The Magic of You: Stepping Into Your Cosmic Body

The Magic of You: Stepping Into Your Cosmic Body

by Lynette Leckie-Clark

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“Through knowledge comes understanding, and understanding releases fear.”

—Ascended Master Kuthumi

This guide seeks to help you learn the true secrets of energy and unlock your unlimited potential. The wisdom the ancient wise ones have always known is now given to you here. For more than twenty five years Lynette Leckie-Clark has


“Through knowledge comes understanding, and understanding releases fear.”

—Ascended Master Kuthumi

This guide seeks to help you learn the true secrets of energy and unlock your unlimited potential. The wisdom the ancient wise ones have always known is now given to you here. For more than twenty five years Lynette Leckie-Clark has been working with spirit guides, Arch Angels and the Ascended Masters and is now the chosen channel of the Ascended Master Kuthumi. Here she shares insight and inspiration to help you become all you can be on your journey through this life.

You can discover the wisdom of the ancient wise ones. You can find your passion in life, honour the still voice within, use the light rays, and build your light quotient. Through the lessons shared here, you can emerge with a renewed, positive sense of confidence.

Learn about your three minds and the four steps to life abundance, and be inspired by powerful affirmations that can motivate you each and every day. Reach new heights of quantum consciousness with the meditations and higher knowledge shared in this life-transforming handbook, created to guide mankind to finally step into a new way of thinking, The Magic of You explains your role in creating a happier lifestyle for yourself and others. You can begin living a new Earth! As above, so below.

“What a wonderful and inspiring book this is. To read it is to discover fresh affirmations at every turn”. Then I would see examples of an appropriate situation where I could apply what I had read; or at least be reminded of the affirmation. Then if I acted to do the right thing, I had a positive reinforcement. No matter the source of each page (Lynette or Kuthumi) I plan to reread this many times.

- Paul Whelan, Dallas, USA

I will always be deeply grateful to Lynette and Master Kuthumi for being there to provide that connection for enormous soul growth, to help us find clarity on our path and to show us those areas in ourselves which are in need of work. So follow your heart and accept this great gift.

- Phillippa, Perth, Western Australia

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The Magic of You

Stepping into Your Cosmic Body

By Lynette Leckie-Clark

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Lynette Leckie-Clark
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1173-3


The Most Powerful Energy

Let's begin by understanding the most powerful energy you have which is still part of you today. This energy has created all you are, all you believe, and all that you create. It has always been with mankind. Yet most people haven't given it any attention at all and have never thought how to use it wisely to their advantage—to assist them every day.

This energy has always been there throughout each of your past lives. Yes every incarnation and every experience you have ever felt. It is perhaps the most powerful energy force you know and many don't even recognize the power available at their finger tips. You have been told you are more powerful than you realize. Most people just brush this statement aside without fully comprehending its true meaning.

So what is this powerful energy I speak of? How is it that this energy force has gone largely unnoticed for so many centuries? Yet there were some who knew. Some who used this great power in quiet contemplation and used this energy to provide them with strength and even wisdom. The ancient wise ones knew about it and understood it. However there were many others, as history reveals, who did not fully understand this powerful energy, who strode blindly forward creating pain and suffering in their wake. Whether they understood this powerful energy or not, they used it in one form or another.

This great God given energy which allows you to create and to experience all manner of duality on this wonderful planet called Earth. This all powerful energy force which is there to teach you many things through your own choices as you walk your pathway of life, as you seek soul growth through inner peace and higher learning.

This powerful energy force so often overlooked is called the Mental Energy Force. What you think you create.

What do you draw to you?

So let me ask you what energy are you drawing to you? What type of people are you attracting to your circle? How do you speak, how do you reflect your inner feelings? How you reflect the image of yourself to the world is part of your life essence. Are you happy, sad, doubtful, insecure, confident? All of this and how you feel about you is your essence. Your essence reflects in the energy vibes you emit which will draw a certain type of person to you. Others see and feel your 'vibes.'

The ascended Master Kuthumi, who I work with, says,

Recognition is 80%. The other 20% is what you choose to do with the knowledge.

So what you are drawing to you is a very powerful energy force—the Mental Energy Force.

What you Think You Create

This is your mental force. The force which you act upon. What you imagine continually you will create. Your imagination links closely to the mental force.

Your Beliefs

Sometimes you have a thought which links into the sub-conscious mind—the computer as I call it. The computer doesn't function on feelings. It simply acts on how you react to certain experiences. For example, if as you were growing up you were made to feel you had nothing important to say. This feeling would have been created by another's opinions, words and behaviour toward you over a number of years. You may have been continually put down for any opinions put forward. Made fun of. Others may have made jokes at your expense also. Later, a school teacher may have verbally torn one of your essays to pieces with words. An essay you spent a lot of time on and felt very proud of. This type of behaviour from others toward you would register in your sub-conscious mind, the computer, as "what I say is not important." These very words would be the key the computer lodged. As you grew up, at various times, the same exact words may not have been spoken to you by others, but the inference would be clear enough to hit that key in your 'computer'. The key to those words "what I say is not important," you have made your own belief. A belief that has grown stronger over time. This is a belief you have created.

You have heard of the expression, "He really pushed my buttons!" In other words, he really pushed some of the deep inner beliefs held in your sub-conscious mind. You can change this. You have a powerful force which helps you form your own beliefs. Usually in life the Universe sends you a trigger via a person or an incident which causes you to stop and think about your reaction to a certain situation. You may repeatedly be sent a 'messenger' until the day you finally decide, "I want to change that belief."

You still have another step to take however before you will actually do the steps to create change. You need to be completely ready to do so. Completely ready to change a belief you may have clung on to for years. Take a person who smokes and wants to give up as an example. Or a person who wants to lose weight. Neither will seriously do the work until they are absolutely ready. Until they are in the space of their own mental force. That mental energy force, that great power will propel them forward to determined action.

So you see it is you who chooses. The fact is the more you think about something and the more energy you give it, creates your own belief. The good news is you don't have to live with your old beliefs forever. As you experience life and grow you usually find you've outgrown some of your beliefs. You have become aware of the way you react and feel when an old belief 'button' is pushed. That belief no longer sits well with the 'new' you. The Universe will ask you to take a look at that old belief you no longer need.

Master Kuthumi has given an exercise to help you on your path toward self mastery. These are scattered throughout this book and all are given directly from Master Kuthumi. The first exercise is:

Write down four things you like about yourself. Then write down four things you would like to change about yourself.

Some of these could be a repetitive or a negative reaction, a habit you no longer need to experience or an old belief. Write down your plan and what you need to do to achieve this change? At the end of each week write down the progress you have made toward your goal. Keep these notes in a journal so you can reflect back on your progress and achievements after you finish reading this book. You may be very surprised.

Fake It till You Make It

What you imagine, you create. So the saying fake it till you make it can be useful. You can imagine how you wish you could react to a certain situation or fear. Visualise it in your mind. How does it feel? In your imagination its real isn't it? You're putting a particular scenario out to the Universe every time you imagine it in your mind. Slowly you begin to believe it and to create it in your daily life. The scenario links back to the old mental belief and through your Mental Energy Force, a new belief is born.

Negative ideas in your imagination will cause you to defeat yourself because you are accepting a false belief as if it were a fact. You could link back to "what I say is not important" as an example of this. So you can begin to understand how you have perhaps unconsciously accepted many false beliefs. The 'fake it til you make it' principle can be used as "I'm gonna make it." Pretending and believing you have made it until it becomes your reality. Buddha said:

"What you believe is what you will be."

Two Important Times

There are two very important times. The present time and missed opportunities. I recall when spirit kept showing me Teresa of Avila. Signs appeared everywhere. I kept seeing her in the etheric field and was told by a psychic I had been Teresa in a past life. I purchased a book taken from Teresa's own words and read it. I felt a deep recognition and though it was written in old English I understood it all. Yet still I dithered and thought more about it all. Time passed and I did nothing. I'm sure you are aware that a popular book on the beliefs of Teresa of Avila was published. My opportunity which had been presented from spirit was lost. It became a missed opportunity. I'm sure most people can relate to missed opportunities. Can you think how your life would've been changed had you locked into your Mental Energy Force and acted on something which was repeatedly presented to you?

Each Year You Change

You change through experiences and through people who come into your life. What is important to you changes as well. You follow what you've been taught and you copy behaviour. When you first came into this world as a baby, you didn't know hate, jealousy, greed, frustration or feeling inadequate. You were perfect in so many ways. However you soon learnt. What was the first thing you did? You cried. You learnt that when you cried you got hugged, fed, dry nappies, attention. Even a punishment is attention to a child.

You began to form a picture based on your interpretation of how you were treated and how you were spoken to in those early years. Later you learnt your concept of money. Many formed the idea you have to work for your money, and work very hard for every dollar. After all, you weren't really a good person if you didn't work hard anyway. Sound familiar?

You heard somewhere about manifesting. Sounds a good idea. So you decided to manifest five thousand dollars. You began to visualize the money. You put it out to the Universe and the Angels. Time went by. But where's your money? It didn't arrive. Where is it?

It comes back to key beliefs placed in your sub-conscious many years ago—"You have to work hard for your money." You didn't work for it so you don't really deserve it. You're not good enough—another key pressed. Many don't talk about the Mental Energy Force or the key beliefs that you formed in childhood.

Tell me, how are some of those beliefs fitting your life now? Are you beginning to form your OWN truth now? There's a saying—the truth shall set you free. You are beginning to form a new truth? Your life will be transformed according to the truths you are prepared to accept about yourself and discarding those which no longer serve you.

A New Foundation

You're building a new solid foundation. It's time to evaluate what is good and what is not. What is not fitting comfortably—right now? What is your perception of YOU—right now? Building a strong foundation will empower you to be happy and confident. Say to yourself, "I want to have a solid foundation of beliefs." It's time to review, to take away the pieces and the beliefs you no longer need—and be ok with it. To say, "It's ok, I've grown and that old belief is now too limiting for me. I don't need that belief anymore. I now have a new powerful belief. I'm going to radiate out a new essence, a new me."

As you sift through those old beliefs, don't dwell on the negative. Keep positive thoughts. Don't dwell on repeats. Every time I find myself in an old negative mode of thinking I remember—don't dwell on repeats. Change to a positive theme of thinking and change the scenery of your mind.

Become your own caretaker. Gently and lovingly create the canvas to grow in all directions of your life. You're a good person. It's other people's opinions which have formed a negative belief in your sub-conscious which has lead you to think negatively about yourself today.

Why do you need to hold on so tightly to the old movies of your life? Ask yourself, why? What good does it do you? No good at all does it? You don't need to keep on hurting. There is a wise saying which is—

What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul.

Tears wash away the pain. They cleanse and they refresh.

Soul Wash Meditation

For those having trouble letting go of old incidents, hurt or pain, this Soul Wash meditation will help wash away all the hurt and pain. You don't need to repeat the details, just bring the event to mind. Hurt has been retained in your heart and you have harboured this hurt and pain for too long. It's time to release it forever. Are you ready?

Sitting comfortably in a quiet, slightly darkened room, close your eyes.

Breathe deeply in through the nose completely filling your lungs, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this twice more before calling in your spirit guides or angels.

Breathing normally now feel your self relaxing more and more and becoming still.


Now bring just the event to mind. Remember you're not alone in this. Your guides and angels are right there with you, supporting you. Feel their strength.

Now, how do you feel about the event? Do you feel angry? Do you feel indignant about what happened? Do you feel like swearing? Express your indignation. Say to yourself, "how dare you." Express how you feel in your mind. Breathe.

Now say to yourself, "I will no longer accept this type of behaviour from others. I will no longer tolerate others treating me like that." This is Heart healing. Pause, breathe.

It's time to release the pain, time to heal. Begin to fill your heart with love. Visualize it and begin to feel the love. Keep filling your heart with love until you feel your heart will burst. Feel it. See the love as a soft, beautiful Pink Ray of Light. Bathe in that Light for a moment. Allow the Pink Ray of Love to spread out over you. Visualize it. Feel it.

Now forgive yourself for any blame or shame you may have been holding deep within. Often you have carried this very deeply for a long time.

Say, "I now forgive myself totally."

Feel your forgiveness. Feel the love once more. Bring that love deep within you.

You now need to fully release and let go. You also need to forgive the other person who was involved in this incident. You can forgive them through compassion. It doesn't mean what they did or said was right. Understand this. But forgive because with compassion in your heart, fuelled by the love you have placed there, you are able to finally understand, to acknowledge and to finally forgive and release.

Feel your heart being cleansed and your soul being washed clean with compassion and love. Let the issue go.

Now bring in the Light. Visualize white Light all around you like a mist seeping into those once dark crevices where you have held the fear and pain for so long in your heart. See it—feel it. Feel the Light. Bathe in that Light. Stay as long as you need to.

When you're ready gently come back to awareness and open your eyes. Now give yourself a shake. That's right, a gentle shake. Shake out any remaining negativity from your auric field. The process is complete.

You can do this Soul Wash meditation as often as you need to. Sometimes once is enough. Sometimes you need to repeat it two, three or more times until you can feel a complete release. The number of times doesn't matter. What is important is that you are able to let go and fully release this incident along with the pain, anguish and the guilt it created within you. So keep repeating the Soul Wash mediation until you can forgive and bring the Light into the space that was once holding pain in your heart.

Quantum Psychics tells us there is a wholeness to everything. But you can't join in the wholeness until you heal. That's what the Soul Wash meditation is all about.

The Disconnect Button

Sometimes in order to carry on you develop within you a 'disconnect button.' You disconnect a fragment of yourself from a person or an incident. By saying with much energy—"I hate him! I don't like him," you begin to disconnect. You lose your compassion. You put up etheric barriers around yourself in order to feel safe. These barriers simply keep your wounds and your old fears isolated. You cannot heal while you keep maintaining these barriers with new hurts and pain, or by continually reviewing those past hurts. With each new hurt you add you make the barrier stronger. At this point you block any healing. It becomes similar to when you need to talk to someone to make something right. But it's hard. So you wait. You put it off. It keeps getting harder. Time roles by. Nothing changes.

By waiting you are sabotaging any healing effort for yourself. To heal means taking responsibility—for YOU! You need to change the way you think about yourself. Aren't you worth healing? Then take responsibility. It's time. Master Kuthumi has given an affirmation to help you with this.

A crisis is an experience that allows me to learn, to heal, and to grow.

The Cave Aspects

Every one has a cave. Yes you do. You've told yourself on a deep level you need a 'cave' to survive. It's where you can hide in your mind. Where you can stew over incidents and relive them over and over. Where you can wallow in the dark waters of self pity. Where you can reside in old dark paradigms of behaviour. It's where you constantly choose negative behaviour, negative words, and negative thoughts. You live in the cave of misery at times. Then you top it all off by asking "Why me?"

You've used this cave for a long time. In a way it feels ok. You go to the cave each time you feel life's got too hard and everyone suddenly feels against you. When you think you're too fat, not good enough, being picked on, and criticized. In short you feel a 'victim'. You feel sorry for yourself and maybe angry too. So you enter the cave—your cave.


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