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The Long, Long Journey: The Godwit's Amazing Migration

The Long, Long Journey: The Godwit's Amazing Migration

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by Sandra Markle, Sandra Markie, Mia Posada

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Children's Literature - Jennifer Lehmann
"Crackle! Crackle! Crunch!" The bar-tailed godwit family's last egg hatches. The little female joins her siblings to snuggle under their mother and stay warm. Over the next four months, the young godwit grows bigger and learns how to hunt and fly. In mid-October, she and the other young godwits rise as a flock to make the long migration from Alaska to New Zealand. Their mothers and fathers have left already. The young female faces dangers on her nonstop flight, but she arrives safely on the mudflats. By following a single godwit from hatching to landing, this book teaches about the migration of the bar-tailed godwits in an engaging story. Specific facts are woven seamlessly into the narrative, so that readers learn about the godwits' predators, food supply, and travel route without experiencing a break in the flow of the story. Bright watercolor-and-collage illustrations give the pictures a sense of texture, which accompanies the factual text beautifully. Students would enjoy reading this book on their own, but additional facts, resources, and an author's note at the end make it a good choice as part of a lower elementary curriculum. Reviewer: Jennifer Lehmann
Kirkus Reviews
In four short months, a bar-tailed godwit chick becomes an adult that makes an incredible journey. Migrating 7,000 miles south from their breeding grounds, bar-tailed godwits flee the Arctic winter for the Southern-Hemisphere summer, making the longest known nonstop flight of any bird. From fluffy hatchling on the Alaskan tundra to adulthood on the New Zealand mudflats, Markle describes one female chick's experience for young readers and listeners. There is no anthropomorphization in this narrative, just gentle realism. The author introduces some predators: A fox sneaks up, but the adult birds shoo it away while the chick hides. Later, on the migration flight, the bird avoids a peregrine falcon. Though the text is simple, the author paints a clear picture. "The young female prances across the mud on her long legs." Finally, "The young female swoops down with the flock to the New Zealand mudflats, where land mingles with the sea." Posada uses painted papers and other fluffy materials for her collage illustrations, which fill the double-page spreads. The bird's signature upturned beak and changing colors are clearly shown. Additional facts, resources for further exploration and an author's note round out the package. Readers of Markle's Snow School (2013) and Waiting for Ice (2012), both illustrated by Alan Marks, will welcome this additional account of a baby animal's growth to independence. (Informational picture book. 4-9)

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Meet the Author

Sandra Markle is the author of numerous award-winning science books for children. She is also a nationally known science education consultant and a former elementary school science teacher. Her recent books include the award-winning Animal Predator, Animal Scavenger, and Animal Prey series for Lerner Publishign Group. She lives in New Zealand with her husband. Mia Posada is the author and illustrator of several picture books. She enjoys combining her love of art with her interest in nature. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and children.

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