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The Light Within Us

The Light Within Us

by Frederick Douglas Harper

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As Frederick Douglas Harper's ninth book of poems with prose, The Light Within Us addresses the God-given gift of talent and the inborn possibilities of love, giving, and forgiveness within all of us. Typical of all Dr. Harper's creative books, The Light Within Us also contains a section with inspirational thoughts and quotes. Examples of titles from The Light Within


As Frederick Douglas Harper's ninth book of poems with prose, The Light Within Us addresses the God-given gift of talent and the inborn possibilities of love, giving, and forgiveness within all of us. Typical of all Dr. Harper's creative books, The Light Within Us also contains a section with inspirational thoughts and quotes. Examples of titles from The Light Within Us include "Our Greatest Fears," "Intentional Happiness," "The Light Within Us," "Love as Light," "I Dare You," "And God Stepped Out From Herself," "Slave Society," "Light a Candle; Become a Lighthouse," "The Supreme Medal of Humanity," "Defeating Yourself," "Loneliness as Companion," "Prisoners of Our Past," "Ode to Emmett Till," "Confronting the Grief Within," "Jesus, Divine Light of God," and "In Search of Purity."

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The Light Within Us

By Frederick Douglas Harper AuthorHouse Copyright © 2007 Frederick Douglas Harper
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4343-4023-8

Chapter One THE LIGHT WITHIN US There is a light within our mind, That shapes our identity therein defined; There is a light deep down within our soul, That releases our talent and makes us whole; There is light through our gifts to share With another; as healing for us which helps Us to give further; There is a light of God's Spirit within us pure, That connects our love and makes us secure; Choose a mission of good for yourself and others; Find a gift of talent within that you like and do best; Release that energy as a way and path of your Gift of life to the world; If lost, find your rightful path in life-it's not too late; Choose to participate in an arena of giving, rather than Observe as a spectator of constant complaint; Choose courage over fear, Choose happiness over sadness, Choose love over hatred and anger; Listen to your heart and mind- Listen to God's calling from the core of your Soul as a voice of your mind's thought within; Follow your dream and not that of another; Answer your calling now or never. QUIET IS THE BREEZE When silence can be heard And the air gently stirred, We sit in peace and think About life or simply nothing; When the beach's salt air Softly brushes our face and hair, We lie or sit atop the sand and Breathe Earth's gifts of life; Can you feel the Spirit's stir Of life within the moment- Of life within and to the movement Of a breeze that fills the lungs And cleanses the soul? Allow the Spirit of the breeze to Come to you; Allow the Spirit to come into you To stay. LIGHT A CANDLE; BECOME A LIGHTHOUSE Light a candle within your soul; Nurture that glow and allow it to grow; Nurture the fire within you as spirit, Your spirit of life to develop as your gift and Purpose in giving and serving; Start a lighthouse from a candle's light, So effervescent to show the direction for those Who will come to aid you or be aided by you; Develop your beacon and show that light for Ships both full and empty to come to your port- People who will come to give to and receive From you; I ask of you to light a candle within you, Deep down within your soul; light that candle And open the door of your talent to light the Spirit of others; I beg of you to prepare yourself for a miracle By allowing the miracle that is you to shine- To shine oh so brightly, so brilliantly; I dare you to relight a candle within and allow The glow to light a room and light the world; I pray of you to light a candle and become a Lighthouse of shared talent, benevolent service, Inspiration, love, and unselfish giving. I DARE YOU I dare you to quit the darkness within you- To allow your natural light to shine; I dare you to quit the fear within yourself, and To bring forth the courage to be you, To be all that you can be and become; I dare you to quit the negative thoughts and Restructure your mind toward positive thoughts of Change in you and your actions; I dare you to be the real self that you are, The identity that you were born and destined to be; I dare you to summon the courage to love and not hate, To forgive and not abandon, to give and not Selfishly take; I dare you to quit the indolence of doing little to Nothing and to reach deep down within the Reserves of your energy in order to work hard And become the self that you can be; I dare you to quit self-imposed and self-accepted pain And allow the gift of joy and the spirit of Life to come into your heart and to your daily living; I dare you to believe in yourself and escape self-doubt That drives misery and the doldrums of despair; I dare you to raise your ambition and goals- To become somebody of worth, esteem, respect, and Accomplishment; I dare you to raise yourself to become a star, a bright Star in a galaxy of stars that twinkle and glitter; I dare you to get up now and start anew in order to Help yourself and thus help others.

JESUS, DIVINE LIGHT OF GOD Jesus was light, Jesus is light- Oh so bright; Light-years ahead of his time; A healer and teacher divine; Jesus was the ultimate light of LOVE, GIVING, FORGIVING; As divine light of God, He showed the way, His teachings light the way today. SLAVE SOCIETY Slaves without their knowledge of such- A strange and sad phenomenon of this time, Our time today; People going about their daily business And personal pleasures, simply as slaves: Slaves to corpocracy, slaves to technocracy, Slaves to mediaocracy, and mediocrity Slaves to role playing inappropriate Behaviors and negative role models; Slaves, slaves, slaves, slaves! People unconsciously going about Their daily business and pleasures as Slaves to their dependency upon Pleasure and material things; Slaves to designer clothes, baseball caps, And jogging shoes-jogging shoes Worn to church, concerts, and on playing field dirt- Or simply on any occasion and anywhere; Slaves to fur coats, gold jewelry, and diamonds; Slaves, slaves, slaves, slaves! Slaves to identity theft and personal bereft; Slaves to financial theft by financial Institutions that secretly and unfairly charge And debit money held in electronic accounts; Slaves to money, romantic honey, and tropical Sunny beaches; Slaves, slaves, slaves, slaves! Slavery while people blindly go about Their daily business and personal pleasures; Slaves to extreme diets of fat, sugar, and salt; Slaves to addictive substances of alcohol, Illicit drugs, and prescriptive drugs; Slaves to excessive sexual pleasure and Relationships' hindsight regret; Slaves to self-destructive feelings of Anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, sadness, and more; Slaves to emotional numbness from abuse, Grief's pain from loss, and emotional Confusion about identity and purpose; Slaves to inappropriate humor by laughing At the miseries and pain of others; Slaves to self-injurious behaviors of excessive Body piercing, cosmetic surgical Mutilation, and conformity tattooing; Slaves, slaves, slaves, slaves! Slaves to global warming and globalization, Slaves to electronic conveniences and Entertainment; yes, TVs, cell phones, CD players, video games, and MP3 players- Slaves to technological comforts and toys; Oh yes, slaves to acronyms and abbreviations, As if we are too hurried and busy to say the Entire phrase or word: DVD, SUV, HDTV- Now you see; Slaves to ingrained childhood beliefs and rigid Cultural values; Slaves to holiday spending and socialite blending; Slaves to iconoclastic, blind conformity to Do it because it's wrong and outlandish, Or because it's what others are popularly Doing; Slaves to rushing, multi-tasking, and the Consequences of preventable accidents or Inevitable heart attack or brain hemorrhage; Slaves, slaves, slaves, slaves! Slaves to communication media with their Soundbites and audio-visual subliminal Messages; Slaves to security for the sake of protecting the Public if not monitoring you and accessing Information on you for the purpose of future use Against you and exploitation of you; Slaves, slaves, slaves, slaves! People unconsciously going about their Daily business and personal pleasures; Slaves to fear of real public violence while naively Laughing at the vicarious violence in commercials, Movies, Internet Web sites, video games, TV sitcoms, and other public media; Slaves to fast talk, fake images, false information, And sensational programming on video media; Slaves to negative reactions and self-distractions Related to gossip and false accusations about you; Slaves to inadvertent and unconscious self-slavery; If you think that you are a slave, You are, and so am I-the question is To what degree; If you do not think you are a slave, You are, and so am I-the question is To what degree.

Definitions of creative terms within this poem: corpocracy (ruling power of corporations), technocracy (ruling power of technology), mediaocracy (ruling power of communication media).


Our greatest fears as human beings are: Not the fear of being unable to find love, But, rather, the fear of not being able to Recognize and accept found love; Not the fear of failing or not succeeding, But rather the fear of not being willing to try Or to accept opportunity for success; Not the fear of death, but rather the fear Of life with its daily challenges and Rejections; Not the fear of achieving to society's Standards or expectations, But rather a fear of living up to our own Personal talents and expectations; Not the fear of being that self as defined by Others, but rather the fear of being that self That we are destined to be or wish to be.


David was a fighter, conqueror, and destroyer; Solomon was a peacemaker and builder; The father and the son, one and the same- The spirit continued; Divine work in perpetuity As intended; A light continued to shine in a straight and Uninterrupted line; King 1 and King 2, life continued and Life's mission changed anew but continued true; King David was a conqueror, and King Solomon was a builder; Destruction and construction-necessary for order, So necessary for reorder and rebirth. HUTU AND TUTSI Innocent people killed in droves while Powerful countries stood still and stood by; Innocent people hacked, pierced, cut, and shot, With no regard for gender or age, as the world Stood by and back and watched on TV and from afar; Few to no attempts to save or rescue the masses; Few to no real efforts to rescue the poor, the Powerless, the defenseless from imminent death And injury, as blood flowed on the streets, in homes, And in fields of green in the midst of screams and Cries on deaf ears; No involvement, little to no intervention to help- Déjà vu; remember, slaughters of the Jewish holocaust; Déjà vu; remember, the Cambodian killing fields; Déjà vu; remember, so-called ethnic cleansing in Countries of Eastern Europe; Déjà vu; the pleas nowadays of inhumane acts in Dafur; When, if ever, will Homo sapiens learn To protect the innocent and the helpless from the Mass violence of others and the pain to themselves? Needless to say, the world will not forget- The world cannot forget, because horror will be Repeated at another time and place; The world must not forget, because horror will be Repeated, possibly in your lifetime and space. TO HONOR YOUR TIME And a spiritual master and teacher of Divine light spoke: What can I do to honor your time? What can I do to honor you as God's Gift to you through my presence? What can I do to make you better Than before and help you to become The destined you that you can become? What can I do to honor you as a unique Creation of a Divine act of spirits moved? What can I do to facilitate the release of A light within you as a gift of talent to Share? YOU WERE SENT FOR A PURPOSE AND WITH PURPOSE And one spoke of love forever: You came to me for a purpose; You fulfilled that purpose and Went away, or did I send you away? Though you're not with me now, You will always be in my heart- Because without you, I would Not be what I am or have done what I have been blessed to do; Though I do and will forever, I need not tell you again that I love you, Because it is written in your heart as It is in mine. ODE TO EMMETT TILL The light within you Was not allowed to shine; It was snuff ed out before its time; Brutally by the viciously unkind; Now, the entire world has been shown What some had seen- That is, what happened to a mere child Of age 14; Emmett, Emmett, Emmett Till; We call your name still and at will; Emmett, Emmett, Emmett Louis Till; We summon your name from the grave, With a sad image's reminder of the Ungodly who smashed in your head, Then shot you dead; We will not forget you Emmett; We will not forget that day; We will not forget those days and Years in infamy's history- An ugly time of unconscionable Acts of prejudice and hatred.


Good morning, good day; Isn't it a beautiful day- Indeed, I surely must say? Isn't it a lovely day- To be alive and breathe life still? Isn't it a wonderful day- To be blessed to live another day, I admittedly must say? Isn't it a beautiful day; So why do you lie in sorrow, Regret, grief, disappointment, and Self-imposed helplessness? Get up and get out- Feel the sun against your face, and Breathe the air into your lungs, or Feel the rain against your pores; Isn't it a beautiful day to be Alive and feel alive, only if you Choose within your mind to make It your beautiful day? DIVINE LIGHT WITHIN US Is it possible that I, as we, Possess within the knowledge And light of all human existence Of times past and now; And with Divine help, we are able to Release the brightest of light from Our souls and hearts? Is it possible that I, as we, May have within and around the Ancestral spirits that protect Our vessel of life's Earthly journey- As I and we pick the fruits along our path To nourish the soul within as souls of others?


When I walk into the morning sun, I can feel the light of Her Divine presence- I can feel the warmth of Her universal love; When I hear the chirps, calls, and songs of birds at Morn, I can feel life's myriad of miracle forms So much adorned; When I look upon a squirrel in a treetop high or Observe a duck fl y against the peaceful blue sky, I can realize the presence of Her majestic Creations in freedom of spirit; When I look at a full moon against night's sky, I gasp in awe, then exhale and sigh; When I watch the rolling waves come ashore, I think of the ocean's mosaic of fishes galore; Creation so beautiful of universe and mind, Created by God over extended time; Why fight we here another day, than rebuild Our Earth so that we can stay?


All of you have lived a life of growth, sacrifice, courage, love, forgiveness, and unselfish giving. Therefore, I salute you and present to you posthumously, but in presence of spirit, the highest medal that I, as a humble poet, can bestow upon you-"The Supreme Medal of Humanity."

Helen Keller, will you please come forward in spirit. You were born with sight and hearing; yet, before age two, because of illness, you lost these-becoming both blind and deaf. With loving parents and the commitment of an angelic life-long teacher, you refused to accept darkness and defeat, lifting yourself higher in education and aspiration, in communication with the world, and in your benevolent service to humanity. Through communicative touch, you were able to know the light of the world and to give back to the world through your brilliant light of love. Through your courageous and determined spirit and the help of numerous good people, you became the first deaf and blind person to graduate from college, receiving your degree with high academic honor. As an international writer and public speaker, you repeatedly advocated for the rights and needs of women and the disabled, especially the blind and the deaf. Your book, Light in My Darkness, inspired and gave hope and help to many disabled and oppressed people around the world. You were and are a beacon of triumph, achievement, and unselfish giving.


Excerpted from The Light Within Us by Frederick Douglas Harper Copyright © 2007 by Frederick Douglas Harper. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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