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The Magpie and the Star

The Magpie and the Star

by Stephen Lambert

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Deborah Abbott
Tired from endless shining, the moon (always full and round) departs, relinquishing the task of lighting the night world to the stars, the brightest of which shines in the sky above the home of the reclusive Pol. Upon seeing the lovely star, Pol decides it was meant for him alone. Meanwhile, the magpie, seeing Pol's interest, decides "he" must have the star and abruptly steals it away. After much longing, Pol sets off to retrieve the star. Along the way, he helps and in return is helped by an orange tree, a heron, and a fisherman. Although the magpie tricks Pol with a riddle, Pol finds the star and, remembering the kindness of those who helped him, sends it back to the sky for all to enjoy. Carefully composed and balanced colored chalk drawings, in deep shades of blues, greens, and purples, soften the story's images. And although for the perceptive reader Pol's selfishness may seem to reverse too quickly, the folktale quality of the story and the satisfying ending will garner an audience.

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Random House Adult Trade Publishing Group
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5 - 8 Years

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