The Life Cycle of a Shark

The Life Cycle of a Shark

by John Crossingham, Bobbie Kalman

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Any child lucky enough, while beachcombing, to have picked up an empty shark egg case may have a hard time imagining that what hatched out may grow to become a large, fierce predator. What is more fascinating is that some sharks do not hatch but are born alive, and that some sharks are neither large nor fierce and certainly no danger to humankind. How in the world do such tiny babies grow into the amazing creatures we see in aquariums or television nature programs? This book, part of "The Life Cycle" series, details how these amazing salt-water fish begin their lives as eggs or embryos, how shark pups—who get no maternal care—live and grow, how different species adapt to their environments, and how they mate and reproduce. As in all Bobbie Kalman books, the format is colorful and lively, mixing drawn and photo illustrations with simple, clear text full of boldfaced words that can be found in the book's glossary. Final three chapters feature why we need sharks, dangers to these fish, and how humankind can do a better job of protecting sharks, some of which are endangered. Did you know that shark skin contains denticles, similar to snake scales, that are joined together to form a protective layer, and that these denticles are coated with enamel, same as human teeth? You will know this and more if you read this lively book. 2006, Crabtree Publishing Company, and Ages 8 to 12.
—Judy Crowder

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Life Cycle Series
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