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The Letters of Hildegard of Bingen

The Letters of Hildegard of Bingen

by Hildegard of Bingen, Joseph L. Baird

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ISBN-10: 0195168372

ISBN-13: 9780195168372

Pub. Date: 03/18/2004

Publisher: Oxford University Press

This is the third and final volume of the complete annotated correspondence of the extraordinary nun, Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179). One of the most remarkable women of her day, Hildegard was, for more than 30 years, an unflinching advisor and correspondent of all levels of church and society, from popes and kings to ordinary lay persons, from Jerusalem to


This is the third and final volume of the complete annotated correspondence of the extraordinary nun, Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179). One of the most remarkable women of her day, Hildegard was, for more than 30 years, an unflinching advisor and correspondent of all levels of church and society, from popes and kings to ordinary lay persons, from Jerusalem to England. This present volume (letters 218-390) is noteworthy for its large collection of letters to a non-ecclesiastical audience, and because it contains letters not just to such high-ranking notables as Frederick Barbarossa, King Henry II of England, or Eleanor or Acquitaine, but also to common, ordinary individuals of no importance whatsoever, save that they received a letter from Hildegard of Bingen. Addressing matters as diverse as the "humors" and their relation to health and salvation, the fate of departed souls, the frequency and horror of homicide in her age, a means of exorcising malignant spirits, an effective kind of incantation to alleviate nightmares, the proper attitude and response to the fact of excommunication, and male infidelity in marriage, Hildegard provides a unique view of the twelfth century world. Here also are found compositions in epistolary style that are actually sermons, mediations, prayers, or treatises on a wide range of theological topics, such as prophecy, celebration of the Mass, the Lord's Prayer, the creation, and the fall of Adam. Like previous volumes, the translation follows the most recent definitive Latin text, in which the letters are organized according to the rank and station of Hildegard's correspondents.

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Table of Contents

Letter 1Hildegard to Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux27
Letter 1rAbbot Bernard of Clairvaux to Hildegard31
Letter 2Hildegard to Pope Eugenius32
Letter 3Hildegard to Pope Eugenius33
Letter 4Pope Eugenius to Hildegard34
Letter 5Hildegard to Pope Eugenius36
Letter 6Hildegard to Pope Eugenius37
Letter 7Hildegard to Bernard and Gregory, Cardinals39
Letter 8Hildegard to Pope Anastasius41
Letter 9Hildegard to Pope Hadrian44
Letter 10Hildegard to Pope Alexander III45
Letter 10rPope Alexander III to Wezelinus46
Letter 11Hildegard to Hartwig, Archbishop of Bremen47
Letter 12Hildegard to Hartwig, Archbishop of Bremen48
Letter 13Hartwig, Archbishop of Bremen, to Hildegard49
Letter 13rHildegard to Hartwig, Archbishop of Bremen51
Letter 14Arnold, Archbishop of Cologne, to Hildegard52
Letter 14rHildegard to Arnold, Archbishop of Cologne53
Letter 15Dean Philip and the Clerics of Cologne to Hildegard53
Letter 15rHildegard to the Shepherds of the Church54
Letter 16Philip, Archbishop of Cologne, to Hildegard65
Letter 16rHildegard to Philip, Archbishop of Cologne66
Letter 17Hildegard to Philip, Archbishop of Cologne68
Letter 18Heinrich, Archbishop of Mainz, to Hildegard69
Letter 18rHildegard to Heinrich, Archbishop of Mainz70
Letter 19Hildegard to Heinrich, Archbishop of Mainz71
Letter 20Arnold, Archbishop of Mainz, to Hildegard71
Letter 20rHildegard to Arnold, Archbishop of Mainz72
Letter 21Hildegard to Conrad, Archbishop of Mainz73
Letter 22Conrad, Archbishop of Mainz, to Hildegard74
Letter 22rHildegard to Conrad, Archbishop of Mainz75
Letter 23Hildegard to the prelates at Mainz76
Letter 24Hildegard to Christian, Archbishop of Mainz80
Letter 24rChristian, Archbishop of Mainz, to Hildegard82
Letter 25Eberhard, Archbishop of Salzburg, to Hildegard84
Letter 25rHildegard to Eberhard, Archbishop of Salzburg85
Letter 26Hillinus, Archbishop of Trier, to Hildegard86
Letter 26rHildegard to Hillinus, Archbishop of Trier88
Letter 27Arnold, Archbishop of Trier, to Hildegard89
Letter 27rHildegard to Arnold, Archbishop of Trier90
Letter 28Hildegard to Arnold, Archbishop of Trier92
Letter 29Arnold, Superior of St. Andrew in Cologne, to Hildegard93
Letter 30Hildegard to Eberhard, Bishop of Bamberg93
Letter 31Eberhard, Bishop of Bamberg, to Hildegard94
Letter 31rHildegard to Eberhard, Bishop of Bamberg95
Letter 32Henry, Bishop of Beauvais, to Hildegard99
Letter 32rHildegard to Henry, Bishop of Beauvais100
Letter 33Hildegard to Gero, Bishop of Halberstadt100
Letter 34Amalricus, Bishop of Jerusalem, to Hildegard101
Letter 35Hermann, Bishop of Constance, to Hildegard102
Letter 35rHildegard to Hermann, Bishop of Constance103
Letter 36Hildegard to Hermann, Bishop of Constance104
Letter 37Heinrich, Bishop of Liege, to Hildegard104
Letter 37rHildegard to Heinrich, Bishop of Liege105
Letter 38Daniel, Bishop of Prague, to Hildegard106
Letter 38rHildegard to Daniel, Bishop of Prague107
Letter 39Odo of Soissons to Hildegard108
Letter 39rHildegard to Odo of Soissons109
Letter 40Odo of Soissons to Hildegard109
Letter 40rHildegard to Odo of Paris111
Letter 41Gunther, Bishop of Speyer, to Hildegard112
Letter 41rHildegard to Gunther, Bishop of Speyer113
Letter 42Hildegard to Godfrey, Bishop of Utrecht114
Letter 43Godfrey, Bishop of Utrecht, to Hildegard115
Letter 43rHildegard to Godfrey, Bishop of Utrecht116
Letter 44Adelbert, Bishop of Verdun, to Hildegard117
Letter 45Conrad, Bishop of Worms, to Hildegard117
Letter 45rHildegard to Conrad, Bishop of Worms118
Letter 46Hildegard to Abbot Wolfard119
Letter 47Hildegard to Prior Frederick120
Letter 48Godfrey the Monk to Hildegard120
Letter 48rHildegard to the Monk Godfrey121
Letter 49An Abbess to Hildegard122
Letter 49rHildegard to the Abbess123
Letter 50Abbess Sophia to Hildegard123
Letter 50rHildegard to the Abbess Sophia124
Letter 51Certain Monks to Hildegard125
Letter 52Mistress Tengswich to Hildegard127
Letter 52rHildegard to the Congregation of Nuns128
Letter 53Canon Udalric to Hildegard130
Letter 53rHildegard to Canon Udalric131
Letter 54Hildegard to Provost Andrew131
Letter 55An Abbot to Hildegard132
Letter 55rHildegard to the Abbot133
Letter 56Hildegard to an Abbot134
Letter 57Hildegard to an Abbot134
Letter 58Hildegard to Prior Dimo136
Letter 59Hildegard to the Congregation of Monks137
Letter 60An Abbot to Hildegard139
Letter 61An Abbess to Hildegard139
Letter 61rHildegard to the Abbess140
Letter 62Gertrude, a Nun, to Hildegard141
Letter 62rHildegard to the Nun Gertrude142
Letter 63Hildegard to the Congregation of Nuns143
Letter 64Hildegard to Abbess Richardis143
Letter 65Hildegard to a Certain Monk144
Letter 66A Certain Superior to Hildegard145
Letter 66rHildegard to the Superior145
Letter 67Hildegard to the Priest Berthold146
Letter 68Abbot Gedolphus to Hildegard147
Letter 68rHildegard to Abbot Gedolphus148
Letter 69Gedolphus to Hildegard151
Letter 70Five Abbots to Hildegard152
Letter 70rHildegard to the Five Abbots153
Letter 71Hildegard to an Abbot155
Letter 72The Abbot to Hildegard156
Letter 72rHildegard to the Abbot157
Letter 73Hildegard to the Congregation of Nuns157
Letter 74Abbot Kuno to Hildegard158
Letter 74rHildegard to Abbot Kuno159
Letter 75Hildegard to the Abbot162
Letter 76Abbot Helengerus to Hildegard163
Letter 76rHildegard to Abbot Helengerus164
Letter 77Abbot Helengerus to Hildegard165
Letter 77rHildegard to Abbot Helengerus166
Letter 78Prior Adelbert to Hildegard172
Letter 78rHildegard to the Congregation of Monks173
Letter 79Hildegard to a Certain Monk176
Letter 80Morard, Monk, to Hildegard176
Letter 80rHildegard to the Monk Morard177
Letter 81Hildegard to the Abbot Ruthard178
Letter 82Abbot Eberhard to Hildegard179
Letter 83The Congregation of Monks to Hildegard180
Letter 83rHildegard to the Congregation of Monks180
Letter 84A Prior to Hildegard181
Letter 84rHildegard to the Prior183
Letter 85Abbot Adam to Hildegard191
Letter 85r/aHildegard to Abbot Adam192
Letter 85r/bHildegard to Adam, the Abbot195
Letter 86Hildegard to Adam, Abbot196
Letter 87A Certain Monk to Hildegard197
Letter 87r/aHildegard to the Secretary198
Letter 87r/bHildegard to the Secretary199
Letter 88Hildegard to a Hospitaler199
Letter 89Hildegard to Rudeger, the Monk200
Letter 90Hildegard to a Certain Monk201
Scripture Index221
General Index223

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