The Macmillan Dictionary of Measurement

The Macmillan Dictionary of Measurement

by John Clark, Michael Darton

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The term "measurement" is used broadly here. Neither mathematics nor engineering are neglected, but some 33 other categories are covered, such as music, sports, geological time, and military rank The alphabetically arranged entries range from a few words to a page or more. The subject field from which the term is taken is given, and frequently its origin as well. Charts and graphs are used when helpful. Definitions are understandable, even when the term defined is technical. Not only are terms defined directly under their own name, but they are frequently grouped under broader terms. Sports measurements, for example, are found under the name of the sport. The ranges of musical instruments are found under the category of instrument: brass, string, woodwinds, etc. Under "Coins and Currencies of the World" monetary terms and their values are listed alphabetically by the name of the country that uses them. More detailed definitions of monetary terms are found directly under the terms themselves "The Macmillan Dictionary of Measurement" is rich in obsolete, rarely used, and non-English terms. The British background of the authors is demonstrated by especially thorough treatment of the cultures of the British Commonwealth. The format here is excellent. Cross-references, which are numerous, are in small capitals. A topical index is arranged by the subject fields that appear in every entry Although the information in this book is already in commonly held dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, the convenience of having it in one volume justifies the modest price.

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