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The Little Ant (La Hormiga Chiquita)

The Little Ant (La Hormiga Chiquita)

by Michael Rose Ramirez, Rizzoli, Linda Sawaya
A little ant seeks restitution from the humans, animals, and natural events that it holds responsible for its broken leg.


A little ant seeks restitution from the humans, animals, and natural events that it holds responsible for its broken leg.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Children's Literature
A very chic little ant, red high heels and all, suffers a broken leg while walking through the snow one day in town in this adaptation of a Mexican folktale. She scurries off to see the judge for restitution with crutches and a tiny cast on one of her six legs. The various parties involved are called before the judge; their reasons for not accepting responsibility reflect humor and insight that transcends culture and time. The ending finds the ant at peace, but probably not in the way she expected. I found the illustrations simple yet detailed, with color and form reflective of Mexican folk art. They deserve a second and third look, as does the story, revealing more each time. The translation is honest and flowing, making for wonderful reading in either language.
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
K-Gr 2-One snowy day, an ant slips and breaks her leg. She goes to the judge, hoping he'll punish the snow for making her fall. But the snow claims that he was not to blame, because it was the sun who melted him. The sun, of course, pleads that it was the cloud's fault for not hiding him. So it goes until the tale ends with the cycle of events being caused by God. The judge concludes, "It's true, my little ant, God makes all things, so we must always try to make the best of living with what is around us." La Hormiga Chiquita is a famous character in Spanish folktales. She is usually on a quest for justice for some wrong committed by the elements, and always abandons the quest when she encounters some greater power better left unchallenged. Broadening its appeal for many audiences, Martinez has retold this tale in both Spanish and English. It lends itself to telling aloud, with the repetition of events making it easy for young children to follow. The brightly colored illustrations give clues as to the identity of each next all-powerful figure. Judy Sierra's Flannel Board Storytelling Book (Wilson, 1987) features a flannel board version of "La Hormigita" starring in a different adventure.-Maria Redburn, Irving Public Library, TX

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