The Man in the Moon

The Man in the Moon

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by Tom Tancin

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After twelve Pocono University students are murdered, the local chief of police decides to call on the services of the number one crime solver in America. Dubbed the 'solver of the unsolvable', Lindsey Scott is the best in the field. Lindsey begins profiling the victims and the killer to solve the case before more bodies accumulate


A Well Known Image...
After twelve Pocono University students are murdered, the local chief of police decides to call on the services of the number one crime solver in America. Dubbed the 'solver of the unsolvable', Lindsey Scott is the best in the field. Lindsey begins profiling the victims and the killer to solve the case before more bodies accumulate. She starts to get visits from a professor at the local university. The professor helps her find clues she missed and the clues lead her to the next murder site. With a stakeout setup, Lindsey is certain they will finally capture the 'Man in the Moon'. The killer however, is a no show and, apparently, has outsmarted Lindsey with another murder.

Eight college kids are found dead, bodies stacked one on top of the other forming a dam in a creek. Lindsey recalls a college lecture on pareidolia, the phenomenon in which we mistake an image for something it is not. She remembers that the 'Man in the Moon' is an example of pareidolia and uses that to start reevaluating the killer. With twenty college kids murdered, Lindsey must use all of her skills, and the resources she obtains from the investigation, to demystify the 'Man in the Moon' and prevent him from killing again. Can she solve the case to uphold her reputation as the 'solver of the unsolvable' and release a town from the hands of terror?

Becomes a Killer's Obsession

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At 28 years old, Tom Tancin is an accomplished author. He is the author of the Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries for adult readers who love suspense and The Atlantis Revolution, a young adult fantasy series.

Tom is also a 7th grade science teacher, an avid reader of young adult novels, and a fan of sci-fi/fantasy/adventure movies. He lives in Pennsylvania.

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The Man in the Moon 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
omg! its mr. tancin!!! mr. tancin was the best 7th grade teacher ever!!! his book rocked my socks off!!!! i love ya mr. tancin!!! this book is about a great serial killer and a detective...lindsey scott. you need to read the lindsey scott series!!! you are like the best writer ever!!! MR. TANCIN RCOKS!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Pocono, Pennsylvania is the small town where nothing exiting or dangerous ever goes on, until 2006 when college students are found dead. Not just college students, students of Pocono University, and couples boy/girl. Drowned, poisoned, and shot it seems the small town of Pocono is facing a serial killer on a rampage. Detective Lindsay Scott is the best criminal investigator in the country, and it will take her help to solve the case of, ¿The Man in the Moon¿. Divorced, mother of two, Lindsey always put her job first, resulting in her husband getting custody of the kids and being shunned by her daughter. Life has not been so easy for Detective Scott, she has solved many murders, but can she solve one that is being projected in a whole new way? Something similar happened thirty years ago, a boy and his girlfriend were murdered but why after so long would the killings start again? Attention, revenge, and just because he could. Knowing he would never get caught, the murderer was having a good time with the total count of 20 students he has so far, and was on his way to make it a few more until Detective Scott found the link. Loneliness and love will make a person do strange things, when talking to the man in the moon, a person can start to believe someone is really there by seeing the face shine back at you. What will you be doing the night of a full moon? Tom Tancin¿s book The Man in the Moon: A Detective Lindsey Scott Novel is a very good mystery that adults and young adults could both enjoy. Suspenseful and intriguing, this is a book that will keep you guessing. Mr. Tancin has a hit series on his hands. 4 Hearts
Guest More than 1 year ago
With bodies literally piling up in the scenic town of Pocono, PA will it be possible to find the killer who has dubbed himself `The Man In The Moon?¿ Lindsay Scott is truly committed to her career as the number one crime solver in America, however this has caused disastrous struggles in her personal life. She excels as an investigator and has become known as the `solver of the unsolvable.¿ The Pocono Chief of Police has called for her help, in hopes her expertise will shed some light on the horrors of recent multiple murders. His town is becoming increasingly terrorized after 12 college kids have been mercilessly murdered. Unfamiliar with the area, Lindsay must be dependent upon the knowledge of the local police, towns people and professors to try and decipher any clues the murderer is leaving behind. The biggest clue is his name, `The Man In The Moon¿ but how does she connect that with the murders? Remembering a college lecture on `pareidolia¿ definately helps. She must decipher the significance of that face in the moon that we all love to gaze at. We learn that different cultures perceive different ideas about the moon¿s images but eventually she believes she can pinpoint the next move. Lindsay has a couple of suspects that are professors at the school. She organizes a stakeout on the astronomy professor¿s calculation and to her mortification, 8 more students are now dead. The author, Tom Tancin has brilliantly written a murder mystery filled with suspense and a cold, calculating murderer. The story will have you intrigued until the very end. Not only is Tom a talented author, he has shown us his astutely keen business sense by posting his first 19 chapters on his blog, tantalizing readers to the point where they simple must know the conclusion, when the book is released. I highly recommend reading this novel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'The Man in the Moon' is a murder mystery with a strong basis in astronomy and botony. Detective Lindsey Scott is infamous within the FBI as the agent who can always solve the unsolvable cases. After a serial killer lets loose on a small town in Pennsylvania Scott is called to the case. This mysterious killer seems to be targeting young couples who attend the local University there. Other than that connection, local police are at a loss as to any more specifics that would allow them to solve the case and put an end to the killing spree. Lindsey Scott is called to the scene and soon begins exercising her skills of getting inside the mind of the killer a skill which has allowed her to earn her reputation as the best profiler in the country. Lindsey Scott is soon able to string together a series of clues, which allow her to begin to understand her killer. From here we learn about the killer, the motives, and the way in which the FBI and local authorities plot to catch, aprehend and prosectue this maniac. The book is definitely entertaining. I read it straight through from start to finish in a matter of hours. The story has several well developed characters who move the plot along in an entertaining and intersting way. I was taken into the story line from the start of the story, and found myself wanting to keep reading as Lindsey Scott came closer and closer to uncovering the answers the author had created, in regards to the identity and motives of this killer. The writing is pretty simplistic, making the story easy to engage with and follow. There are a lot of toxic plants and basic astronomy included as an essential part of the plot, but the author uses dialogue between his characters to keep the readers up to speed on the pertinent details involved. As far as murder mysteries go, this one is pretty decent and worth the hours you'll spend reading it. From what I understand, there are to be more novels to follow this, as part of a Lindsey Scott series. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next in the series.