The Log of Christopher Columbus: The First Voyage: Spring, Summer and Fall, 1492

The Log of Christopher Columbus: The First Voyage: Spring, Summer and Fall, 1492

by Christopher Columbus, Robert Sabuda, Steve Lowe

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Gr 2-4-- Robert Fuson's The Log of Christopher Columbus (International Marine, 1987) is the source for this picture book. The brief, readable text focuses on some of the more dramatic moments of the voyage, including Columbus's attempts to calm his fearful and mutinous crew, the excitement of both the first false sighting of land, and the later actual landfall. Only one entry is used from Columbus's account of traveling through the Caribbean islands, and no mention is made of his return home. Sabuda's linoleum-cut illustrations are deeply colored in blues and purples and present striking views of sky and sea. Some have an aerial perspective; all use light and shadow in a dramatic way to portray effectively the movement of the ships and the somber faces of the men. Large and bold, they lend themselves perfectly to group sharing, which is the best use for this book as the vocabulary will be difficult for the younger children who will be attracted to the picture-book format. The Roops' I Columbus (Walker, 1990), which is drawn from the same source, has more entries, is longer, and is more suitable for intermediate students. Lowe's text is so abridged that it has eliminated much of the sense of wonder and Columbus's strong religious faith that are so apparent in the Roops' book. Schools may wish to purchase it, however, because it presents some of the explorer's own words, and is dramatically illustrated. --Jean H. Zimmerman, Willett School, South River, NJ

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