The Lin & Kliff Story

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Bruce Eder
This is a dazzlingly great and maddeningly confusing four-CD set -- maybe the best box of its kind that Bear Family has ever issued -- and also one hot collection of country-based rock & roll, laced with some cool Western swing and dance numbers, plus some well-played ballads. All of the 120+ songs from the Lin Records vaults nearly half previously unissued were cut in Texas and Oklahoma, featuring some extraordinary local and regional talent that might otherwise never have been recorded. The contents are uniformly good, which is extraordinary in itself for an indie label that most listeners outside of Texas and Oklahama scarcely remember -- what makes it maddening, but ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Bruce Eder
This is a dazzlingly great and maddeningly confusing four-CD set -- maybe the best box of its kind that Bear Family has ever issued -- and also one hot collection of country-based rock & roll, laced with some cool Western swing and dance numbers, plus some well-played ballads. All of the 120+ songs from the Lin Records vaults nearly half previously unissued were cut in Texas and Oklahoma, featuring some extraordinary local and regional talent that might otherwise never have been recorded. The contents are uniformly good, which is extraordinary in itself for an indie label that most listeners outside of Texas and Oklahama scarcely remember -- what makes it maddening, but also very listenable, is that the songs have not been arranged in chronological order. Track order jumps across years, but the mix of sounds makes this one of the most listenable of all Bear Family boxes; indeed, it's like tuning in on an incredible country-rock retrospective on radio. The one concession to chronology is on disc one, which opens with the very first record ever cut for Lin Records, Wayne Jetton's "A Crazy Mind Plus a Foolish Heart." Jetton wasn't even out of high school when he wrote and cut this great, lost should-have-been-a-hit in December 1953. Disc one gets better from there, with Western swing, straight country, and proto-rock & roll. Most of this material was released in 1954, showing just how far out in front of a lot of other country labels Lin Records was in reaching out to teen audiences -- these sides all rock to some degree, and some pretty hard at that. There are a couple of sentimental country ballads in the midst of this, but a considerable amount of what's here is a branch of regional rock & roll evolving in the studio, country music changing into something harder and more aggressive. Disc two is all rock & roll, all the way, with some R&B influences as well. The disc kicks off in high gear, and the pace never really slows; there are also one or two above-average novelty rockers. Disc three is even better, made up mostly of some of the hottest White country-blues-based rock, solid dance tunes, and exquisitely sung Elvis-style ballads this side of Sun Records. Even the more romantic numbers that fill out the side don't break the spell -- this disc would have made a magnificent hour of rock & roll radio. Disc four is somewhat more uneven, running the gamut from elegant, passionate pop to novelty tracks, plus lots of romantic pop-rock from Ken Copeland, including "Pledge of Love," the biggest single that Lin ever had. The book is utterly engrossing, presenting a vivid picture of what running a small label was like the in years that Lin Records started, as well as biographical information on all of the label's artists. It's also profusely illustrated.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 5/20/1998
  • Label: Bear Family
  • UPC: 790051595029
  • Catalog Number: 15950


Disc 1
  1. 1 A Crazy Mind Plus a Foolish Heart
  2. 2 Meadowlark Boogie
  3. 3 I'm Running for Your Heart
  4. 4 Too Fast, Too Wild - David Ray
  5. 5 Just Give Me Time - Larry Crabb & Louis
  6. 6 I Love You Just Because
  7. 7 The Dirty Bird Song
  8. 8 Lookin' for the Green
  9. 9 Pecosita (Freckle-Face)
  10. 10 (Love You, Baby) All the Time - David Ray
  11. 11 My Louisiana Home
  12. 12 Bawlin' and Squallin' (Over You)
  13. 13 Do You Remember?
  14. 14 Loser
  15. 15 Do It Right
  16. 16 The Richest Man Alive
  17. 17 Somebody's Girl
  18. 18 Chilena, My Dancing Girl
  19. 19 Why Can't You and I - David Ray
  20. 20 Cochise
  21. 21 You Are Still in My Heart
  22. 22 Little Red Bird
  23. 23 Wasted Love
  24. 24 Let's Elope Baby
  25. 25 Lonely Hours
  26. 26 Chapel of My Heart
  27. 27 Because I Love You
  28. 28 Please Pardon My Tears
  29. 29 The Prisoner's Farewell
  30. 30 It Don't Make No Never Mind
  31. 31 She's Somebody's Mother
  32. 32 Lonesome Baby Blues - David Ray
Disc 2
  1. 1 Rockin' Rollin' Stone
  2. 2 Lonesome Baby Blues - David Ray
  3. 3 Guitar Smoke
  4. 4 Mother Goose at the Bandstand
  5. 5 Stutterin' Papa
  6. 6 Busy Body Rock
  7. 7 Where the Rio de Rosa Flows
  8. 8 Teenage Love
  9. 9 I Took a Liking to You
  10. 10 If You Can't Rock Me
  11. 11 I Am a Fool - David Ray
  12. 12 The Door Is Open
  13. 13 Saccharin Sally
  14. 14 Angel Blue
  15. 15 I Want to Go Steady With You
  16. 16 Blue Memories
  17. 17 The Fickle Chicken
  18. 18 My Girlfriend's Car
  19. 19 Now I Know
  20. 20 Kabalo
  21. 21 Far and Distant Lands
  22. 22 Little Mama Tree Top
  23. 23 I'll Be Your Baby
  24. 24 Come Back to Me
  25. 25 A Certain Smile
  26. 26 Jelly Roll Man - Bill Simpson
  27. 27 Pledge of Love
  28. 28 Rockin' Hall - Butch McCleary
  29. 29 (Don't Leave Me) Alone
  30. 30 Wild, Wild Woman
Disc 3
  1. 1 Round and Round
  2. 2 Rough Tough Man
  3. 3 Jitterbugging Baby - David Ray
  4. 4 I Found a New Love
  5. 5 Jessie Lee
  6. 6 Dogfight
  7. 7 Night Air
  8. 8 Through Eternity
  9. 9 A Fool Again
  10. 10 My Poor Heart
  11. 11 Still in Love With You
  12. 12 Lonesome Feeling - David Ray
  13. 13 Telegraph
  14. 14 Angel from Above
  15. 15 Do You Know
  16. 16 In Dreamland
  17. 17 Caravan
  18. 18 Special Kind of Loving
  19. 19 Lipstick and Rouge
  20. 20 Until You're Mine
  21. 21 Knee Shakin' - Don Terry
  22. 22 I Do
  23. 23 Fanny Brown
  24. 24 My Little Girl
  25. 25 Old Man Mose - Bill Simpson
  26. 26 Beatle Maniacs
  27. 27 Do You Love Me
  28. 28 She Giggles - Don Terry
  29. 29 Blue Moonbeam
  30. 30 Whistling Rock and Roll
Disc 4
  1. 1 Disc Jockey Fever
  2. 2 Pledge of Love
  3. 3 Dark Eyes
  4. 4 Music Box Lullaby
  5. 5 Rendezvous
  6. 6 Someone to Love Me
  7. 7 Late in the Evening
  8. 8 You'e Getting the Idea
  9. 9 Show Me the Way (To Your Heart)
  10. 10 A Twist of Lemon
  11. 11 The Devil's Train
  12. 12 And So It Goes
  13. 13 Give Me Your Heart
  14. 14 Somewhere Angels Are Smiling
  15. 15 Love Only Me
  16. 16 Lonely Rhapsody
  17. 17 Death Row
  18. 18 Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt - Virginia Thompson
  19. 19 Suez
  20. 20 Who Am I?
  21. 21 Hurt Me
  22. 22 Golden Grain
  23. 23 The Magic of First Love
  24. 24 Locked in the Arms of Love
  25. 25 Fools
  26. 26 Going Home, All Alone
  27. 27 Why Did She Leave
  28. 28 It's Me Girl
  29. 29 I'm Gonna Try (To Steal Her)
  30. 30 Woman Child
  31. 31 Angels Can Lie
  32. 32 It Must Be Love
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Wes Harrison Vocals
Floyd Cramer Piano
Johnny Gimble Fiddle
The Jordanaires Ensemble
George Burns Tenor Saxophone
Little Joe Cook Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vibes
Mike Post Drums
Thumbs Carllile Electric Guitar
Lee Jackson Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Buck White Piano
Steve Wright Rhythm Guitar, Track Performer
Anita Kerr Vocals
Billy Simpson Vocals, Track Performer
James Wilson Vocals
Don Alexander Bass, Vocals, Track Performer
The Anita Kerr Singers Vocals, Ensemble
Brenton Banks Violin
Jimmy Belkin Fiddle
Harold Bradley Guitar
Robin "Hood" Brians Piano
Paul Buskirk Guitar, Mandolin
Ray Edenton Guitar
Buddy Harman Drums
Jimmie Haskell Leader
Hoyt Hawkins Vocals
Howard Roberts Electric Guitar
Neal Matthews Vocals
Louis Dean Nunley Vocals
Frank Owens Guitar
Johnny Pace Piano
Earl Palmer Drums
Harold L. Powell Steel Guitar
Freddy Powers Vocals, Track Performer
Ray Ruff Track Performer
Whitey Thomas Piano
Link Davis Jr. Tenor Saxophone
J.B. Brinkley Electric Guitar
Cecil Brower Fiddle
Dorothy Ann Dillard Vocals
Jack Allday Drums
Fred Cantu Drums
Joseph Guastafeste Bass
Grundy Harbert Bass
Hal Harris Electric Guitar
Ramez Idriss Electric Guitar
Walter Kirkes Electric Guitar
Marvin Montgomery Tenor Banjo
Bill Peck Track Performer
Jimmy Rollins Electric Guitar
Gloria Stroud Violin
Wilda Tinsley Violin
Lillian Vannhunt Violin
Bob Moore Bass, Leader
Hugh Gordon Stoker Vocals
Bill Tanner Track Performer
Paul Blunt Piano, Steel Guitar
Gene Crownover Steel Guitar
Dale Gilley Steel Guitar
Trella Hart Vocals, Track Performer
Jimmy Kelly Steel Guitar
Doc Lewis Piano
Peggy Miller Violin
Johnny Perkins Guitar
Vi Petty Piano, Celeste
Bill Simmons Piano, Ocarina, Background Vocals
Richard Cole Trombone, Vocals
Eddie Hodges Bass
Johnnie Manson Fiddle
Freddy Scott Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Tharp Guitar
Ray C. Walker Vocals
Buck Griffin Guitar, Vocals, Track Performer
Andy Starr Track Performer
David Ray Track Performer
The Strikes Ensemble
William Guilford Wright Jr. Vocals
Tom Gwin Drums
Bob Kornegay Trumpet
William F. Pecchi Drums
Dave Ward Bass
Charles Welch Vocals
Frank Delano "Andy Star" Gulledge Guitar, Leader, Vocals
Homer Randolph Saxophone
Ray Ruffin Guitar, Vocals
Charles Thompson Vocals
John Kaufman Bass
Horace Rollins Bass
Gene Armstrong Bass, Leader, Track Performer
Ted Barrett Leader, Vocals
Larry Crabb Vocals, Track Performer
Mike Danbom Bass, Guitar
Doodle Duncan Guitar, Vocals, Track Performer
Willie Jacobs Vocals, Background Vocals
Wayne Jetton Vocals, Track Performer
Nora Johnston Celeste, Vocals, Track Performer
Paul Jorgenson Bass
Larry Marcum Guitar
Woody Mitchell Guitar, Vocals, Track Performer
Ramona Redd Vocals, Track Performer
Merle Shelton Guitar, Vocals, Track Performer
Bill Switzer Vocals, Track Performer
Al Warr Bass (Vocal)
Gene Warr Tenor (Vocal)
Albert Branden Cornelius Electric Guitar
Virgil Thomson Vocals
The Four Mints Track Performer
Kenneth Scott Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Butch McClarey Vocals, Track Performer
Ken Copeland Vocals, Track Performer
The Atmospheres Track Performer
Tu-Tones Track Performer
Honee Welch Track Performer
Bill Wimberley Track Performer
The Chuck-A-Lucks Track Performer
Jerry Fuller Vocals, Track Performer
Ben Hill Bass, Vibes
George Campbell Piano
Larry Adair Guitar
William V. Tanner Combo Ensemble
Ray Yates Bass, Drums
Adrian McClish Vocals
Reuben Noel Vocals
Charlie Dickerson Vocals
Jodie Lyons Saxophone
Jack Petersen Piano
Aubie McSwain Tenor (Vocal)
Susan McCuen Vocals, Background Vocals
Audrey E. Anastasi Cello
Martin Anastasi Viola
Larry Monroe Vocals
Joseph G. Joe Comfort Bass
James Black Guitar
Chico Appondocca Drums
Jack Atchley Piano
Johnny Baggett Rhythm Guitar
Bobby Belcher Piano
Charles Borth Guitar
Jerome Borth Mandolin, Steel Guitar
Jewel Brawley Vocals
Paul Brawley Bass
Zelman Brounoff Violin
Clarke Brown Jr. Guitar
Jim Burdette Vocals
Chuck Carrell Drums
Ray Cochran Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vibes
Don Curtis Vocals
Harold Dean Bass, Drums
Jean G. Deason Violin
Charles Dewbre Fiddle
Frank Dove Guitar, Vocals
Lou Dressler Vocals, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Ken Early Bass
Joe Dean Evans Guitar
Jack Gipson Bass
Ronnie Goodrich Bass, Guitar
Eddie Grady Accordion
Roberta Guastafeste Cello
Paul Guerrero Jr. Drums
Die Happy-Singers Ensemble
Jerry Harmon Piano, Electric Guitar
James Marshall Head Reeds, Saxophone
Julia L. Herrman Harp
Dixon Holman Guitar, Vocals
Don Hosek Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vibes
Raymond Hurst Guitar
Red Kearns Leader
Buddy Kendrick Bass
Don Keyes Vocals
Val Kolar Bass
Bill Kramer Guitar
Paul Kunz Background Vocals
Lin Airs Background Vocals
James "Sonny James" Loden Fiddle
Tom Loy Trumpet, Vocals
Larry Mackey Guitar, Vocals
Lyman Macklin Bass
Billy Mayo Clarinet, Leader, Saxophone
Bob Meadows Steel Guitar, Background Vocals
Thomas W. Merriman Piano, Leader
Leroy Millican Electric Guitar
Lonnie Mitchell Bass
Marvin Pace Bass
Walter Paschal Parsons Drums
Robert Wilson "Lefty" Perkins Electric Guitar
Hollis Pritchett Fiddle, Steel Guitar
Katherine Rapp Harp
Margee Robinson Vocals
Charles E. "Ernie" Royer Guitar
Lynne Ruffin Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Ryles Sisters Vocals, Ensemble
Jamael Salam Guitar
Frank Seford Piano, Electric Guitar
Seymour Sisters Vocals, Background Vocals, Ensemble
Bob Slaughter Viola
Oscar Ray "David Ray" Smith Guitar, Leader, Vocals
Paul T. Smith Piano
Ken Snyder Drums
David Lee Spencer Bass, Leader
Pappy Stapp Bass
Bill Stubblefield Human Whistle
Jim Tankersley French Horn
R. Wolfe Tanner Bass, Guitar
Johnny Thompson Piano, Leader
William R. Tieber Violin
Josephine O. Travers Violin
James Vasich Drums
Steve Voekel Bongos
Hugh Wadill Organ
Ken Waldrop Organ, Bass, Piano
Elizabeth Weeks Vocals
Robert W. "Bob" Welz Alto Saxophone
Joe Whitefield Guitar, Vocals
Bill Winberly Drums
Eddie Gale Vocals
Robert Knight Reeds, Saxophone
Pete Martinez Vibes
Technical Credits
Wes Harrison Sound Effects
Johnny Young Composer
Peter Rowan Composer
Ian Gillan Composer
Mick Jagger Composer
Bob Mould Composer
Paul Simon Composer
Brian Wilson Composer
John Williams [composer] Composer
Harold Arlen Composer
Ritchie Blackmore Composer
Roger Glover Composer
Jon Lord Composer
Duke Ellington Composer
Colin Escott Illustrations
Sammy Fain Composer
Gregory Isaacs Composer
Morris Levy Composer
Ian Paice Composer
Dave Pirner Composer
Keith Richards Composer
Claude-Michel Schönberg Composer
Solomon Composer
Steven Tyler Composer
Paul Francis Webster Composer
Brad Whitford Composer
Phil York Illustrations
Jimmie Logsdon Composer
Jack Allday Illustrations
John McEntire Composer
John Herndon Composer
Douglas McCombs Composer
Bill Simmons Illustrations
Bundy K. Brown Composer
Dan Bitney Composer
Bill Millar Producer, Reissue Producer, Illustrations
R.A. Andreas Illustrations
Richard Weize Producer, Liner Notes, Reissue Producer
Kenneth Ruffin Composer
Sylke Holtrop Artwork
Jurgen Crasser Mastering
Hans Peter Zdrenka Illustrations
Kevin Coffey Producer, Liner Notes, Reissue Producer, Illustrations
Vic McAlpin Composer
Jerry Freeman Engineer
Wolfgang Taubenauer Artwork
Jim Beck Engineer
Jim Caviness Illustrations
Joe M. Leonard Jr. Producer, Liner Notes
Thomas W. Merriman Arranger
Owen Switzer Illustrations
Mills Composer
Glaser Composer
R. Hylton Composer
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