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The Last Seal

The Last Seal

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by Richard Denning

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17th century London - two rival secret societies are caught in a battle that threatens to destroy the city and beyond. When a truant schoolboy, Ben, finds a scroll revealing the location of magical seals that binds a powerful demon beneath the city, he is thrown into the centre of a dangerous plot that leads to the Great Fire of 1666.

Teenage Historical Fantasy


17th century London - two rival secret societies are caught in a battle that threatens to destroy the city and beyond. When a truant schoolboy, Ben, finds a scroll revealing the location of magical seals that binds a powerful demon beneath the city, he is thrown into the centre of a dangerous plot that leads to the Great Fire of 1666.

Teenage Historical Fantasy

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The Last Seal 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
indiebrag More than 1 year ago
We are proud to announce that The Last Seal is a 2012 B.R.A.G.MedallionTM Honoree. This book is certainly worth you time and money!
Christine_M_Butler More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of fantasy fiction and I absolutely adore historical fiction as well. Richard Denning is a master of both! I will most definitely be checking out Denning's other books too, because I am hooked on both his story telling and writing style. I encourage every one of you to do the same. You will not be disappointed! After all, I am sitting her eagerly awaiting the next book in The Praesidium Series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Move to "the covnant" by beverly lewis
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is terriffic i would recamend to many.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I got this book from Best Books and usually I don't read historically eariler noves based on the year ( specifically the 1700's) but this I wanted to read because it mentioned a Demon, who wanted to kill the the whole human race! And it also showed the the Gabriel,the bookseeller, and Tobias, and Freya and Ben, and when the met, it beagan to turn into a great, interesting novel, it was so good! i hope that Mr. Denning, continues writing other fine novels cause I loved this one!!!! And also it was free!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No money spent its all good cause it was FREEEEEEEEEE
LetsBookIt More than 1 year ago
Richard Denning has written a humdinger.The action starts on page one and builds and ebbs throughout the book. It's this constant building and releasing of tension and action that keeps the reader on the edge of her seat. The characters of Ben and Freya are well developed. They are so very different from each other but together they just work. I adored them both. Evil is personified in Dantalion, the demon. His introduction was enough to keep me nervous about his inevitable return. I did have a few issues with the name 'Dantalion', though - for some reason I kept thinking of a musketeer. That's probably just me. The 'Power Words' and 'Historical Note' at the back of the book were both great additions and I'd like to play on that a bit. The five 'power words' I would use to describe this story are: riveting; powerful; exciting; magical; compelling. Even after reading all 374 pages, I wanted more. Thankfully The Last Seal is the first in a series. I can't wait for the next one. Boys and girls from middle school age to adulthood will be totally captivated by Mr Denning's book.
Evangeline_Han More than 1 year ago
I liked the elements of mystery in this story. It was the mysteries that kept me turning the pages. I was disappointed when several mysteries was revealed halfway through the story. I thought that it would have been more effective if revealed in a somewhat more dramatic way nearer the end of the story or at the climax. There was a minor surprise at the end of the story, but it didn't help to lighten the calm ending. This story had an exciting climax. It was an outright good versus bad climax and that made the ending of this climax very predictable. Nevertheless, I found the action in the climax entertaining. The majority of action in this book makes the book seem tween-ish. I rarely read tween action books and was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The horror parts weren't eerily frightening and I liked that. I also found it amusing that Dantalion sounded like a little kid during the climax. It was interesting how Richard Denning tries to explain the start of the Great Fire of London. Historical facts are mixed with fictional fantasy. There were plenty of Biblical references, too. The narration wasn't really smooth at some parts, but The Last Seal had sufficient mystery and intrigue to keep me hook on to the story.
VaBookworm More than 1 year ago
The date is September 1, 1666. London is about to be ravaged by the worst fire in its history, but they only think they know the cause... Benjamin Silver knows all too well about fire- he lost his parents to one not long ago. Since their death, he's been acting out at school and repeatedly getting into trouble. Today is no different- after being told to stay in his room, he decides to sneak away from the school and wander London. He ends up at a bookstore where he sees a symbol of a portcullis that matches a pendant he wears around his neck. From the moment Ben walks into the bookstore, his life changes forever. He suddenly learns there is more to the world than anyone had ever imagined. Hiding within the city of London is a beast of unspeakable horror and power-hungry men who have decided they want to unleash the beast. In just a few days, Ben discovers many new things about himself and with the help of a few new friends, he hopes to save London from a worse fate than the fire. Can they do it? I received a copy of this book from Richard Denning in exchange for an honest review. I think what I love most about Richard Denning's books is the fact that he manages to integrate true historical events into his stories and successfully integrate elements of fantasy and the supernatural. Today is in fact the 345th anniversary of Day 3 of the Great Fire of London, so I love that I'm reviewing a book about it today! Did you know that 13,000 homes were destroyed, leaving 70,000 of 80,000 London residents homeless? Fortunately, the fire only killed a dozen or so people, but it also killed off the rats that carried the fleas that transmitted the bubonic plague! The writing in this book is fairly simple- it's youth fiction, so it's easy reading. The character interactions are entertaining, and you learn a bit of background on each character as the story moves along. The characters also grow as individuals as the story develops- Ben confronts the trauma of his parents' death, Gabriel confronts his fears, etc. The story itself was quick paced. Just when things seemed to start slowing down for the characters, something else would go awry and they'd be off and running again! It isn't all death and mayhem though- there is a bit of humor intertwined with the story to lighten the mood a bit! Mr. Denning has obviously done his research- the beast Dantalion isn't merely the the fruit of his imagination, but a powerful demon with various abilities, according to demonology. These abilities are all exhibited in The Last Seal. He also explains various events surrounding the Great Fire of London, such as how the winds spread the fire and suddenly stopped after three days. I love when books are well researched! It makes me feel as though I'm actually learning something new as I'm reading! In fact, I know quite a bit more about the Great Fire of London since reading The Last Seal! If you enjoy tales of the struggles between good and evil, I highly recommend this book to you! It's a fun, quick paced read that you won't be able to put down! It made for an excellent summer read!