The Laws of Attraction: The Manual That Seeks to Reach the Greatest Part of You: Your Potential

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If I asked you to create a list of everything in life that you love where would you place your soul? Is it at the top, bottom, somewhere in the middle or no entry at all? Do you know who you really are or how to properly use your gifts and talents? Are you going to give your soul what it craves or just choose to satisfy your natural appetite? Deep inside of you resides a person that hungers for something more than this life can ever give. Every day we make choices and today I want to extend this invitation to all...
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The Laws of Attraction: The Manual That Seeks To Reach the Greatest Part of You: Your Potential

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If I asked you to create a list of everything in life that you love where would you place your soul? Is it at the top, bottom, somewhere in the middle or no entry at all? Do you know who you really are or how to properly use your gifts and talents? Are you going to give your soul what it craves or just choose to satisfy your natural appetite? Deep inside of you resides a person that hungers for something more than this life can ever give. Every day we make choices and today I want to extend this invitation to all of you that are currently seeking a new direction in your life. Join me as we discover the path to your purpose because your destiny isn't lost, it's just waiting for you to unlock the door. Make this manual your choice and allow its pages to inspire you.

My book works from the premise: What the eyes see the mind considers-What the mind considers the heart accepts-What the heart accepts the body does.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781481738682
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 5/17/2013
  • Pages: 222
  • Sales rank: 1,267,735
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.63 (d)

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The Laws of Attraction

The Manual That Seeks To Reach the Greatest Part of You: Your Potential

By Michael Ross


Copyright © 2013 Michael Ross
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-3869-9



Mr. Right how many ladies have longed to meet him? Where does he live? Does he even exist and when you meet him will he be right for you? Is he romantic, confident, creative, a foreigner or bad boy? Is he humorous, smell nice, shy or bold? Are his eyes hazel, blue, green, gray or some other interesting color? There is a phrase that many ladies like to say, I want to meet someone who is tall, dark, and handsome. And today you and I are going to create this scenario by revisiting a popular game? The dating game consisted of the host, a female contestant, and three bachelors. The female would ask her potential male suitors various questions to gain information about them before choosing her date. Similar to the dating game, you will not be able to see or touch the males that will be presented but only imagine what you would want your dream date to say. Now just for a few minutes let's have some fun and see which bachelor you would choose.

Here are just a few questions that you would possibly ask the bachelors:

* If I asked you to paint me a picture of you how would you describe yourself? What would your Mr. Right have to say to win you over?

* Tell me something intimate about you that no one else has heard. What is the mystery behind your Mr. Right?

* How long was your last relationship for and how did it end? What must your Mr. Right reveal to you about his past so that he might take center stage in your future?

Now if the roles were reversed what questions would the guy ask the bachelorettes?

* Now if I was your man what would you do to make me feel like I'm number one in your life? How would your Misses Right have to respond for you to make her your choice?

* If I was an artist and you were my muse how would you pose for me and why did you select that position? What angle must you see your Misses Right in for her to capture your heart?

* You and I share a romantic evening under the stars and just for a moment our eyes lock on each other because of a mutual attraction. Do we kiss, hold hands and pull each other close or just continue to gaze in each other's eyes? How far does your Misses Right have to go to get you into her arms?

Did you write your answers down? Which bachelor or bachelorette did you choose? Did the audience influence your choice or did you just choose from your gut? Now just for laughs, the next time you're going out ask your date these questions and see if any of his or her responses line up with your answers. However, first tell them that you are reading this book and I just wanted to see if I would have possibly chosen you. Be honest and share with them your answers and just use the data as a way to break the ice. This is what I call the blind approach to dating because no one knows what their really getting until the end of the game. The female doesn't know how any of the bachelors look, morals, smell or financial status. The same can be said for the guys because they don't know if the bachelorettes are pretty, educated, kind, faithful or modest. Each contestant is given a glimpse of the individual by listening to the person's voice, their diction, and the audience response. Your audience could be your friends or family members, but the final decision should be made by you. Let's just say that the blind approach is not always ideal for finding your mate. To find your special someone, you will have to divulge what traits are necessary for you to make him or her part of your life? Your responses will aid us in discovering what type of guy or woman is right for you.

A man or woman is comprised of many qualities but to be happy you have to decide the one thing that you cannot live without. Try to consider for a moment your past relationships and what type of person you are usually attracted to. Can you say that these relationships were healthy or unhealthy for you? Your answers will reveal a pattern that exists in your life concerning the opposite sex. Take a moment to write your answers (Don't rush!)—Place the book down and review your responses. This information could be the key to answering the questions that you are wrestling with. Why do I keep choosing the wrong individual to have sex with? The answer could be that your first sexual encounter is influencing your future choices or the outcome you want is unrealistic for the type of person you like to date.

This is what some women have called the butterfly effect, which is when a female becomes so moved or drawn to a particular male sexually that she just loses her mind. This trigger is found in the male's persona that causes a woman's emotions to take over and places her in some type of hypnotic trance. Now, you might feel deep down in your heart that the person that is right for you should make you feel this way. However, something inside of you might reveal that this type of man is entirely wrong for you. It's natural for you to have these feelings as a woman but you should not let them govern your heart. The danger that goes with living this way usually results in an emotional letdown. You begin to stumble and overlook the obvious flaws that are right in front of you. Your emotional bliss conceals your pain but only for a little while. You cannot see the pain that this relationship is causing or the toll it's taking on your heart. Let me offer you some tools that will aid you in finding the Mr. Right.

Ladies, the word right does not mean perfect or that you will grow fond of every aspect of the male you're with; you might not like his income, education, and even family background but that does not mean the person is not right for you. Right simply means that he or she correctly fits your life needs and is a suitable partner that will stand by your side. Many of us struggle in this place the most because we really can't identify what right looks like. Some of us aren't impressed by the person that's pursing our hearts. This is one of the reasons why you have not been able to discern who your true love is. A list should not be used to find love because even if the person does meet every qualification you wanted, it does not mean that he is in love with you. For example, your significant other declares their love for you. He possesses most of the qualities you desire in a spouse. However, you still cannot find the words to commit to him. Is he really wrong or are you just being a little too picky? Each of us has something that is undesirable about ourselves, but when you are in love one or two small flaws should not keep you apart. I'm not suggesting that you fall in love with the first bachelor that proposes matrimony. However, if you are rejecting everyone that crosses your path its possible that you are not ready to be loved. None of us really knows what package love will appear in. Let's just be grateful that someone took the time to let us know how much they cared.

Now let me give you ladies a look at how some men view companionship. Men, what particular features are you looking for in the woman you want to marry? Is your Miss Right tall or short? Is she light or dark in complexion? Do you like your women slim, petite, healthy or full figured? Is her hair long, short or medium in length? Does she work outside of the home or do you prefer her to just take care of you at home? Do you desire her to have kids or are both of you enough for a family? Is your special someone youthful, mature or seasoned in appearance? When you look at her what effect does she have on your heart? When she takes your hand how does she really make you feel? If she could just utter one sound that would please you what would it be a sigh of passion or her just simply calling out your name?

How devoted will you be to your misses right when you find her? What are you willing to sacrifice to keep her in your life? Remember when I said earlier that true growth demands sacrifice? For genuine love to truly blossom each participant must be willing to give up something to make the relationship grow. When you two are apart from each other what do you miss the most about her? Do you love to talk to her or just make love? When you have to choose between the playoffs, a night with the fellas, and your mother—where does miss right rank in your life? The purpose of this inquiry is to show women that most men only pay attention to things that hold a priority level in their life.

For instance, if the woman that he's currently dating is only desirable because of a sexual attraction than she is only important until the act is fulfilled. If you are asking yourself why can't I just find a good woman and settle down? My first response would be do you see the emptiness that resides inside of you? As a young man I used to frequently attend strip clubs, watched pornography, and went to parties to find women. Can you see how lost I was? I did not have a clue of how foolish I looked coming out of a club that was basically a hole in the wall at 5:00a.m. I was seeking affection in a place where the majority of the people were either high or intoxicated. If alcohol, marijuana or a dark room had anything to do with some or all of your sexual encounters than chances are you might need to change your approach as well. Soul ties are created when two people have a strong sexual relationship and a small emotional bond. However, victims of rape, incest, and molestation do not apply to this reference. A physical relationship does not really last long because the union is mostly fueled by the individuals sexual appetite. Someone is going to get full and eventually walk away from the other person. This is why women should avoid having sex without a commitment because your emotions are more involved than men.

Now as both of you age, does the person you are with still look right to you or is he or she only right while you're young? What makes a person good for one individual and then ideal for another are two separate things. When you choose to love someone, it has little or nothing to do with being right and everything about just staying together. I have a saying which is "I would rather be wrong and together than right and alone". I use this statement to encourage those who are engaged but especially to those that are married. You can be correct in your position but wrong if it stops you from loving the person that you are with. In a relationship when an argument or issue occurs one of the keys to survival is forgiveness. In life many of us are searching for someone special who can fit into the part of the world that we call our own. Now identifying who is right is not going to be easy, but if you allow me I'll lead you to the answer.

The Twelve Questions You Should Ask Before Having Sex

Romance is the focal point of every woman's heart. The key to unlocking her mind can be found in subtle actions: opening a door, lighting a candle, and by creating a new experience for you two to share. Music is essential in calming the savage beast and softening the heart of a woman. The right song can cause her to let her defenses down and allow her to feel something for their male suitor. You offer him a small touch on the hand or elbow to encourage him to continue his quest in capturing your heart. This causes the male to convey a personal feeling to connect his interests with yours. As you both begin to communicate mentally your hearts begin to reach for the other person. No longer is there a boundary separating you because his words have opened the door. Ladies here are a few scenarios for you to consider on our journey for love.

• Turn out the lights and light a candle is playing in the background. If for one night your fantasy guy could be your servant and you were his master—what would you have him perform to get you in the mood? The night is young but are you ready for love or to be loved? Ladies keep in mind that a male will say anything to get what he wants. I never met anyone like you before? (The interpretation of this statement is) I never touched, held, and kissed a woman as fine as you. He asks—please allow me the opportunity to escort you to dinner; I'll be the perfect gentlemen because the only thing that I desire tonight—is your company. He takes you to dinner and gazes into your eyes and hangs off your every word; he smiles and tells you that you look lovely; while walking you back to your place he tells you that he wishes this night would never end. Now what other ingredients, spices, and seasonings are necessary for you to allow your pot to boil over? Is this act of kindness enough for you to say yes?

• Do you remember that song that says, "take my hand let me take you to love land. Let me show you how sweet it could be sharing your love with me I want you to float on." (The Floaters) How high have you soared in finding true love? Tonight your escort arrives and withholds the destination from you because he wants to surprise you. He greets you with long stem roses and a card that says you are the one that I have been waiting for. Before he arrives he calls with instructions on what you should wear. Your curiosity grows because you're anxious to see what he has prepared; he picks you up and takes you downtown to a restaurant of your liking. The valet opens your door and you both enter to find the host holding your reservations. The food is delicious and the conversation is electric; before the dinner ends he offers a toast (to the most beautiful girl in the room!) He pays the bill, collects the car, and instead of taking you home—he drives you to the lakefront to enjoy the view and to sit with you. A song on the radio begins to play which causes your emotions to rise. No words are exchanged but both of you begin to reach for each other. Your lips touch as your arms squeeze every bit of space that exists between you out of the way. He's holding you the way that you want to be held. When you arrive home is your virtue still with you or did you let it go? Would it take reservations at your favorite restaurant for you to say yes? Would a kind word or a romantic gesture bring you closer to loving him?

• What if I turned on some Luther? "If this world were mine I would place at your feet all that I own you've been so good to me: if this world were mine; I'd give you the flowers, the birds, and the bees for with your love inside me that would be all I need; if this world were mine oh baby I'd give you anything." You two are out alone one night having dinner and your admirer whispers in your ear. I want to make love to you tonight just tell me where to take you. I want you more than words can say just share with me your desires and I'll do it. I want to be with you all night long and make it last forever. You two have been dating for about a month and a half and he says in passing l love you. Now would you give yourself to him? Some men will not beat around the bush but be straight forward. Do you like the direct approach?

You can look at these scenarios in two different ways. The first way is to picture them with different men and happening independent of each other. The second is to let each of these examples serve as a build up to the night that he just tells you his true feelings. Which date would you choose? This is what I would call some interesting rendezvous but how many of us realize that we can't live here every day? Elaborate gestures and lavish gifts have their place in a relationship; however, it's not something that can anchor a person's heart or commitment to you. Have you ever heard someone say that love is blind? Many of us choose the wrong person to date and sometimes love because we only magnify or emphasize the parts of the person that we like. For instance, I like him because he's tall, nice build, and sexy eyes, but is he employed, well mannered, studious, considerate or trustworthy? I like her because she has a nice butt or body; she can cook, and pays attention to all of my needs. However, is she educated, have good morals or a person that you would desire to raise your kids?

Isn't it amazing how a person's appearance can change from one day to the next? For example, when you and your mate have a heated debate or argument, it is in this fragile moment that you discover if you really care for the person or not. Your perception is heightened and all of your feelings come crashing down only to reveal the real person that you were trying to hide. No one likes to show their ugly side, but to really know someone you have to see the person for who they are. Finding someone to love is hard sometimes because the two people involved either have nothing in common or are not mentally compatible. Also, timing where a person resides in maturity, finances, and how the person dealt with their previous relationships—plays a vital role in how long your current romance might last.

No relationship can exist on a mountaintop experience forever. Sooner or later you both will have to come down to reality and deal with each other as individuals. "How can two walk together except they agree?" Now the question that I want to interject into our conversation is what makes a person right for you to have sex with? How observant are you when it comes to your life? Since sex is a central theme that most of us will explore let's just begin our discussion here. If you believe that you want to have a sexual relationship than here are just a few questions that you should possibly consider.

* Are we compatible mentally, physically, financially, and for those in church spiritually? Describe in some detail what kind of life you want to have. Where do you want to live, what do you want to offer your children, or do you even want to have kids be honest? What leisure events matter the most to both of you? Is it the theatre or ballet, sports or video games, reading or just traveling?

* Is the person that I see what I want? If yes explain why? How much do you really know about the person you're dating?

* Is he or she enough for me to grow with, have a good conversation, and are they mature or immature? What really captivates you about the person you are with?

* Can I trust him or her with a secret? Now if you cannot share something intimate about yourself that no one else knows than why are you sleeping with him or her?

* If by chance we had a baby together how would that make you feel? If the first response is sadness, abortion, fear or doubt than just maybe the person that you are with is not worthy of all of you.

* Describe together what are the necessary components for a strong lasting relationship? Write down your answers and see if any of the responses are the same.

* What's going to happen to our relationship after we have sex? How strong is your bond in this relationship? Is it just a physical thing or are there any mutual feelings between you two?

Excerpted from The Laws of Attraction by Michael Ross. Copyright © 2013 Michael Ross. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents


About the Author....................     vii     

A Word from your Author....................     ix     

Introduction—Erotic Worship....................     xiii     

Chapter 1 Finding Mr. & Misses Right....................     1     

Chapter 2 Every Tree Has Its Roots Family Structure....................     41     

Chapter 3 Looking Beyond the Boundaries....................     63     

Chapter 4 It's All About The Benjamin's-Economics....................     77     

Chapter 5 Understanding Right and Wrong—Morals....................     103     

Chapter 6 Discovering Who You Are....................     125     

Chapter 7 Your Relationship With The World....................     147     

References....................     183     

Glossary of terms....................     187     

Notes....................     193     

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  • Anonymous

    Posted June 14, 2013

    I just finished reading this book and I have to say that I am su

    I just finished reading this book and I have to say that I am surprisingly impressed. I expected the book to be another run of the mill, self-help guides, geared toward a more mature/spiritual based audience. But it's not that way at all. The author was creative in his ability to reach an audience of all ages, genders, and backgrounds and exposes the reader to the "all to common" practices we make in our everyday relationships, that ultimately leads to the adversities in our lives. The author's insights into relationships in the world we now live in are both eye opening and compelling. I REALLY enjoyed this book. -BRAVO-

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted June 10, 2013

    I'm spreading the word to all my facebook buddies get your copy

    I'm spreading the word to all my facebook buddies get your copy of "The Laws of Attraction" I guarantee you will not be able to put it down.... This book will pull out the best in you... Please share with your friends.

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