sam is his ex-lover. An undercurrent of sparks instantly start shooting off of Lou and Sam, only to be heightened when Jared enters the mix upon finding Sam and Lou together in his safe house. The ménage à trois sex is hot and steamy, the action exciting and the mystery nicely written into this novella. Melissa Schroeder has provided us, once again, with another exciting love story with just the right amount of action, mystery, and sex. The characters were three dimentional and fully developed, which added to the enjoyment of reading this wonderfully actioned-packed futuristic story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
grisaille More than 1 year ago
Schroeder is great at character development; Lou, Jared and Sam are all well-rounded and sympathetic, with great backstories. Unfortunately, Jared's introduction is one long, awkward info dump of a paragraph; he could have been much more smoothly introduced into the story. The identity of the villain also comes out of nowhere; there is no build up to his appearance. Additionally, the text is marred my repetitive turns of phrase. Those complaints aside, "The Last Detail" is a fun, fast read with some great menage scenes.