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The Magician's Bird: A Tuckernuck Mystery

The Magician's Bird: A Tuckernuck Mystery

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by Emily Fairlie, Antonio Javier Caparo

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Tips for solving an old murder mystery at your school

By Laurie Madison, Bud Wallace, and Misti Pinkerton, rising seventh graders

  1. Avoid nosy tour groups led by your crazy princi"pal"'s even crazier wife. Feign illness if necessary.
  2. Think creatively. A glue gun is useful for more than just bedazzling.
  3. Always hire backup


Tips for solving an old murder mystery at your school

By Laurie Madison, Bud Wallace, and Misti Pinkerton, rising seventh graders

  1. Avoid nosy tour groups led by your crazy princi"pal"'s even crazier wife. Feign illness if necessary.
  2. Think creatively. A glue gun is useful for more than just bedazzling.
  3. Always hire backup (little sisters are good for this).
  4. Be prepared to witness—and maybe even make happen—some legitimate, old-fashioned magic.

Bud and Laurie return to solve another mystery at Tuckernuck Hall. But this mystery is much more serious than a treasure hunt—their beloved school founder, Maria Tutweiler, has been accused of murdering Marchetti the Magician!

Can Bud and Laurie—with the help of enthusiastic Misti and evil but useful Calliope—prove Maria Tutweiler's innocence? Or will Tuckernuck Hall be closed down for good?

In this sequel to The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck, Emily Fairlie blends lists, notes, and classic prose to tell a story that sings with humor, suspense, and magic.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Laura Pastuszek
Sixth graders Laurie and her two school buddies solve an old murder mystery while planning a scavenger hunt for their class. This novel is sure to grab the reader’s attention with exciting clues along the way, not only for the excitement of the scavenger hunt but for the unexpected discovery of the case of the murdered magician. Laurie and her buddies were planning to go all out for the scavenger hunt, lifting up floorboards and investigating chandeliers, but the adults foiled their plans, making life boring until they found an even greater purpose. This book presents situations where adolescent readers can relate to the characters as they face rules from adults. Fairle creatively portrays Laurie’s thoughts throughout the novel using notes that she periodically writes and some of the reading includes e-mails. Attractively illustrated drawings are interspersed throughout providing a nice visual explanation along the way to solving the mystery. This helps break up the chapters and it gives the book modern day credence, although the plot is grounded in an age-old mystery. Some readers may find the various notes and e-mails scattered throughout distracting to the flow of reading, but others may find the variety helps hold their interest. Reviewer: Laura Pastuszek; Ages 8 to 12.
School Library Journal
Gr 4–7—In this follow-up to The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck (HarperCollins, 2012), seventh-graders Laurie Madison and Bud Wallace uncover a new mystery surrounding their school's founder. Once again, Tuckernuck Hall is in danger of shutting its doors, this time due to a local news article alleging Maria Tutweiler's involvement in the decades-old murder of Marchetti the Magician. Bud and Laurie are joined by their friend Misti and a questionable ally, Calliope Judkin, who is useful but might have ulterior motives. Can these middle schoolers save the founder's—and Tuckernuck Hall's—reputation, or will the Tuckernuck Clucker soon go the way of the dodo? Fairlie improves upon the pacing of the first book, creating a worthy sequel that can also function as a stand-alone novel. Lighthearted mystery and humor are sustained throughout. Like the earlier title, this one is told from Bud's and Laurie's third-person perspectives, switching back and forth sometimes on the same page. Bud, Laurie, Misti, and Calliope are more fully developed here, but the adult characters remain just as exaggerated and purposefully kooky, emphasizing the exasperation and embarrassment that tweens often feel about authority figures. Just the right sprinkling of notes, lists ("How to Keep Your Archnemesis from Noticing That Your Friend Has Just Fallen Through a Hole in the Floor"), emails, and illustrations break up the text and will keep reluctant readers engaged. Perfect for mystery fans looking for a healthy dose of adventure and fun.—Jessica Ko, Los Angeles Public Library
Kirkus Reviews
In this easy, breezy mystery, Laurie and Bud spend their summer planning a scavenger hunt, discovering a secret room and solving a missing person case. After saving their school by finding the solution to a puzzle left behind by eccentric founder Maria Tutweiler (The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck, 2012), Laurie and Bud, rising seventh-graders, are at school laying out the next hunt when they find a secret room kept by Maria Tutweiler. They have grand ideas about how to use it, but if villain Walker LeFranco has his way, they never will. He is still trying to shut down Tuckernuck Hall, this time by accusing Maria Tutweiler of having murdered Marchetti the Magician decades ago. Organized crime and an assumed identity come to light, but the young sleuths, aided by quirky Misti and former rival Calliope, will not be able to clear Maria Tutweiler's name unless they can make a little bird sing. Really: Marchetti left a mechanical bird in the room that can reveal the truth--if they can figure out how it works. Readers who have not met the characters before may find them a bit two-dimensional here, but their sassy repartee is spot-on and comical, providing the real magic in the story. As before, lists, notes, emails and articles add depth. Fans of the first book will be glad to rejoin this unlikely team of detectives. (Mystery. 8-12)

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Meet the Author

Emily Fairlie grew up in Virginia and went to Tuckahoe Middle School, which has so far managed to escape the scandals that have plagued Tuckernuck Hall. She has been known to call on her little sister for backup and has witnessed firsthand the horror of bedazzling gone wrong. She now lives in Chicago with her dog, Binky.

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