Launch out Project

Launch out Project

by Stefanie Minatee

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Habakkuk Music


  1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me  -  Jubilation
  2. Lead Me to the Rock  -  Jubilation
  3. Lead Me to the Rock (Reprise)  -  Jubilation
  4. What a Mighty God We Serve  -  Jubilation
  5. I'm Determined to Walk with Jesus  -  Jubilation
  6. God's Got It  -  Jubilation
  7. Be Still  -  Jubilation
  8. I Thank You Lord  -  Jubilation
  9. Peole Get Ready  -  Jubilation
  10. Launch Out  -  Jubilation
  11. In My Father's House  -  Jubilation
  12. I'll Trade a Lifetime  -  Jubilation
  13. Praise the Lord  -  Jubilation
  14. Praise the Lord, Pt. 2  -  Jubilation
  15. A Mighty Fortress  -  Jubilation
  16. Got to Live Holy  -  Jubilation

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Stefanie Minatee   Primary Artist,Vocals
James "Thunderbird" Davis   Tenor (Vocal)
Kim Armstrong   Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Bernard Belle   Bass,Musician
Joel Bryant   Organ,Strings,fender rhodes,Moog Bass,Musician
Barbara Carter   Alto (Vocal)
Jonathan DuBose   Guitar
Wycliffe Gordon   Trombone
Tanya Harris   Soprano (Vocal)
Jef Lee Johnson   Guitar
Kevin Parker   Bass,Guitar
James Perry   Strings,Horn,Musician
Eunice Peterson   Soprano (Vocal)
Louise Bethune   Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Danny Hall   Track Performer
Eric Hall   Track Performer
Carol Lewis   Alto (Vocal)
Robert Walden   Bass (Vocal)
Nancey Jackson   Vocals
SuSu Bobien   Vocals
Ouida W. Harding   Organ
Linell Andrews   Organ,Piano
Loren Dawson   Piano
Jerry Battle   Tenor (Vocal)
Joyce James   Alto (Vocal)
Lucille Graham   Soprano (Vocal)
Beverly Dickerson   Soprano (Vocal)
Juanzel Rennick   Tenor (Vocal)
Nathan Martin   Tenor (Vocal)
Anthony Miller   Organ
Harold Dudley   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Jeff Davis   Drums
Rhenotha Whitaker   Soprano (Vocal)
Marlene Waltz   Alto (Vocal)
Pastor Lester W. Taylor   Background Vocals
Marian Sykes-Johnson   Alto (Vocal)
Garland Aiken   Tenor (Vocal)
Charita Allston   Alto (Vocal)
Yvonne Andrews   Soprano (Vocal)
William Spiegel   Bass (Vocal)
Ella Spears   Soprano (Vocal)
Shirley Solomon   Soprano (Vocal)
Shirley Smith Clax   Soprano (Vocal)
Cheryl Bellamy   Alto (Vocal)
Sheila Burnam   Alto (Vocal)
Beverly Byron   Alto (Vocal)
Rose Cabbagestalk   Soprano (Vocal)
Adrain Champion   Tenor (Vocal)
Alan R. Cherry   Piano
DeAnna Cohen Perry   Alto (Vocal)
Laraine Daniels   Soprano (Vocal)
Janet Darby Dennis   Tenor (Vocal)
Ruth Dargan   Tenor (Vocal)
Elaine Davidson   Soprano (Vocal)
DEA Horns   Horn
Gwen Deiorio   Alto (Vocal)
Debra Dennis   Soprano (Vocal)
Clint Dickerson   Tenor (Vocal)
Penniah Drakeford   Alto (Vocal)
Veronica Drakeford   Alto (Vocal)
Rev. Michael Eubanks   Bass (Vocal)
Donna Marie Franklin   Soprano (Vocal)
Barbara "BJ" Frazier   Tenor (Vocal)
Sharon D. Fudge   Alto (Vocal)
Tamba Giles   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Ervenia Glover Benson   Tenor (Vocal)
Lucy Ann Greene   Soprano (Vocal)
Essie Harris   Alto (Vocal)
Cyndi Hines   Vocals,Soprano (Vocal)
Angie Shaw Crockett   Tenor (Vocal)
Ronald Scruggs   Tenor (Vocal)
Elizabeth Scruggs   Alto (Vocal)
Phyllis Scott   Tenor (Vocal)
Melissa Hunter Lewis   Soprano (Vocal)
Pamela Hunter   Alto (Vocal)
Rev. Johnny Jackson   Bass (Vocal)
Deborah Jennings   Soprano (Vocal)
Ella Dixon Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Rev. Kevin Jones   Tenor (Vocal)
Ceola Josey   Soprano (Vocal)
Tony Royster   Drums
Stephanie Rose   Soprano (Vocal)
Cynthia "Lady Rose" Roberson   Alto (Vocal)
Sondra Buesing Riley   Soprano (Vocal)
Isadell Riley   Soprano (Vocal)
Gail Pryor   Soprano (Vocal)
William L. Pearson   Tenor (Vocal)
Tracy D. Parris   Alto (Vocal)
Rita Owens   Soprano (Vocal)
Brother Ken Matsuo   Vocals
Carmen Mayfield   Tenor (Vocal)
Lois McPherson   Soprano (Vocal)
Elliot Carter   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Esther Williams   Soprano (Vocal)

Technical Credits

James Cleveland   Composer
Glenn Barratt   Programming
Bernard Belle   Composer,Engineer
Dae Bennett   Engineer
Darius Brooks   Composer
Loris Holland   Composer
Darren Lighty   Programming,Engineer
Glen Barrett   Engineer
Stefanie Minatee   Arranger,Programming,Artistic Director
Ouida W. Harding   Composer
Harry Conyers   Engineer
Brian Dozoretz   Engineer
Earnest Jackson   Composer
Dave Gerhart   Engineer
Dave Schonauer   Engineer
Kevin   House Sound
Thomas M. Petroski   Orchestration
Nicole A. Davis   Management

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