The Life Cycle of a Tree

The Life Cycle of a Tree

by Bobbie Kalman, Barbara Bedell, Kathryn Smithyman, Kathryn Smithyman

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Children's Literature
Kalman and Smithyman explore every aspect of the life cycle of a tree, beginning with how trees grow from seeds and the different stages of the early life of trees. A tree's first root is called a radicle, and this will be the main root for the rest of the tree's life. From the radicle grows rootlets and a plumule, which will become the trunk of the tree. The small tree, known as a seedling, will continue to grow until it is a copy of the parent tree, then known as a sapling. Though a sapling may look like the parent tree, it takes many more years before the tree is an adult and can begin to produce seeds of its own. The authors provide fascinating information on the way different trees produce seeds as well as how wind and animals spread the seeds. Full-color illustrations and photos provide examples of each stage of a tree's development. Words appearing in bold throughout the text are defined in the text or in the glossary. Also included is an index. Part of the "Life Cycle" Series. 2002, Crabtree Publishing Company,
— Danielle Williams

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Life Cycle Series
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