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Last Great Rockabilly Saturday Night, Vol. 3

The Last Great Rockabilly Saturday Night, Vol. 3


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Release Date:
Ace Records Uk


  1. Long Gone Daddy
  2. I'm Snowed
  3. Hang Loose
  4. Makin' Love With My Baby
  5. Mama's Little Baby
  6. Toodle De Oo
  7. Donny's Boogie
  8. Spin the Bottle
  9. My Baby Don't Rock Me
  10. Tongue-Tied Jill
  11. One Cup of Coffee
  12. All Messed Up
  13. Bop Hop Little
  14. Dis a Itty Bit
  15. Rock'n'roll Guitar, Pt. 1
  16. Do Me No Wrong
  17. Gonna Be Better Times
  18. Jello Sal
  19. My Shadow
  20. Raw Deal
  21. Everybody Rock
  22. Scratching On My Screen
  23. Some Like It Hot
  24. Get With It
  25. Would Ja
  26. Have Myself a Ball
  27. Rockin' In the Graveyard
  28. The Cat
  29. I'm Doing All Right
  30. Rock 'N' Roll Itch

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