The MacKinnon's Bride: 20th Anniversary Edition

The MacKinnon's Bride: 20th Anniversary Edition

4.7 6
by Tanya Anne Crosby
3 books in 1: In celebration of the 20th year of publication for The MacKinnon's Bride, this anniversary edition includes:

THE MACKINNONS BRIDE, a complete novel
HIGHLAND BRIDES & TRIBES, A Reader's Companion to the Highland Worlds of Tanya Anne Crosby

When Iain MacKinnon's young son is


3 books in 1: In celebration of the 20th year of publication for The MacKinnon's Bride, this anniversary edition includes:

THE MACKINNONS BRIDE, a complete novel
HIGHLAND BRIDES & TRIBES, A Reader's Companion to the Highland Worlds of Tanya Anne Crosby

When Iain MacKinnon's young son is captured by the English, the fierce Scottish chieftain vows to stop at nothing to secure the boy's return. Retaliating in kind, he captures the daughter of his enemy, planning to bargain with the devil.

FitzSimon's daughter has lived her entire life in the shadows of the man she called father--yet never would she have imagined he would deny his only daughter. Even as Page blames her captor for welching on a deal with her father, she suspects the truth... but the shadows hold secrets. Now only the love of her reluctant champion can save the MacKinnon's Bride.

Eleven years later, Hugh FitzSimon is a broken man. He is forsaken, alone, a wretch left to wallow in his grief. A scrooge to rival Ebenezer, he is visited by the ghost of his dead wife, who has come to reveal what life has been, what it could be, and where it will end if the candle burns out before FitzSimon has made amends.

Meantime, in the Highlands, the MacKinnon clan faces their darkest hour. With their village destroyed by fire, and winter on the way, how can they rally when whispers of war have begun? At 17, Malcolm MacKinnon has lost his way but a very unexpected "ghost" may yet help him find his way.

For years fans have asked for a MacKinnon's Bride epilogue and here it is, a short story to lend a little cheer for the holidays.

THE TRIBES, A Reader's Companion to the Highland Worlds of Tanya Anne Crosby
* Character profiles for the leading characters of seven books, delineating how they are connected
* Family trees
* Select artwork, digitally signed
* Inside scoop from the author as relates to the creation of her novels
* Hints at future novels, plus a chance to give the author feedback
* Asides from the author about various historical elements included in her stories
* Extensive Glossary, including Gaelic and medieval words and phrases used in the novels
* Complete Series Bibliograph

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Meet the Author

New York Times bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby is a five-time nominee for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award. She is best known for stories charged with emotion and humor and filled with flawed characters. Tanya has written for Kensington Publishing, Harlequin, and Avon Books/Harper Collins, where her fifth book Once Upon a Kiss launched the Avon Romantic Treasures line.

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The MacKinnon's Bride: 20th Anniversary Edition 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RhondaRFK More than 1 year ago
FANTASTIC HIGHLANDER ROMANCE I will begin by saying Tanya Anne Crosby is among my most favored treasured authors. Her talent simply pulls the reader into the story making it seem as if they are living among the characters. In Scotland 1124, the Hero, Iain MacKinnon, living with past tragedies of his wife’s death, is betrayed by one of his own clan and his very young son is turned over to the English to be held as hostage. The powerful Scottish Highlander will stop at nothing to retrieve his son and bring him back home. So what does he do, he captures the enemy’s daughter and intends to trade hostages. Page, the heroine, has been rejected by her father all her life and is paid absolutely no attention or love from him. But never did she dream that her father would deny bringing her home and return the highlander’s son to him. When Iain learns that FitzSimons will not make the trade he takes another avenue to ensure the return of his son. Although he succeeds he learns the father doesn’t want the daughter back and will in no way allow her to return home, or he will kill her. Iain simply cannot understand how any father could feel so towards his offspring. So he gives orders that none of his warriors are to tell Page what is happening and that he plans on taking her with him to his home. What follows, with Page not being told her father doesn’t want her, is her making any kind of trouble she can to escape. Her attempts are filled with humor and I found myself laughing along at her antics. This story is shares humor, romance, mystery, intrigue, and passion with the reader. The interaction between the hero and heroine captures and enthralls. I have actually read this book many times, with each time seeming like the first time, and have it in print, on kindle, and on audio, which is fantastic, as well. It has found a permanent home on my keeper shelf! I very highly recommend reading this as well as the books that follow in the series, or anything else written by the fabulously talented Tanya Anne Crosby!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVED THIS BOOK.It was like I was there watching everything unfold.
MedievalLady More than 1 year ago
The MacKinnon's Bride: Scotland 1118- Laird Iain MacKinnon married Mairi MacLean hoping it, and the birth of their son, would bring the clans together after many years of feuding. She despises him. After the birth, while he's holding his son, she tells him the thought of his touch again or bearing him more children is the reason.... as she flings herself out the castle window before he could stop her. Balfour Castle, Northumbria 1124- Page FitzSimon had slipped out for a nightly swim and finds herself kidnapped by a group of Scots. No one would miss her because no one knew she was gone and actually no one would even care were they to know. Her father only wanted sons and she feels he despises her. (She's standing there after running from them barely covered, soaking wet)... ~ She cast a glance at the others and found them all staring. mouths agape. Damnation, but she hoped their idiocy wasn't contagious - they were all bloody halfwits! Every last one of them! "Catching glowworms perchance?" she asked them. A ridiculous sight, the lot of them; their brows drew together in unison and they cast surprised glances at each other, then snapped their mouths shut.~ Someone has taken Iain's son, Malcom, and handed him over to the English, all in the name of David of Scotland, to be a ward in the English court. Iain has plans to trade Page for his son. Rumors are that Iain killed his wife and beats his son. When Iain goes to barter for the exchange, Page's father hands over Malcom but tells him to keep Page. He doesn't want her back. To keep from hurting her with this information, he tells Page that he isn't going to give her back. That he's keeping her. And so the story begins..... Full of deception, betrayal, hope, acceptance, and love, this is a story that will wrap you within it's pages and pull at your heart. I read this years ago and it called for me to pick it back up. This entire series is one of my favorites. The next in the series are Lyon's Gift, On Bended Knee, Lion Heart, and Highland Song. Highland Song: Catriona is on the run from King David who has taken her captive as a pawn. He wants to wed her to an Englishman to get her brother in line. Her brother is Aiden, a northern rebel chieftain. They are the last of the painted ones and keep the old ways alive. Gavin feels he's lost his way as far as his faith is concerned. His brothers and sister have married and he is feeling the need to move to his own place. He is in the process of building when he comes upon Cat on his land. She's nekkid and painted in woad and he is having a hard time deciding if she's fey or real. All he knows is she makes him want to feel, something he hasn't wanted in forever. She will not share anything about herself. He can't understand why he's falling in love with this woman he knows nothing about. All he knows is that his faith has been restored through her. King David, Gavin's brothers, and Cat's brother all find them together at the same time even as they're coming from different directions. Arguments ensue and Gavin makes a stand. They will have to strike him down where he stands before he lets them take her. He claims her as his wife and King David realizes that to keep her would cause war so he leaves. She admits to her brother and Gavin's brothers that she is indeed in love with him and they all accept it as so. This is a lovely novella that added to the series the story I've been waiting for..... Gavin's. I'm so happy he found his love. Once Upon A Highland Legend: Present day and The Cairngorms, 878 Annie meets an old woman in a store who has given her an old stone said to bring the holder of the stone to their fate. She hikes off into the mountains and finds herself coming awake, after evidently nodding off, to find herself smack dab in another time. Callum comes upon her and takes her hostage until he can find out what she knows about the Stone of Scone. Will she stay or try to return to her own time? Tanya never fails to bring warmth to my heart with her writing. Her characters always leave me wishing I were there with them along the way. Follow Annie, Callum, and Biera as they find their truths in the stone with it's many colors.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pretty good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! Crosby is and excellent writer and knows how to transport the reader to another era. Very romantic with lots of drama.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this author and her style of telling a story. Beautiful stories that you will fall in love with!