The Lost One

The Lost One

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by Meg Collett

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They say some things must be broken before they can be fixed. But when Michaela hoped to cast doubt on the Aethere, she never thought things would fall apart like they did. Now the Aethere have turned their attention to the End of Days, and they won't rest until they obtain the tools of Earth's final destruction: the Seven Seals.

The world is falling apart at


They say some things must be broken before they can be fixed. But when Michaela hoped to cast doubt on the Aethere, she never thought things would fall apart like they did. Now the Aethere have turned their attention to the End of Days, and they won't rest until they obtain the tools of Earth's final destruction: the Seven Seals.

The world is falling apart at the seams, and Michaela finds herself clutching the threads. She alone understands what will happen if the Aethere ever get the seals, and it's the one thing she will fight to the death to prevent if she has to.

Even amidst the devastation on Earth, Michaela struggles to restore her faith in Gabriel. Together, they'll need to decide if their love is strong enough to erase the line she had fought so hard to draw between holy and fallen.

Michaela said she wanted a war, but when the End is looming, what will she fight for?

***End Of Days Series***
The Hunted One
The Lost One
The Only One - Coming Summer 2014

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Meg Collett lives deep in the hills of Tennessee where there the cell phone service is a blessing and internet is a myth of epic proportions. She is the mother of one giant horse named Elle and two dogs named Wylla and Mandy. Her husband is a saint for putting up with her ragtag life. End of Days is her first series.

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The Lost One 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
bookieSH 2 days ago
OMG!!! Wow!!! Don’t know what else to say except when is the next book is going to be out! I started this book in the morning (around 8) and finished it before 4 pm the same day. I will admit I expected to enjoy it because I LOVED The Hunted One, if you haven’t read it DO IT, and it didn't disappoint me in fact it surpassed my every expectation. The growth and changes of all the characters was amazing and you hear Clark’s parent’s story. The story took hold of me and didn't let go, it held me tightly in its grip until the very end at which time I was very sad I didn't have the next one to start. What else can I say but you HAVE to read it!!! You won’t be disappointed!
amartinez87 8 days ago
I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock. The Lost One is book two in the End of Days Series. Warning this is not a stand alone novel. War is on the horizon and the end of days is near. Michaela tried to expose the Aethere for what they really are but her plan backfired and she ended up unleashing a terror upon the Earth. Souls aren't be judge and are causing the Earth to be blanketed in darkness. Plagues threaten the humans and the outlook is bleak. Is there any hope for them to survive? The Aethere need the seven seals to start the end of days and will stop at nothing to obtain it. Gabriel tries to come to terms with who and what he is now. He fights for Michaela but will he end up helping or hurting her? Clark discovers who he really is and what part he plays in the world. Now all they have to do is survive long enough to restore Heaven and defeat the Aethere who will destroy it. Captivating! The Lost One is a fantastic addition to the End of Days series. It picks up where The Hunted One left off and didn't slow down leaving you waiting in anticipation for the third book. Michaela and Gabriel continued to grow as individuals and in their relationship. Clark's sarcastic attitude breaks up the dark tone of the story and makes you laugh. There are so many areas of grey in this book it makes you question what is right and good and what is evil and wrong just as Michaela does. The book was amazingly written and adds more depth to the familiar characters making me love them even more. It was well paced and kept you entertained and interested the whole time. I recommend the book for fans of darker fantasy novels and angel and apocalypse stories. I give this book 5 fangs.
SharonHolland 13 days ago
This 2nd part in the series just draws you in more!! Michaela is trying to figure out a way to save Heaven, but the ones controlling it are sending major disasters and plagues to weaken everyone, unless she gives up the 7 seals. Clark finds he has powers, but Lucifer wants him because he wants the weapon Clark can be. This book like the first draws you in and keeps you turning the pages craving more!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very well done! As Michaela's story continues we begin to understand that not everything is as simple as black and white and good and evil. And as she fights to to make the right choices to fix all the terrible things that have happened Michaela starts to realize that very thing herself. And that gives her the strength she needs to keep fighting.  I loved the flashbacks that showed how Iris and Isaac met and how it all led up to the present events and I really enjoyed watching not just Michaela but many of the characters grow into better versions of themselves even as they had to struggle to move past all the hurt and sadness they had to endure.  I admit more than once the story tugged at my heartstrings and had me reaching for a tissue. Add to that the few twists I didn't see coming and I was hooked!  It definitely left me anxious to start the next book in the series and in my opinion The Lost One is definitely recommended.
MargieS1 More than 1 year ago
Given To Me For An Honest Review In Meg Collett's book The Lost One (End of Days Book 2), Heaven is demanding the 7 Seals. Archangel  Michaela is told to turn them over now. If not there will be a huge mass of plaques unleashed to  devastate the earth. She believes it will not only destroy earth but heaven and hell with it. What should she do? This story is original and is such a great read. It is a real page turner and has some twists and  turns. You will love every page you read. I love it. I gave this book 5 stars but I wish I could give it more.  I recommend this book to everyone. I really recommend that you read all three books in order to really  get the whole story. Book 1 - The Hunted One. Book 3 - The Only One. I look forward for more from  Meg Collett.
Sami_Creech More than 1 year ago
Michaela continues to try and right the wrongs she has unleashed upon the Earth and the ones being done in Heaven by the Atherea. She is worn out and tires of the fight but refuses to give up. Gabriel wants to help Michaela as much as he wants to hurt her. Ever since he signed his soul over to Lucifer in order to help her, his feelings everyone have been conflicted. Clark wants nothing more than to help Michaela bring down the Atherea so that Earth can become inhabitable again and the souls and Angels can go back where they belong. It is a long and bitter battle with many losses and heartbreak. There are no true winners in a war. The Atherea start to unleash plagues on the Earth and will not stop until Michaela gives them the Seven Seals which will bring about the End of Days. Michaela refuses to do so and is amazed by how many are actually willing to stand and fight with her when not so long ago everyone despised her for her mistakes. While battle plans are being formed and executed the true test comes when Michaela has to decide to either love or hate Gabriel. Her choice could mean the chance of winning this war or losing it before it has even really started. Will she make the right choice? Will she be able to set aside her preconceived notions about the Fallen and truly love? Will Clark finally realize his full potential as the half breed Nephil and help to tip the scales in this seemingly never ending battle? Will the last plague finally diminish everyone’s resolve to the point where they just give up? 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was given a copy for an honest review. "I deliver a message to the fallen Archangel Michaela. Heaven demands the Seven Seals. You, Michaela, will turn them over immediately. If you wait," the Watcher paused and smiled cruelly, "we will unleash plagues of mass devastation on the Earth." Right where the first first book, The Hunted One, left off we pick up with, The Lost One. The aether has control of heaven and want to call on the end of days. Michaela believes the end of days will not only destroy earth, but heaven and hell with  it. She finds help in the last places she ever expects to find it. This is such an original story and it was so much fun to read. I just couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next installment. It does have some adult content and sexual situations.
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
I was gifted this book by the Author for an honest review.  I gave this book 5 stars.  This is book two in the End of Days series. But this is the first book that I have read from Meg .. So I say it can be read as a standalone. I am sure I would have gotten more out of it by reading the first one too. I plan on doing that very soon!  Stars:5  Book: The Lost One It is hard to put into words how amazing this book was, so I’ll just say that I couldn’t put it down once. And when I was distracted I was trying to hurry up and finish whatever I was doing so I could go back to reading this unique book. This book is not what you would expect from a book about heaven and hell and fallen angels but it is good nonetheless. This book starts off right where it left off which I was happy about, because I hate missing details between books.  Micheala has left behind everything she has ever known and she is still fighting to protect heaven and Earth. After everything she has been through it’s hard not to be on this character’s side. It is amazing that Gabriel is always trying to protect Micheala and help her through whatever she is facing. I could not get over their love; they are such a magnetic couple. Clark is obviously one of my favorite characters, even after all he has been through he is always there for Micheala. I fell in love with the characters in this book and I couldn’t stop turning the pages once I started. I can’t wait until the next book comes because I, of course, want to know what happens next. Meg Collett is an amazing author and she has perfected the writing style of keeping you on the edge of your seat, pulling out your emotions, and leaving you begging for more. THANK You Meg for a wonderful book!!! I loved it!!!