The Low Lovers of Dame Anastelle Yrai

The Low Lovers of Dame Anastelle Yrai

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by Naoko Smith
Anata Yrai likes to play – with low lovers. (Warning: for over 18s only, contains explicit sex scenes.)


Anata Yrai likes to play – with low lovers. (Warning: for over 18s only, contains explicit sex scenes.)

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Hope you are having fun reading my stuff! I love to get feedback - critical or affectionate - either in reviews here, comments on my blogs or to my email ( give out coupons to fans, check my Facebook profile or contact me.I am a social anthropologist: part time academic, part time housewife, full time Mum. I like knitting, single malt whisky, humanist philosophy and the Scotland rugby team. My favourite books are The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Pride and Prejudice, Millenium and Charisma Among Swat Pathans, Elizabeth David cookery books and the Finn Family Moomintroll series.About twenty years ago I lived in London, dancing on the tables in drag bars (well, there was no room on the floor), hanging out with other Asian and black lesbian women and moonlighting as a secretary for architects. I was very bored as a secretary so I wore short skirts and flirted outrageously with everything that moved. Luckily I was made redundant and gave up trying to earn a wage in a normal way. I wrote a trilogy of fantasy romance novels with a feminist subtext and the first critical account of Black British lesbian literature. I worked hard to get my PhD and now I am Dr. Naoko Smith (actually that’s not the name I go under in the academic world!). I went off to do a research fellowship at a provincial university where there were no other lesbian women and tripped over a lovely bloke whom I try not to embarrass by flirting too outrageously with the other Mums at children’s parties.Aside from writing fictional romance and non-fictional analyses of gender as performative in the heterosexual matrix, the best fun I have is with my family, teaching my daughter to cook and sew and do her times tables, cutting out and sticking patterns to make cards, pottering about in the garden, going for picnics on the South Wales beaches (the best place in the world to bring up family).My most recent research is on Sex and Relationships Education. I was a bit appalled to see that the world my daughter is growing up in is just as ill-informed as the one I grew up in so I set up a blog to discuss the issue (Feminist Erotica).

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The Low Lovers of Dame Anastelle Yrai 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story. Would like more about the characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldn't get past the first few pages. In DIRE need of editing.